Hataraku Saibou Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Cells at Work!
  • Working Cell
  • Working Cells
  • はたらくさいぼう
  • はたらく細胞
Author: Shimizu Akane
Artist: Shimizu Akane
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Award Winning Comedy Medical
Rating: 8.85 40
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 14,724
  • 953
  • 1
Description: Within the human body there is said to be approximately 60 million cells. White blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, macrophages, memory cells, killer T cells, natural killer cells, B cells, mast cells and many more!

All these different cells work tirelessly within the body, never resting for a moment, at any time willing to resist invading foreign entities like germs and viruses to the bitter end!

From Akane Shimizu, winner of Shounen Sirius' Rookie Award, comes an informative tale about anthropomorthized cells!

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Msx 4 days ago
Wolvenworks 4 days ago
suddenly i'm learning biology again. this feels weird
shaoxin54 6 days ago
where are the rest?
Ugluk 9 days ago
How nice.
Cyberworm 12 days ago
@BCS this time I wouldn't blame the Japanese. The French did it first with "Once Upon a Time... Life"
SnowingSilently 12 days ago
@BCS what's the manga about anthropomorphised tea?
MajorGilbert 28 days ago
Ok, I'm not an expert in Biology - though I do study it - but I think this manga is more accurate and in depth than what would be taught at GCSE level in the UK.

@DanYHKim You're right. Carbon dioxide is actually more soluble in blood than in oxygen. But this way of transport is only 5-7 percent of all the carbon dioxide that is transported.

Another 10 percent is transported by actually binding to the hemoglobin, forming carbaminohemoglobin. This is reversible and therefore it is dissociated from the hemoglobin in the lungs to be taken out of the body.

But the majority is transported through the bicarbonate buffer system, which involves carbon dioxide diffusing into the red blood cells.

So, red blood cells do carry carbon dioxide, but at the same time you're not wrong.

Last edited 28 days ago.

bastek66 1 month ago
@Sallad4ever Scanlations won't continue because official tanks are up do date.
BCS 1 month ago
After tea and countries I shouldn't really be surprised at what the japanese anthropomorphize, but still...
RandomPasserby 1 month ago
It's like Ozzy & Drix but with Waifus!!!
40percent 1 month ago
Can you give a list of the inaccuracies @elbs
elbs 1 month ago
there are a fair few inaccurracies in this (of a magnitude that for exams above high school level, they would be wrong).

still a fun series so far, as long as you don't take the material presented as a serious scientific resource!

Last edited 19 days ago.

Sallad4ever 1 month ago
With the announcement of the anime, I just hope that the scanlation will still continue past the anime
DanYHKim 1 month ago
Platelets are cute!

I don't think red blood cells carry carbon dioxide, though. Hemoglobin binds to oxygen, and releases it in places where there is a shortage of oxygen, but carbon dioxide is just dissolved in the liquid portion of the blood, I think.
Felgard 1 month ago
i'm sad to report to those who except to see any romantic or sexual progress since cells procreate by division
rv1024 1 month ago
Finally, a manga where I could use all my useless biology knowledge.
BlackGeneral 1 month ago
Understood kids, if you don't take care of your body the waifus inside of it will die.