Koe Koi Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Voice Love
  • こえ恋
7.89 9
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  • 6,494
  • 625
  • 15
The slightly unusual Matsubara-kun and Yuiko-chan's slightly unusual high school life.

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Avatar ixlone 5 mo ago
The only things not welcome on Mangadex are official scans, raws and trolls.
Avatar FredFriendly 5 mo ago
@elifmf: This series should probably not be here on mangadex. Back in January I asked the webmaster if DMCA'd series should be uploaded, and he said no, so I didn't upload it.

And, yes, we dropped this series. After batoto removed all the chapters when they received a DMCA from comico, amplified and I decided that we wouldn't risk the possibility of legal hassles so we stopped scanlating this series as well as Otometic Syndrome, which also received the same DMCA warning.
Avatar elifmf 5 mo ago
Thank you for uploading this! I was wondering, will you guys continue with the translations?
Avatar Deoxyribo9 5 mo ago
tfw when you'll never find out why he wears a paper bag.