San Yan Xiao Tian Lu
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  • In Three Eyes The Deified
  • Tam Nhãn Hao Thiên Lục
  • 三眼哮天录
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  • 6.57
  • 45
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  • 73,514
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The heavenly general Yang Jian, also known as god Erlang Shen, was ordered to descend to the mortal realm for the task of get rid of demons and evil spirits.
After he woke up in the mortal realm, he noticed that Taishang Laojun who was in charge of his transfer absused his power and reincarnated Yang Jian as a woman.
Yang Jian is not used to this new body and to make things more worse it seems that he can't use his full power. now he must learn to adapt to modern society and take care of a hidden danger that is going to put the whole world into chaos.
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Very nice
Big thanks to the translator and editor! Pretty decent read so far.
Currently I lay down because of a flu...I will give you chapters when I'm feeling a bit better.
There will be no Chapter today.
It seems that there's something wrong with the Chapter order of 106. I found out that this problem will come up in other chapters too. Right now I try to find a solution for it. Maybe I must go with the weebtoon order for solving the problem. But don't worry even if I decide to go with the weebtoon order I will always upload a whole chapter, not a quarter of it on one day and on next day or two days later the other quarter, no! It would be four or two Parts in a row on the same day :D
OMG Thank for your HARDwork
wow, so many chapters, my body is ready
@Zblurth there are season 1 and season 2. season 1 has 286 chapter but in weebtoon format it's around 437. here are the raws from 87 onwards after chapter 263 you can only find the weebtoon format in web but i will upload the normal version because i don't like the weebtoon format. season 2 has started since two months and has 6 chapters now.
@endlessCircle Nice, can you tell me the number of raw ?
@Zblurth, I promise the story will get even better when we reach the first 100 chapters at this time the story and drawings get better and we will get a new enemy in Chapter 134, I personally like him because he increase the story progress even further :D.
well i dind't think i would love it as much lol
That was not expected
I don't know why I'm still here, maybe I'm still intrigued by the story lul. And bless that chapters release pace.
Zblurth the group before used the scans from that page but the hosting pages that upload the scans changed their adresses often plus it must be around the year 2015 or 2016 when they scanlated it. Now this page exist not anymore. today most of them have the weebtoon version.
I was going to complain about the watermark
But i did tape the in my browser before to see if it was the tradteam that did put them or the raw provider

Whelp is a hotel site so i am just confused at this point
i do remember seeing the same watermark before somebody know the origins ?
One of the better Chinese romance action dramas.
Is this worth reading?
Hee, turns out this is an interesting one. The pacing is rather good too without excessive meme expression like in a lot of chinese manga.
IT´S ALIVE😃 Thank you so much World of Abyss 😁😁
finally its here too.