Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!
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  • Eighth son, I don’t think so!
  • Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou!
  • Восьмой сын? Я не могу этого принять!
  • ผมเนี่ยนะ...ชายแปด!
  • 八男って、それはないでしょう!
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A corporate slave falls asleep at home and wakes up somewhere else entirely; as someone else entirely. Seven years have come to pass since that day and Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister has set his sights on becoming an adventurer.

Adapted from the web novel series of the same name.
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3/10, not the worst I've seen but protag-kun has 0 personality or motives of his own after the first few chapters
Axed? Dropped? Moar pls!
people are complaining that the chapters aren't translating, but does anyone remember the golem dragon arc? the anime just reminded me how lame it was, and i am glad that they stopped translating. now i have a good excuse to drop this garbage
😕 is dropped ?
no chapter in 3 months and the raws are at ch 50 ....

anime adaptation aside, will the manga translation continue? [😟 I liked it]
@Evangelkyo i didn't read the novel but from what you said, the manga seems a lot more spot on than the anime? the anime really makes Bell look like a wimp i'd throw a boot at
@Wolvenworks You're right, and all the difference between the novel-manga and that shit of anime anger me.
When I have seen it I have question myself if the man who produce it have read them or if he just have read the resume made by someone, because the timeline is messed , the evenement appear in disorder, erwin who is with the two girl and wendelin solo where in the real things, wendelin/erwin are friends who hunt together and the two of them don't have any relation with the two girl before they are in the dire situation with the wolf, Elise doesn't know wendelin before the extermination of the second dragon ( she was in the medical tent and have heard about him with the soldier talk)...
Well the drawing is correct and for someone who haven't read the manga or the novel before, i think he can like it.

And I've reread the manga, I havent first see the first page of the 43 chapter , we can clearly see wendelin and his three wives with a child each
hey i mean lok at the plus side, this can be the material for hentai about nun lol
Can someone explain why tf this got an anime?
@remlei @mismarca yeah the anime is so whack. it's amazing how they got the character design right but fucked the story so much it's almost like the opposite of Youjo Senki (where the story is alright but the artstyle is fucked). it's actually kinda cringe to watch but i just keep watching it just so i can see how bad the train can crash because holy fuck it's like watching Poontah
As far as i have read this has been the main character happening into success and riches over and over again with little substance 😶
the anime looks really makes Bell look really pathetic in front of the girls. I didnt bother reading the novel yet because time. his patheticness doesnt make any sense specially for him that have past life experiences. in this manga, his past life knowledge where utilized properly and makes more sense specially its a story based on a reincarnated person.
I see a lot of people complaining that this is a generic isekai trash, but if you went to the Web Novel https://ncode.syosetu.com/n8802bq/ and see the first date of the first chapter for this series to release was on 2013/06/01.
Now if you bring yourself back to year 2013 and read this series I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have feel worn out reading this series. I'm not saying that this is the greatest serious out there, what I'm trying to say is that during that time year 2013 your awareness on the "isekai" genre is pretty limited and able to consume this series like it is one of its own. At least that was for me. During that time the "isekai" series was one and only Mushoku Tensei. Of course there are multiple anime with isekai genre on it such as No Game No Life -2014, Dog Days -2011, Mondaiji-tachi -2013 and other more but me during that time didn't view it as one of the isekai series but more like a fantasy series. The "Isekai" genre is not a big deal to me yet except for one and only Mushoku Tensei due to it's a text based WN series so it differentiate with the anime series. Now the isekai genre is too crowded into the media outlet and easily accessible everywhere either it is good or bad. You've started to develop this generic common stereotypes on isekai genre such as "Reincarnation, cheat, harem,etc" and missing out the individual shine of the series. I'm suggesting that you guys try reading the Web Novel since it is packed with more details than this manga and anime adaptation. I tend to avoid Light Novel adaptation due to my personal view on it. Web novel is a free world where the author can write all they wants without any limitation except for explicit r-18(nocturne) things while Light Novel published a book that was monitored and refined to adjust with the limited amount of space that was provided by the publisher company. Also WN is free and LN is paid so yeah, I'm pretty bias 😏.

Btw I've just watched the anime on the first episode and I've already develop a hatred and disgust towards this series anime adaptation. It feels very trash and rushed it just ruined my expectation on the anime adaptation. It feels like I'm watching the Parallel World version of Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!. It feels like the anime director just wanted to hop on into the "isekai" bandwagon and just crash it highspeed on some random road. I who personally loved this series feels very sad and angry seeing that the things that I love getting trashed like this. I will skip the anime adaptation. Now I have a hole in my chest and wanting to punch the anime director in the face multiple time.
Generic isekai harem. Bland characters. Absolutely garbage
I knew that new anime looked familiar, it was an anime adaptation of this, this manga that I dropped one or two years ago...
fucking trash.
simping is not acceptable.
The anime is based on LN not this dumpster fire.
I read the WN, and liked the arc that starts at CH45 in the manga. Came back to read said manga because the anime adaptation, which honestly is the first time I've seen an anime version better than the original. This mangaa is so bad. It skips and leaves stuff out of an already slice-of-life harem that lacks plot elements
One of the most Irrelevant stories you'll ever read. It might seem good at first. Till you realize how none of it connects or makes sense.

The MC is just a puppet and chooses to stay that way till the end.

I'm sure we're all baffled on how this got an anime...
I was considering reading until I saw the comments but it looks like another generic boring isekai, not that I have anything against them because we of them are actually pretty nice but at this point it's pretty boring to see the same stuff all over again like Harems, Overpowered MC, extreme luck for MC, adventure themed, game interface for MC, etc...