Happy Sugar Life Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Black Salt Cage
  • White Sugar Garden
  • ハッピーシュガーライフ
Author: Kagisora Tomiyaki
Artist: Kagisora Tomiyaki
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Drama Horror Mystery Psychological School Life Shoujo Ai
Rating: 8.21 72
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 32,774
  • 1,758
  • 41
Description: High-schooler Matsuzaka Satou has a reputation for being easy, but one day her lifestyle of sleeping with one boy after another comes to an end. It happens when she meets the child Shio, for whom she is convinced she feels true love for the first time. Satou may seem sweet and innocent, but there is nothing she won't do to protect their life together, including committing murder. But from where did she acquire the little girl, and how long can their "Happy Sugar Life" together last?

Included one-shot:
Volume 2: White Sugar Garden, Black Salt Cage (pilot)

Short story:
A short story was released in Young Gangan 23/24 of 2016 which is referred to below as 19.5. It was later released in Volume 6 as an extra.

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dreminh 4 days ago
will you continue translate this after Yen licensed @waterflame ?
waterflame 5 days ago
@ShiKu YenPress recently got the rights to the series, they will slowly be releasing the volumes in English.

Or do you mean the Japanese volumes with a English interface(I know of some)?(This is the one that actually supports the author... the English release is more so support Yen Press :p )
ShiKu 5 days ago
Any chance I can buy volume 1-8 in english? If so, which site? Thanks in advance.
waterflame 6 days ago
Actually though it's shown that they continue falling... they actually fall away from the edge...
youseiki 6 days ago
hahaha, nice, I love how the author shows too much fluffiness in this manga, but I also hate it due to lack of intensity, probably because I binge it instead of waiting for every month just to see another chapter.
Nick86 7 days ago
So i watched the first episode of the anime and what the hell is the first scene where they jump down? There is nothing like this in the manga, but can make sense since the manga still ongoing and with only 12 episodes they can surely go with an original ending.

Last edited 7 days ago.

dreminh 7 days ago
thank for the rush @waterflame . every characters in this are nut or retard

Last edited 7 days ago.

frootpai 7 days ago
waterflame with that chapter dump!
Nick86 7 days ago
@waterflame - And take out all the backstory of heroines parents? Well, maybe but they need to end it anime original in this case if they don't plan to make more cours.
sillymangareader 7 days ago
Interesting how certain parts of the flashbacks have blurred faces. From whose point of view are we exactly being shown these past events?
This author is just brutal. In many parts of the world, innocent cute girls like this one are turned into mothers because they're either not taught how to defend themselves or ask for help. The rest is -sadly- just statistics.
anon763 7 days ago
Well, that is definitely a reasonable interpretation, and the one I jumped to at first. But it seemed to me that the guy's surprise was genuine and not purely a matter of the number of zeros on the page, and he didn't strike me as having the right combination of competence and subtlety to pull it off either. As for him being in the same area, he'd been obliged to make a token appearance for the festival/ceremony. He just wasn't actually sticking with them as they went around for obvious reasons.
The way I'm reading it, that event looks like an actual accident. Even if it wasn't, I'd still say on the whole that Shio's family falls on the wrong side of what I talked about.
fennec 7 days ago
@anon763 I think Shio's mom's backstory is just a little more complicated than that:

waterflame 8 days ago
@Nick86 I disagree. It would be perfect for the anime to end at chapter 23 or 24.
firefish5000 8 days ago
Agreed. Much appreciated!
tuankiet65 8 days ago
> dropping 10 chapters at once
God bless Waterflame
anon763 8 days ago
I really like the "present-day" parts of this manga, but not flashbacks to Shio's mom. One of the things I tend to find with manga like this is that it's really easy for them to go from "everyone is fucked-up and broken" to "everyone is pure evil to a cartoonish degree, including the god of fortune". Satou's past works much better for me in that regard, since it's things like the influence of her aunt that made her what she is, rather than I think for a genre called "psychological" it really cheapens it when this sort of thing happens.
I think I would have preferred it if most of the Shio's mom backstory we got in this load of chapters had been left unsaid.
Yurisivel 8 days ago
Urgh, these new chapters got so heavy so fast that I actually feel nauseous. I'll have to finish slowly so I don't destroy my soul reading this too quickly.
Nick86 8 days ago
@waterflame - Thanks a lot for the huge update, this manga is really something and it have a very good and sad story, i'm surprised it get an anime in the first place since while is nothing blatantly visual it have surely dark themes. Will have probably an original ending since the manga is still ongoing.

Last edited 8 days ago.

merinocaramel 8 days ago

Wow is this xmas? xD Thanks for the bulk upload! ! I really love this manga
firefish5000 2 months ago
She is our goddess, no human can compare.

And yes, It is precisely because this is a... "wholesome" yandre, with such cute and... "pure" love story that I can read this. This feels like a slice of life. The yandre is just the delicious cream filling and the yuri is the strawberry on top. Part of me wishes this was my "Happy Sugar Life".
fennec 2 months ago
This might be the most wholesome yandere story I've found to date. Which is a phrase I never expected to say.

Also, until they showed her backstory, I couldn't help but think Shio is not 100% human and is somehow inducing this behavior in other people. Those slit-eyes are what REALLY has me wondering.
Chizan 2 months ago
'Lots of stuff' .... how exactly did she ..... dispose of ......

I have a strong feeling it will be hecka fun to read the comments for the anime episodes when the show airs, especially by those who've not read the manga.
firefish5000 2 months ago
Just picked this up. By far the darkest thing I have ever read (well, I'm the light-hearted romance/ slice of life type, so naturally nothing is this dark). In Ch2, loving it so far.
cowofjustice 2 months ago
Well, shit.
waterflame 3 months ago
@Nyan Comparing the next page, though it does look like a "death painting", it seems to be her lifting the sheet of Sato.
Nayn 3 months ago
Anyone else notice how morbid the image on chapter 22, page 32 looks? This looks like foreshadowing of Shio's death...
theShear 3 months ago
I'm guessing this is getting close to endgame ... I have no Idea how this is gonna end.
sillymangareader 3 months ago
I've been warning you since before Bato.to died, Shouko. Now you're dead too.
Nick86 3 months ago
It have anime in the making too. Thanks waterflame for the update. <3
mikegnesium 3 months ago
For shit like that you have individual chapter threads.
waterflame 3 months ago
@Xamdiz OH YEAH!
Xamdiz 3 months ago
dreminh 4 months ago
hope Waterflame Scanlations do this faster
Vasqueztion 4 months ago
So. This is getting an anime adaption.
This... will be animated.
On television. For Japan, and the world, to see.
The hype train has no brakes.
Isekaijin 4 months ago
Only half decent people for now are the brother and the girl's friend, and arguably, the little girl. Everybody else should burn in a pyre.
le3 4 months ago
Welcome back ;_;. It's been a while *gross sobbing*
waterflame 4 months ago
@theShear ,the Cake lady seems to be fine... for now... till she's kidnapped and forced to teach Shio how to make cakes...
theShear 4 months ago
... yeah this won't end well, for anybody involved.
sillymangareader 4 months ago