Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • New sisters, eating together.
  • 新米姉妹のふたりごはん
Author: Hiiragi Yutaka
Artist: Hiiragi Yutaka
Genres: Comedy Cooking Shounen Slice of Life
Rating: 8.81 (31 users)
Status: Ongoing
Stats: 5,359 657 25
Description: "But suddenly, I had a little sister. That was the problem."

After her father's remarriage, Sachi suddenly has a new stepsister, Ayari. At first, their interactions are awkward, and very brief. However, they soon discover a shared love... of food?

Sachi soon discovers Ayari's passion for cooking, and the two step-sisters soon begin to bond over Ayari's delicious cooking, and begin to overcome the barriers that had once kept them apart. While their parents are away on their honeymoon, they learn to cope with their differences, and bond over a seemingly insignificant thing. (Reference: MAL)
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Vasqueztion 2 days ago
"Make me an adult."
"Tomorrow, I'll make you an adult."
Slight lesbian undertones.
Stoic, taller younger.
Cheery, shorter older.

I do believe we've struck gold, my boys.
x754 3 days ago
"I will make you an adult!"
Uh, phrasing?
dark_ryu 4 days ago
It's a little different from other cooking mangas where it makes me want to cook something cuz I probably wouldn't have all these tools (or foie gras just sitting in my kitchen). I like it though, it's interesting to know that all of these foods and cooking styles are out there.
Most importantly...THOSE TWO ARE HELLA CUTE
darkeden112 4 days ago
Nice. I think I just had diabetes.
juviegar 4 days ago
So fluffy, so cute, oops I'm drooling.
sillymangareader 4 days ago
Stupid fucking cute. Following the shit out of this.
ElBichoRaro 5 days ago
I find it interesting how they gave another name to what people call fry sauce/golf sauce.
PerfectDeath 5 days ago
@Trodsen just git good at it yourself. =P
SavingPrivateRightHand 5 days ago
At least they justify it for this manga by having the parents on their international honeymoon sending coincidental gifts, at least.

Last edited 5 days ago.

Brightamethyst 5 days ago
This is really cute.

I often find cooking mange like this a little weird though, because who really has all those specialty tools in their home kitchen. Am I really supposed to believe that she just happens to own a raclette cheese melter?
Trodsen 5 days ago
why must all these cooking manga make food look so delicious, geez
Amon 5 days ago
So sweet~ <3
BCS 5 days ago
>look at the ham sandwiches they made

>look at the sandwiches I'm currently eating

Hey, at least it was cheap

(Also, this might be the first stupidly cutesy jk manga with a giant pig's leg on the cover)