Yin Zhi Shoumuren
Alt name(s):
  • Silver Gravekeeper
  • The Last Gravekeeper
  • The Last Guardian
  • The Silver Guardian
  • Yín Zhī Shǒu Mù Rén
  • 銀の墓守り
  • 银之守墓人
  • 은의 묘지기
  • 6.63
  • 5.94
  • 112
Pub. status:
  • 126,324
  • 3,042
  • 229
The MC is a really poor student that loves playing games. One of his friends is a popular student detective that convinces him into helping with a murder case. After viewing the last moments of an old man being held at gun point, the scene forces the MC into a virtual reality game, dropping him off at a desert landscape with some pyramids. The MC goes with the flow, and the first thing he sees is a BOSS sand monster and a quest option. Like any MC, he expects to defeat the Boss to win, right? No, it turns out he's the last Gravekeeper and he's supposed to protect the treasure against the Tomb Raiders. That old man? He was his grandfather, and they meet in virtual reality.

See Wikipedia for the anime.
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It looks good. Honestly I'd rather read the Novel! They can never properly adapt a story when their art is so good.

Not like the KRs
what in the heck is that manga description.
@hyuuziito Same that was an absolute garbage dump move to make on a story telling level.
i stopped when he lost all the cash cuz, the cat deleted it
Right? Dropped at 22 realizing it's the same old shounen guy chasing main girl while going around with his side chicks type story (2)
wait, i think i see the other this like manga, but what name?
The translation is shit and the story is trash. SAVE YOUR TIME!!! - dropped at chapter 24
It is okay. The story was actually sort of captivating and kept me reading, not the best one I read but interesting. A translation mistake here and there eg. Billion or 100 million is confused, and 1/10 and 10 million.... Are 0s reslly so hard? But you get it from the story and previous info.
man the translation is so shit i cant even get past chapter 15 ?
@mangab0y I think you're thinking way too far ahead. Chinese manhua and Japanese manga all have their own way of making stories. Please don't compare it to Japanese manga just because you prefer Manga over Manhua. If you're going to put that Chinese manhua is copying Japanese Manga, then you might as well compare other things that Japanese may have copied their ideas from other people. It doesn't matter, as long as the story is good and entertaining, who cares about whether it was copied or not. If it was copied, it would've never been allowed or published. The authors can be sued for it, but no... Japanese did not created the genre martial arts or romance or, whatever. Every country has their own genres and every authors chose their topics. In general sense, Comic was created by Greek long before manga was introduced. So no one is stealing ideas, we just develop the ideas into our own.
I can see this chinese manhua trying to copy japanese manga which making the protagonist looks hopeless loser then making shalow excuses to let protagonist win after being beat up to a pulp lol ..what kind of main character / super hero that depends on luck and shallow excuses with long unlogic explanation to win after dying alot sound pathetic for main character only Japanese did that to torment main character on their manga .. worst manhua I ever read !
This is the worst Chinese manhua I've ever read. The story was all over the place, there are too many antagonists, too many things all happening at once, too many loses for me to care about the MC. This is my opinion, definitely read it yourself to get a good feel for it, i couldn't make it past chapter 22.
Just so you guys know, the previous group did not messed anything up. The chapter numbers are correct order. It's the uploader that uploaded incorrectly. Leaf Translation chapters are in parts, they were supposed to be uploaded as 190 part a, 190 part b ... Not as a new chapter.
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the previous groups which worked on this messed up the chapter numbers. Now we are following the no. according to original raw, and its the continuation after 194. u didnt miss any story in between. only the chapter no.s are changed
Jinx ? z'dat u?
Where is 195 ??