Comic Girls Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • こみっくがーるず
Author: Hanzawa Kaori
Artist: Hanzawa Kaori
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: 4-Koma Comedy School Life Slice of Life
Rating: 8.78 23
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 12,573
  • 875
  • 48
Description: The story concerns the daily life of young up-and-coming mangaka living together in an all female dormitory.

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KZO 2 hours ago
Honestly, the translation from both groups is so different, they feel like two completely different chapters, at the end I never knew if Tsubasa did a one-shot or she added the sports stuff to her own manga. I'd say the two scanlation groups join together and use the faster typesetter, but for the translation both translators need to agree to one single thing or we'll end with two completely different manga running at the same time using the same pictures.
CoolOtamegane 7 hours ago
@Khaos , To avoid useless "drama" how about Negotiate with Kirara Scantasia, My recommendation How about "Joint Forces" between 2 groups, at least the burden can be lessen and release can be faster.
We left behind so many raws (at least the raws reached ch.60+)

@2hen4tai , I dont know but All 4-koma manga in kirara magazine every new book release the chapter went back by ch. 1
Example :
2hen4tai 10 hours ago
Is there a reason why the chapter count went back to zero with volume 2? Never seen this before.
_das 12 hours ago
@Khaos The community tends to favor the group that releases faster unless there is a significant difference in quality. In that case, they subscribe to whichever group they deem better.
Khaos 12 hours ago
Now there's a conundrum, what do we do when two groups try to pick up the same series
CoolOtamegane 17 hours ago
Thanks as always @Kirara Scantasia
sherish 19 hours ago
Thanks for picking this up!
PredatorDuck 19 hours ago
No begging required.
MetaThPr4h 3 days ago
Where do I have to beg for manga translations? The anime was so good, I need more!
pipmanga 4 days ago
I hope someone will pick this up again.
AriaofSkittles 3 months ago