Karakuri Circus
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  • Gánh Xiếc Quái Dị
  • La Cirque de Karakuri
  • Sarkas Karakuri
  • Каракури Цирк
  • からくりサーカス
  • 傀儡馬戲團
  • 魔偶马戏团
  • 꼭두각시 서커스
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  • 9.09
  • 148
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  • 169,803
  • 3,432
  • 312
Katou Narumi (19) suffers from Zonapha Syndrome, a rare ailment that stops his breathing unless he makes people laugh. He's been forced to abandon his training in Chinese kenpo and return to Japan, where he now works as a clown. The only problem: he's not very funny.

One day he meets Saiga Masaru (11), the recent inheritor of a huge fortune, who gives him the first laugh he's gotten all day. When he realizes Masaru is being pursued by assassins, he steps in to protect the boy, only to discover that instead of conventional weapons, the assassins wield huge, eerie puppets. They soon encounter the mysterious Shirogane (age unknown), who controls a puppet of her own, and claims she was sent from France by Masaru's late grandfather to protect him.

Their paths intertwine and diverge, splitting into two stories: Karakuri and Circus, puppets and performers, tears and laughter. The strange circus of living dolls that spreads Zonapha Syndrome, the human puppets known collectively as the Shirogane, and the puppeteers whose undying grudge set in motion both sides of this performance.

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    I am a translator from South Korea.
    Do you happen to need someone to help scanslation?
    Kinda glad the scanlators released that last batch all at once instead of when they were available. Back-to-back cliffhangers are always so brutal.

    Sadly, i know what 100 chapters can do just by looking at the number of pages in each chapter.
    @CheerTheDead Wow it is true just some more 100 chapters and we are done, when you read so many series that have 500+ chapters you kind of devalues what it can be done with 100.

    Man, i remember when i read this series for the first time, it is more than a decade now and this still is one of my all-time favorites can't wait for the bittersweetness of the end.
    Only 100+ chapters more to go. I think i will get to read it in full at the end of 2025.
    Here to see if this makes anymore sense than the anime and it doesn't and I love it. Glad to see an older series get love. Made at a time where authors took risks still and troupes hadn't taken over.

    Im reading this and reborn atm. Its amazing how great these stories are even if the structure is a bit broken and the worlds are a bit absurd. They werent worried about pleasing anyone and instead wrote for themselves first. Only a few mainstream series have managed to keep the same feeling. Jojo and One Piece are the ones I can think off the top of my head. With Jojo only really going into the "mainstream" in recent years instead of being a niche.
    Gosh there's 13 more volumes left. It'll be a while before the poor scanlators get there.
    There will be more chapters, but it'll take a while. The team seriously needs more translators.
    2 months since the last chapter... Me sad.
    I don’t mind it slowing down a bit the everyday translations must have been super tough on the team. But I would at least like to know if they dropped it or if they just made it a weekly or monthly update. I can live with it being slow just don’t stop it again T.T
    Sad that the translations have stopped again.
    really hope this finishes some time this decade :> I feel the anime missed alot of stuff and would like to see what they missed.
    @boldmonkey it's probably going to be over sooner than you think
    I can't wait to read this once it's complete, years from now.
    This manga isn't about circus at all and I love it.
    So glad someone is translating this...AGAIN! Such an underrated manga this is...
    I'm only on chapter 86, and it appears to me that eighty percent of the characters are going through or attempting some sort of Pinocchio arc and the fairy is a musclebound lunk. I LOVE it.
    This is one long manga. I think i will return to hibernation. Anyway, thank you.

    We just finished releasing volume 27 today.

    16 volumes left now.
    Anyone has any idea how many vols are left?

    There's 43 volumes for 426 chapters in total.