Gunjou no Magmel Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • 群青のマグメル
Author: Dainenbyou
Artist: Dainenbyou
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy
Rating: 7.57 7
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 3,173
  • 200
  • 2
Description: One day in the middle of the pacific ocean a miracle occurred, a new continent appeared out of nowhere!
The new continent was the home for new & mysterious plants, creatures & minerals!

Humanity is excited as the age of exploration has returned.

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Kachakali 2 months ago
Rest in peace Hawaii
faniki 2 months ago
@CelticMutt hopefully with the announcement of the anime the manga will be picked up again
CelticMutt 2 months ago
This chapter was apparently put two years ago, with no one continuing it.
faniki 2 months ago
I like it! I'm glad I found this after the anime announcement
Serenata 2 months ago
The anime was announced today! this is great to see what's like