Ueno-san wa Bukiyou Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno
  • 上野さんは不器用
  • 笨拙之极的上野
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Ueno-san is strong in attitude, but weak in romance.
It's a clumsy-heroine gag comedy!

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    There have been several new updates on the official anime twitter, including new key visuals, an unveiling of the voice actors, and even a 1 minute PV!
    The absurdness of this manga reminds me to nichijou
    Boy, the cover of volume 2 is like if Nanachi and Mitty got a whole new lease on life.

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    I love it. Thanks for the translation.
    Shoutout to graveyard of airships for doing the translations, they seem pretty solid and i love reading your TL notes at the end tbh
    Of all the well-written manga to gauge the character development in, you choose what is essentially episodic erotica to look for it? One chapter she tries to get him to fondle her, another she tries to make him look at her underwear. He busts her expectations in a generally nonsensical manner. That's it. The whole manga. It's literally designed around NOT having character development (if not out of pure circumstance, to fulfill the plot formula of the current chapter), while prolonging the sexual tension as much as possible. It's one of the simplest, most bare forms of the medium. I'm baffled you'd expect any form of development at all from it.
    I think chapter 12 actually qualifies as character development for Tanaka - he was proactive, not just resisting Ueno, but working around her demands.

    Of course, Ueno and Yamashita weren't as pleased to see that development as I was...

    On another note, I just want to explicitly thank Bainhardt for doing this. This is pretty much my current favorite manga, and it's only in part because I enjoy the manga itself. It's not just that I know when I see a new update that I'll likely laugh out loud at it, but that I know I'll be experiencing careful, quality work from a conscientious scanlator.
    @saktomo Ohhhh awesome! The PV looks really good!
    Now I'm anticipating who the voice cast will be. Looking forward to it.
    Winter 2019 for the anime. A website and twitter account have gone live. http://4NN.cx/.134979
    I honestly suspect that Tanaka is doing his utmost to survive the madness that is his love interest. She's literally tried to drown him due to not accepting her advances.

    Better take it nice and slow than risk her doing anything crazy.
    get in the robot shinji
    Another funny chapter, and another really impressive bit of scanlation. Thanks.

    For some reason, the panel with Yamashita just sitting in the background watching and blowing a bubble struck me as the funniest part of the whole thing.
    I like the scanlation quality.
    Thank you for translating this manga and including those comments at the end of each chapter! They are very informative, and I appreciate you taking the extra time to add some context
    Hello, about Chapter 0 - all the next volumes will be beginning with the cover and table of contents, but I can't edit Chapter 1, so I figured I'd append those to the beginning of the series.
    They are in the 3rd year of Middle School. No way in hell this fool didn't take sex ed. There is no possible way he doesn't know the difference between a man's "thing" and woman's "thing." He's not dense, he's straight up stupid. Like "Aho Girl" stupid. Give this boy a banana and the difference in intelligence ends!
    Edit: Never mind, misinterpreted the comment.

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    So jigospats...

    The "translation" notes say that it uses "jigowatts" which appears to be a botched pronunciation of "gigawatts," and there might be something to that, but is there an additional layered pun there? Something to do with hell?

    Anyway - another amusing chapter, and thanks again for doing this for us.
    Ugh, I get what the author is going for, but, no, the MC is just annoying.