All Day Jo Ayoung Korean

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  • 하루종일 조아영
Author: Kim-Meng
Artist: Kim-Meng
Genres: Comedy Drama Slice of Life Webtoon
Rating: 8.63 43
Pub. status: Completed
  • 21,398
  • 1,245
  • 42
Description: A blunt but kind big brother and the bright and innocent young sister Ayoung live in apartment building 201, suite number 202. This is the story of the everyday life of these cute siblings and their unpredictable neighbors!

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DemonHide 6 days ago
Folks, leave spoilers out of the general comments area. Save them for the chapter comment section.
Topweasel 6 days ago
Nope sister..... Or at least I think it is. Maybe not even real sister but Stepsister, I can't remember. I think that's why she calls him Dad though, he is old enough to be one, is the one raising her, and isn't really related so he is as much her dad as her stepdad.

But that dance and song were awesome.

Last edited 6 days ago.

supersonicsaga 6 days ago
So that really is his daughter and not his sister?
zenyo 12 days ago
Wow it's a good korean Yotsubato 😍
Komikero 1 month ago
Tizhomo 1 month ago
Cute as always
mommy 2 months ago
@BCS my guess is that they simply are in the hot summer period and that is going to last some time. They know that it should be hot a week later as well...but it wasn't
BCS 2 months ago
Err, doesn't going to a beach a week later kind of defeats the point of going to the beach to get away from the heat right now?
mommy 2 months ago
Those chapters feel way too short. I just start to get into it and suddenly the chapter is over
creamedice 3 months ago
What a great single page of a chapter
Serenata 3 months ago
Come on, who wouldn't want a violent drunk woman
ColonelPabs254 3 months ago
Why do I sense those two are going to get married
komyou 4 months ago
I guess a little soul crushing despair makes the sweet parts better? ;_;
HakaishinAndroid616 4 months ago
Dad's was abandoned? ;_;
ColonelPabs254 4 months ago
I was expectingto laugh, not almost cry. Still good.
FredFriendly 4 months ago
@mommy: we scrapped the upload delay after I found that chapter 32 had been leeched by mangago from UMR Scans website within minutes of it be posted there.
mommy 4 months ago
Well that is something new. If all groups use this feature I don't think that I have to check a lot of their websites manually check if there has been an update
BCS 4 months ago
Oooh, blondie said it.
InChildlikeWonder 5 months ago
Ayoung is soooo ebil!!! <3
FredFriendly 5 months ago
@mommy: I suggested the long, webtoon-strip format to the webmaster on January 18th and his response was, "Yes, I intend to add that as an alternative reader mode." Hopefully it won't be much longer before he implements it... Coincidentally, I, too, like all-on-one-page readers for all my comics (which some other websites do have as a choice).

@Countess: Thanks! I liked the webtoon so much that I offered to help scanlate it!

Countess 5 months ago
Thank you for uploading these!
mommy 5 months ago
I really miss the long-strip format on batoto. I hope mangadex is going to integrate that into their reader. Would be nice if they also installed a button in order to choose the format yourself as I prefer the long-strip format with traditional manga as well. Less waiting for each site to load
FredFriendly 5 months ago
I thought it was hilarious that the cicada went wild when in proximity to Soojin, but was fine being held by Ayoung.
superdoofus 5 months ago
FredFriendly 5 months ago
Here's chapter 30! Sorry for the long delay. The translator was bedridden with a severe infection. We should be back on track now.