Ueno-san wa Bukiyou Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno
  • 上野さんは不器用
  • 笨拙之极的上野
Author: tugeneko
Artist: tugeneko
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Comedy Ecchi Romance School Life Slice of Life
Rating: 8.42 52
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 18,890
  • 1,304
  • 11
Description: Ueno-san is strong in attitude, but weak in romance.
It's a clumsy-heroine gag comedy!

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boag 5 days ago
ikemen 5 days ago
I like the scanlation quality.
Aipom626 5 days ago
Thank you for translating this manga and including those comments at the end of each chapter! They are very informative, and I appreciate you taking the extra time to add some context
Bainhardt 6 days ago
Hello, about Chapter 0 - all the next volumes will be beginning with the cover and table of contents, but I can't edit Chapter 1, so I figured I'd append those to the beginning of the series.
TwilightFaze 7 days ago
They are in the 3rd year of Middle School. No way in hell this fool didn't take sex ed. There is no possible way he doesn't know the difference between a man's "thing" and woman's "thing." He's not dense, he's straight up stupid. Like "Aho Girl" stupid. Give this boy a banana and the difference in intelligence ends!
Harvester 9 days ago
Edit: Never mind, misinterpreted the comment.

Last edited 9 days ago.

Arlo 9 days ago
So jigospats...

The "translation" notes say that it uses "jigowatts" which appears to be a botched pronunciation of "gigawatts," and there might be something to that, but is there an additional layered pun there? Something to do with hell?

Anyway - another amusing chapter, and thanks again for doing this for us.
pizzapicante27 9 days ago
Ugh, I get what the author is going for, but, no, the MC is just annoying.
Nogoodnms 9 days ago
Wow, this is much more fun than I was expecting. Good stuff! Thanks for the translation!
Anonyan 10 days ago
spats are life
rock41t 16 days ago
I understand that the setting is "girl is in love and the dude is too dense to notice" but damn the guy is so unlikeable, how do you manage to make a character more irritating than rito (fromt to love-ru) is beyond me.
Wolfraing 17 days ago
That Mc sucks.
Arlo 17 days ago
@BCS - yes, now that you mention it, it has to be a fantasy sequence. There's actually a descending series of frames right at the end of the last page, ending in the corner with an odd set of diagonal lines, then that whole sequence kicks off. I think that's supposed to be an indicator - sort of like a screen ripple.

It's sort of amusing and interesting that in her fantasy, Ueno's a tsundere. That explains some things though - that's likely why she takes such a roundabout path to communicating with Tanaka. She doesn't want to let him actually know how she feels - she wants him to pursue her so she can be tsundere about it. And since he's one of the densest objects in the known universe...
EroZero 17 days ago
Thank you for your service, translator.
BCS 18 days ago
@Arlo it was on black background though, normally used for flashbacks and other past stuff, so did it even really happen?
Arlo 18 days ago
Ueno-san with a horrified expression on her face as her newest invention makes her skirt flare out like an umbrella? Sure.

Ueno-san walking through the rain, sharing an umbrella with Tanaka? That's sort of weird and unexpected.
VincentYamato 18 days ago
It is my firm belief that there will come a day when the world realize that dense protagonist arent. Fucking. Funny!!!

Its like in comedy, when some1 gets hurts if it dosent cause a reaction its just violence
Weoooo 18 days ago
this fuckin' guy
Levanah 18 days ago
The guy has to be fucking trolling, there's no way he doesn't know what he's doing.
CoolOtamegane 18 days ago
Oh man. Even Gargantua not So denser than this MC 😅
LivingCorpse 23 days ago
This isn't your average everyday dense... This is, Advanced dense

I can't even get mad at him anymore

Last edited 23 days ago.

jackslate 23 days ago
Or maybe he already got a shovel to the head a few years ago and that's why he is the way he is?
Confused 23 days ago
This is a whole new leve- spac- dimension of a dense MC
Arlo 25 days ago
Thanks for the chapter and keep 'em coming - the translation seems fine and the pages look great, and this series really deserves some attention.
KuroDubZero 26 days ago
It lives
Finnacle 26 days ago
Thank you so much for this!
VawX 26 days ago
I hope you got the translator dude, your editing is super crisp mmm...~!
jackslate 26 days ago
Tanaka deserves a shovel to the head.
BCS 26 days ago
Tanaka is the final boss of romcoms.
Askorti 26 days ago
Whoa, the male MC is really dense. Not your typical romcom MC dense, but something far, far beyond that.
Legion 2 months ago
It's getting an Anime adaptation. Hopefully that will drum up interest.
SpaceFlower 2 months ago
There's raws online so we just need to drum up interest~
Catgrills 2 months ago
I remember reading it years ago. I really like it, hope there will be more translation with the upcoming anime.