Shiranui-san wa Oni ga Mienai Japanese

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Author: Okazaki Tashinori
Artist: Okazaki Tashinori
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Fantasy Romance Supernatural
Rating: 9.00 2
Pub. status: Completed
  • 1,890
  • 217
  • 6
Description: Ichinose is a boy who all his life he was bullied, he has this ability to see ghosts and one day he meets a dog that is trying to tell him something, One day he meets Shiranui, Senka, who is a Ghost Child, a child who can see ghosts and fight them to purify them. Ichinose decides to help Shiranui out to fulfill her wish.

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InfiniteVerisimilitude 4 months ago
huh, only 3 chapters. A pilot which didn't get signed I take it.
shades7000 5 months ago
Fixed it, all the chapters were borked but now are unborked!
urudurin 5 months ago
Chapter 3 is borked for me