Machida-kun no Sekai
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Alt name(s):
  • Ai, Aru Seikatsu
  • Il Mondo di Machida
  • Kyou no Machida-kun
  • Machida-kun'un Dünyası
  • Thế Giới của Machida-kun
  • The World of Machida-kun
  • Today's Machida-kun
  • عالم ماتشيدا-كٌن
  • 今日の町田くん
  • 町田くんの世界
  • 町田君的世界
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  • 9.29
  • 3,649
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  • 314,113
  • 15,504
  • 119
Machida-kun seems like the perfect brother, son, and student because he loves people. Helpful when he needs to be, but puts himself down when he feels like a total failure. However, the people that surround his daily life are there as a reminder as why Machida-kun needs no improvements because the people love Machida.

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  • Volume 0/7
  • Chapter 0/27

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Anyone.. can you recommend me manga/manhwa that has similiar feeling as this wholesome manga ?
10/10 its very sweet and wholesome
What a wholesome manga!! No annoying misunderstandings, just a lot of heartwarming insight and funny characters. Thank you for translating!
This manga really makes my day!
It’s not common to see a shoujo with the main character being male so I was quite skeptical at first since every story with a male lead I’ve seen was all about ecchi and stuff (And why do male characters in shoujo always have to be the typical famous cool boy or even a playboy? It just feels really boring). But seeing the world through Machida-kun’s perspective was a beautiful heart-warming experience. Every characters is adorable and the story is well written. Everytime he makes someone happy I feel happy as well. I adore the world a little more after reading this manga.
Hope there will be more shoujo with the main character being male like this.
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I love this manga!! Such a wholesome read. I found that it completely warmed my heart. I feel like I want to look at the world the same as machida-Kun 🥰 I hade a lot of fun reading the comments while reading it too. It felt like we are all friends cheering him on. Felt like a little community 💛
This is so beautiful!!
6/10 I found this boring and slow. Held my interest for 14 chapters then I just was too bored to keep reading.
This is the cure for regret
edit. just finished reading, please read this this the perfect fluff to emotions ratio. Machidaism/10
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Re-reading this... still wholesome!
What a freaking gem. The main character is such a sweet heart. ☺️
my heart is so full
this restored my faith in humanity
You know what? This might be one of the wholesome mangas that I've ever read. It has some great reflections and lessons in each chapters. I'm glad I read this before I die. Thank you for translating!! Also, thank you for the this wonderful manga!! T_T
Sucha FEEL GOOD manga. It was also wholesome and somewhat therapeutic.

The MC heals social distress. And has made some good points I can relate to irl.

And as if that wasn’t already amazing. The romance between the leads is 11/10.

This has climbed to my top 10. I will be coming back to this for further self clarity.

I want to be like the MC lol
9/10 pretty wholesome and had a great message. Very fleshed out characters that were unique and interesting. However, it was a bit boring.
Just finished reading this and while it was a fun read I dont really think it was anything special. If I had to give it a rating I would probably say its atleast a 6/10 for me, obviously this is just my personal opinion and everyones opinion is valid.
10/10 Very wholesome
10/10 This is one of the most satisfying read I've experienced.
Machida is that one guy when his wedding ceremony will be crowded as heck.