All-Rounder Meguru
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  • All Rounder Meguru
  • Гладиатор Мегуру
  • オールラウンダー廻
  • 全能格斗士
  • 全能格鬥士
  • 올라운더 메구루
  • 8.70
  • 9.02
  • 219
Pub. status:
  • 116,272
  • 5,121
  • 237
Hiroki Endō’s latest series tells the story of two old friends, Meguru Takayanagi and Takashi Yamabuki, who after a long time meet each other again at an amateur shooto mixed martial arts contest. While Meguru only practices MMA for fun, Takashi is pursuing a serious goal. Even though each of them has their own reason to fight, both are becoming stronger with each match… Universally praised for its realism and accurate depiction of martial arts, All-Rounder Meguru is one of the first manga to provide a glimpse into the energetic and exciting world of modern MMA.
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  • Volume 0/19
  • Chapter 0/178

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THAT WAS AMAZING! This has become my number one manga of all time! Like NFDFZ said, you can download the last volume at nyaaproxy after reading 143> at another site.
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Ok, the entire manga got translated and I can now safely say that this is one of my Top 10 manga of all time. Really loved this, down to earth and realistic with interesting characters. It ended like I expected it to as well.
the whole manga is now UP on nyaa all volumes from 1 to 19
Bad News Guys,

Good news, you can buy the last 4 volumes (16,17, 18, & 19) on Kodansha through Comixology ->
@Darklight99 not really, other site already has 168 chapters out of 178. And i'm waiting for it to finish to read it, so i hope it's gonna be soon
Anyonr know where I can find the completed raws?
>official eng translations doesn't have paperback
@Darklight99 Thank you. All the people that worked on it are sad, but there really are no good way to continue it.
Kodansha will release vol 17 in November 3rd, so I assume they will finish the series in early 2021.
Ahh, So official release now huh? Oh well, 3 volumes to go, will take a couple of years to see this to conclusion. Thanks for your previous work, it was done really well.
vol 16 is available to read up to chapter 149
more pls
need more!
Please continue it, the other group supposedly doing this is paywalling it.
@Leitmotiv There is no point in continuing. It is getting official releases that have come out at a more consistent and faster rate and are soon to pass Silent Sky. That's the likely reason for it being dropped. You can always just buy the comics from Kodansha if you enjoy it so much.
@Everath Pleaaase! Keep them up! I've been waiting for them so looong... perhaps there's not a big amount of readers but I know it's finished and that pains me a lot. Most of the people like stuff like baki or kengan omega/asura when they look for martial arts, but there are a few that enjoy a lot the more realistic manga since you can relate much more (even more if you also train MMA).
So please!!! Keep them coming!!! Thanks for all the effort :)
So update for whoever reads the comments here:
Kodansha will release the English version of vol 16 in the start of September, so as it looks now we will most likely drop it, unless we get a Japanese TL and that a big amount of readers still want us to continue it. (tho this would have to be discussed internal in the group first).
Just wanted you people to know.
take ur time. tnx for the translation
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@Everath Don't worry, just upload whenever you can or feel like. Any new chapters here are appreciated. :)