Kenja no Mago
Alt name(s):
  • 賢者の孫
  • 贤者之孙
  • 현자의 손자
  • 7.39
  • 7.37
  • 1,269
Pub. status:
  • 722,408
  • 24,843
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Thanks to various magic, the human race has been saved from calamity many, many times. Retaining his memories from his previous life, a boy, Shin, was picked up by an old man known to the world as the "Magi."
Shin was brought up by the Magi, who had retired to a secular place, as his own grandson. With the memories of his past life, he absorbed the Magi's craft and grew to be able to develop his own magic
Then, the grandfather told him he has to become independent when he reaches the age of 15.
"Ah, I forgot to teach him common sense."
The grandson who has grown beyond the level of normal people, lacked common sense; the common sense of the world. So to learn how to socialize, he goes to Earlshide Kingdom City to be admitted to Earlshide Advanced Magic Academy.

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    I liked reading it as a generic isekai. But, too many narrative issues. I hate that the author is dragging the plot on the conflict between Shin and the demons.
    Narrative: 6/10
    Enjoyability: 8/10
    Creativity: 8/10

    The author has really strayed. They literally show up, do something bad; shin gets mad.

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    boring but...
    hey holy maiden is in danger
    @mrf They are making the anime pretty silly compared to the manga/LN.
    Some of you said this got an anime...

    What are you sure about that?
    Is it really? If so I'm gonna stop reading till the manga and the anime, both completed. Just like the other manga that got anime adaptation. I like waiting and enjoy it when it's done.
    Oh and scream "why is it end so fast!?" I'm going to marathon it next years or so.

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    this shit got an anime!??!?!?!?!??! ahahhah wtf
    idk why I still read this... I can't believe it got an anime. Maybe the plot is too advanced or too sophisticated for me... but it put me off the minute the mc and that girl "fell in love". I hate this author sooo much for making the whole story a little too convenient. but hey, if it's your cup of tea i guess.
    @Serakym you aren't the only one, I assure you of that. Never understood how people can be cool with bad people can being let off, and im talkin about guys like this pope whos a clear sexual deviant and anyone who has a mother, sis, or daughter would never let go but guess what I'm sure a slap in the face will make him a good guy again....🙄 I swear some people think that they would have solved the holocaust by having a sitting down with Hitler and telling him that killing jews is bad.
    Edit: Just saw this and couldn't be more perfect😂

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    @SpradlinTM: Can you recommend a good source? I gave up trying to find a good LN site after a few years because translation was dirt-bad and made things unreadable.
    @Serakym The MC from God of Martial Arts is pretty good about that, he usually kills anyone that fights him (Assuming he wins the fight anyway.)

    Maybe the MC from Combat Continent 1(?) (The novel version, not the manhua.)

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    @unknownids @TwilightFaze That was not my point. I wanted the MC to save them I'm just really tired of this "rocket team" effect when the mc is merdiful to people that (in most) will keep comming back and causing problems. in some mangas I used to read the MC spared the lifes of murderers for like the same reason and in a few chapters later they come back cause more problems more inocent people die and what they do in the end? forgive them again. I'm full of this bullshit. I never coment on things like this but i really wanted to know if there are people that are full of this shit like me. i can't be the only one. I jsut want a story when the MC do what it has to be done. I don't think i'm asking for much.

    Need to read light novel.
    @firefox1234: Point taken, I take back what I said. Great examples too! You're 100% right on the cliches being executed right. I want to piggyback that oversaturation is a recipe for disaster. Even if they're good, if there's too many, it becomes a gimmick and it kills the story. Plus I have to agree the side characters are pretty bleh, but to be fair they never really fleshed out either, None of them had a proper arc where they take center stage. Maybe that'll change in the future, but who knows.

    I think some of the arcs were hit and miss, this one too: It had its moments and it had its letdowns. I also stand by my theory on the Archbishop:
    Better than I was expecting, for an isekai with a 7.43 rating.

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    i somehow feel boring since ch25 but i'm not gonna drop it, i'll just stock up chapters and read it later in one go.
    ??Love it, he is so OP. Defenedly one of the best isekais I have ever read in my entire otaku life. ?
    @Stux you *might* like A Story About Treating a Female Knight Who Has Never Been Treated as a Woman. Its not exactly the same but romance wise just as wholesome imo.
    Yo just saying i'm fucking loving this shit so far

    can someone give me a suggestion to a similar manga/anime
    would be much appreciated
    @TwilightFaze I don’t think that’s the case. Personally I don’t mind cliche’s but it has to be executed right. Take One Punch Man for example, it’s as cliche as it gets even if it’s tryna be a parody. The reason it stands out despite itself is that it executes the cliches in a near perfect matter. The side characters around MC are dynamic and unique despite how bland Saitama is he is surrounded by a colorful set of characters in a very interesting world, despite knowing that Saitama will save the day with one punch you can’t help but be at the edge of your seat as the plot plays out.

    Now take this manga and I guess you can also call it an anime now. The MC is boring as a box of rocks and as for the side characters you could couldn’t find cardboard cutouts anymore boring. I get that maybe some people are just exhausted but I don’t think I am. The plot devices used in this story are just lousy. Take this evil bishop arc, why go through all this trouble for this result? It’s almost like they were trying to make this series even more boring and lousy than it already is.

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    @firefox1234: That's an extreme way of comparing it, but I understand your disdain. The cliches are boring, not gonna argue, but as I said before they work. At this stage, you're gonna be very hard-pressed to find a story that DOESN'T use them or "tired tropes." The reality is you just read so much you are able to see these comparisons (which is a compliment, by the way! To be able to compare stories on that level shows how literate and cultured you are. Most people I know don't have the patience to sit down and read anymore.)

    Again, not saying your viewpoint is wrong, I'm just saying I think you've read so much you became burnt out from it. It's more normal than people realize. Sometimes us readers need to take a few weeks off or so from manga.
    It’s a manga not a doujin, if you thought other things would happen you must be working for the Catholic Church