Stellar Transformations
Alt name(s):
  • Legend of Immortals
  • Star Legend
  • Tinh thần biến
  • Xing Chen Bian
  • Xīngchén biàn
  • Xingchen Bian
  • Дорогой звёзд
  • 星辰变
  • 7.00
  • 6.69
  • 168
Pub. status:
  • 171,921
  • 3,521
  • 227
A child was naturally born unable to practice asceticism/ inner strength. To get his fathers attention, he chose to practice outer strength the painful way. Spring passed Autumn came, time flew, this child grew as the year passed... He became a teenager, the thing that changed his fate is a spear that's is made from a shooting star/ shooting star that became a spear...
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/?
  • Chapter 0/?

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@Edjan yes, thanks a lot
@Abdey2k do you mean Xian Ni?
novel is so much better
Can anyone remember the name of a manwha where the main character becomes a soul devourer and breaks free of that realm
Another shitty incomprehensible webnovel adaption.
I'm not gonna lie.
I don't know if it's because of the artist but i just can't get into this especially once they I kept giving it a try but these later chapters are too weird. I'm not sure what people see in this manhua.
@sleepymonkey explains why they axed the Desolate Era manhua, shortly after changing artists to this guy....
I'm really curious as to why the publisher(?ip owner?) would choose this artist for this series when they're obviously not used to the genre (martial arts/wuxia?)? If it were a shoujo type genre I'd get it. And you'd be able to probably look past that if they were doing the story justice, but it seems like they're just rushing through the story. Although it happens a lot in comic adaptations of web novels, but usually they'd at the very least try and add short info dumps on stuff they might of left out. Well at least the artist seems to release at a quick and consistent pace....

you know what same group/publisher(?) that adapted this worked on the screwed up/shitty adaptation of desolate era they couldn't get one of the 20 artists that worked on that series to work on this one?
Last edited 12 mo ago by sleepymonkey.
I might re read the novel just cause of this....
I like this story, but I do not like this style of drawing. It reminds me of a girl in my old school. Great for amateurs but not so great for professionals.
@Jesotku you needn't take this seriously.....I wrote this just in order to make a random conversation....?
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@CajunWolfe lol true
@ghajik LOL everyone know girls are a myth made up by the internet, there is only traps!! ?
@Jesotku no, english is not my first language
@Ghajik are you... actually doing this? Or is english not your first language
@CajunWolfe how do you know its not girls?
OH dang, its BLUE FALCON!!! thanks for the hard work boyz
@tkmisere Meh i guess but thats why he elopes