Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!
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  • Amano Megumi Esta Muy Abierta!
  • Amano Megumi ha Sukidarake!
  • Amano Megumi is Full of Gaps!
  • Amano Megumi is FULL of Openings!
  • Amano Megumi is Wide Open!
  • Amano Megumi Muestra Demasiado!
  • Amano Megumi Tiene Muchas Aperturas!
  • Si Megumi Amano ay Tatanga-tanga!
  • Амано Мегуми полна любви!
  • เรื่องหนักอกของอามาโนะ เมกุมิ!
  • 天野めぐみはスキだらけ!
  • 天野惠浑身是破绽!
  • 天野惠渾身是破綻!
  • 아마노 메구미는 빈틈투성이!
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Shindo Manabu is a high school student in the Elite Course of his school whose goal is to get into Tokyo University, having previously failed to get into his school of choice to follow the girl he liked in middle school. He studies constantly and tries to never lose sight of that goal. That is until his childhood friend, neighbor and schoolmate from the Sports Course Amano Megumi starts to distract him. He originally only remembered her as the tomboy she was as a kid, until they meet up again and he notices how "developed" she has become (but still tomboyish) and how much she unwittingly shows her body with her unladylike behavior. As these two get closer to each other, hilarity often ensues and subsequently, Manabu becomes more and more distracted from his goal of getting into Tokyo U... and slowly noticing the affection Megumi has for him. Can he ever hope to avoid a girl who is so stunning in heart and body? Will she ever reach his heart?... or does she already have a place in there that neither of them have discovered?

Portuguese / Português:
Manabu tem que ajudar sua amiga de infância, Megumi a estudar. Mas será que ele vai conseguir se concentrar tendo uma amiga tão desleixada e sensual?

Spanish / Español:
Shindo Manabu es un estudiante del Curso Elite de escuela secundaria cuyo objetivo es ingresar a la Universidad de Tokio, habiendo fallado entrar a la secundaria que quería, siguiendo a la niña que le gustaba en la escuela media. Estudia constantemente y trata de nunca perder de vista ese objetivo. Eso es hasta que su amiga de la infancia, vecina y compañera de escuela del Curso de Deportes Amano Megumi comienza a distraerlo. Originalmente solo la recordaba como la marimacho que era cuando era niña, hasta que se encuentran de nuevo y se da cuenta de lo "desarrollada" (pero aún marimacho) que se ha vuelto, mostrando mucho de su cuerpo con su comportamiento poco recatado. A medida que estos dos se acercan entre sí, tienen varios tropiezos y, subsequentemente, Manabu se distrae cada vez más de su objetivo de ingresar a la Universidad de Tokio... y se da cuenta lentamente del afecto que Megumi le tiene. ¿Podrá él albergar la esperanza de evitar a una muchacha que es tan maravillosa de corazón y cuerpo? ¿Alguna vez ella llegará a su corazón?... ¿O ella acaso ya tiene un lugar allí que ninguno de los dos ha descubierto?

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    yo, 20+ volumes and more than 6 points? this gotta be good.
    @ Eliminateur
    Same reason Ah My Goddess doesn't have doujins linked. Three magical letters that ruin the romcom fan's day.
    N is for not allowed in my wholesome relationship.
    T is for the torn up fans who self insert as the guy in here.
    and R is for the rotten hearts of those who enjoy degeneracy.

    And Amano's doujins are only about that. No wonder people who like it enough to edit the page wouldn't want to be reminded of that.
    @Isekaijin but several other(more high profile even) works have sooo many doujins linked that it even breaks the table, why this one doesn't?
    is worth to start this manga? this is going to become a wholesome romance without any kiss of sorta?
    I follow this manga only to come and read the comments.
    They're out there, and you know damn well as I do what they're about and why people would not want to link them to the main work.
    How far..., will this manga last?
    @TwilightFaze cool thanks for the info! I'll probably just add this to the follow list and check back in a couple of months to see where its at. I definitely don't mind slice of life or very slow progress (I'm a fan of Komi-san after all), so I'll keep an eye on it.
    It is really slow.😑
    ¿you know what i just realized?, there are no linked H doujins for this, huh... i would've guess there would be several seeing as the source material is barely an inch away....
    @tantei_metal: At the moment, no. It's a Slice of Life manga and story resolutions are normally never clear until it gets to the final few chapters. Manga like this is meant more for casual reading, like newspaper comics. If you're looking for a story read, you might wanna read something else.

    (Not saying there isn't any story, it's just way too slow for most people)
    Just stumbled across this. Does it seem like it is finally reaching an ending point? Looks interesting enough, but don't really want to start something unfished at the moment, unless it seems like it'll be ending soon.
    @Ddog123 Can't remember the last time she hit MC for no reason tbh, but yeah there's been no development at all. It acts like there's ~maybe going to be some development~ but then nothing actually happens beyond maybe a side character having a bit of a change.
    yeah ill follow you in twitch
    Holy crap, he's growing a backbone. I still don't care much for this guy, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.
    Ryouta went through a character in arc in a few chapters that would have taken tens or hundreds of chapters if he was an MC. I am calling it, this series is doing a Nisekoi and just dragging on now.
    lol thats right man you go get her!!!!!!