Kon'ya wa Tsuki ga Kirei desu ga, Toriaezu Shine
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  • Can You Just Die, My Darling?
  • I Love You. So I Kill You.
  • Konya wa Tsuki ga Kirei desu ga, Toriaezu Shine
  • Moon is Kill
  • The Moon Is Beautiful Tonight, but First, Die
  • Сегодня прекрасная луна, но для начала умри
  • القمر جميل الليلة، لكن أولاً، مت
  • 今夜は月が綺麗ですが、とりあえず死ね
  • 今夜月美愿君亡
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  • 7.21
  • 400
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  • 235,188
  • 8,358
  • 53
Love filled with murderous intent-- When Kamishiro Taku met his unrequited love Hanazono Mika, he saw a vision where he tried to murder Hanazono by stabbing her throat with an umbrella. In a harsh and cruel world he lives in, will his defiance bring him hope or despair?
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  • Chapter 0/35

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Here is the sequel for those who want to keep reading:
mc had no emotion at all
edgy af
got me hooked on the first but the story really got sidetracked in the middle... unnecessary scheme with no defining motive really irks me
what keeps me going on is just because the mc is handsome :")
Hmm...not a good story.

It started nice, and it was a nice read until the end of the school arc, but everything after is boring as hell.

Oh, and let's not forgot all girls fall in love with MC for no reason, which is totally useless since Hanazono is the OTP.

I didn't enjoyed this story. The last arc us better because we're back with both MC, but still...
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MC has turned into a weakling. Done with this.
Is not the final chapter, is just the first chapter of the last arc
should there be an afterstory or nah just the end?
Not the end . Hell yeah!
final chapter next huh.... deym~
@warriorg thank you :)
This series had an equally intriguing and depraved twist on romance. The series ruined itself with its world-building ambitions, which the mangaka lacks the skills to execute. Worse, its MC lost his key interesting feature at the end of the school arc.

Dropped. @kronix was right. I wish I read his review before I started this manga.
This manga was pretty good. I didn't like the premise of some quiet guy who was forced to control his love every day because of some unknown infectious disease, but there were such chaotic and violent fights afterwards, which was the main hook for me. Don't know why the rating was so low.
Also, Hanazono was the best girl. Other girls were blatant baits for speedreaders to fall for and blame the manga for being shit on their eyes.
This manga is bad. Not in a way "not as good as great ones" but in away "worse than most".
Character motivation is none-existant by the end of school arc. Even before that, instead of making rational or emotional decisions, they just make some random, forced, dragged out decisions.
Drama is cheap and later removed completely after girl is gone from series.
Whats left? Below-average action manga with unreasonable character decisions, nonexistent character motiovation, cliche superpowers and nonsensical plot.
By the way, I agree this series has gone to the dogs. It got licensed, too (go figure). The only reasons I'm still translating it are that it's easy now we're caught up with Japan and that it kinda feels to be close to the end. I mean, how more absurd can it get?
that's bullshit.
way to go and end a good reading.
Alright, I think I'm done with this one, I really did enjoy it for a while.
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you were reading this for romance....?

so bad, manga started out great. Author decided to remove the romance from story, remove girl from story and add complicated fucketry of organizations and people we dont give a shit about. Making story way too fucking complicated RIP this manga gone to shit.