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In the Sengoku Period (1579), there is a young woman who has lost everything, and dedicated herself to seeking strength and a death on the battlefield. Reiri once lived happily with her family, until the day soldiers came by after a battle. Her father, mother and brother sacrificed themselves in order for her to survive. She was only saved with the intervention of Okabe Tanpa no Kami, who had been sheltering in the village. In his service, she grew and learned to fight well, chasing her goal of a death in battle. However, her path to death may not be as short and straight as she hopes...

  • Winner of the 3rd Takao Saitou Award.
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    awesome. i wish there was more tho~
    Prolly one of the best reads in a while..... I’ll miss it
    Best series I've read in some time, and I really enjoyed the ending, something that often seems to be kind of lacking in even manga that I love overall. I'm glad she didn't Reiri's was a nice touch, and the general adept way in which her story is woven into actual historical events and characters is just brilliant. Fantastic job by Iwaaki-sensei, Muroi-sensei, and the translation team. Thanks for bringing this wonderful work to the world in English. Will gladly buy any official translation immediately if it becomes available, and am looking into getting the Japanese tanks. Beyond my modest JP reading ability but will be nice to own and fun to try to read anyway.
    Thank you translation team.
    Thank you for the translations, this is easily one of my favorite historical manga takes of all time.
    im not crying your crying!
    That was a fun ride, thanks translation team.
    Just wanted to say that this is far and away my favorite current manga. Waiting intently for the finale. I'm a huge Japanese history dork and the carefully researched realistic setting and characters are so well executed and so believable and lifelike it blows my mind. Art is very good and the writing is spectacular. The elements of comedy mixed in with the action and high drama make it feel very real, and the emotional gut punches in the last few chapters have been some of the most deeply felt in recent memory for me. I'm a huge sucker for

    Thanks so much to everyone working on scanlating this wonderful series. I probably would have tried to struggle through it with my limited Japanese reading ability, but I might never have known it existed if it weren't picked up, and being able to read it in English without having to slog through looking things up or getting confused because I misunderstood something every few pages really adds to the weight of the experience, and this manga deserves to be engaged with full-on.

    Oh interesting! Thanks for the info!
    Yeah, was wondering that as well, so I looked a bit into it. Reiri seems to fit the description "daughter of Okabe Motonobu". Unfortunately not much else in known about her, if you look up Okabe Motonobu, it will helpfully say he had 2 sons (Shinko? and Motomasa?) and a daughter, the wife of Tsuchiya Masatsune. So yeah, we don't even really know what her name is. But almost everything else works out, kinda.

    So you won't find anything about Reiri in history probably, but this mystery woman comes pretty close. Too bad nobody cared to note anything down about her, not even her bloody name. Then again, Reiri's much more interesting anyway. Or not. We actually don't know.
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    Does anyone know if reiri is a made-up figure? Most of the main characters are real people and the story seems to follow history fairly accurately, but I can't seem to find reiri anywhere in real history...
    Manga aside, that cover art is giving me massive "Uncanny Valley" vibes.
    oh is this sekigahara?
    oh shit here we go. rough start to the last volume.
    i really like this artist by the way. of course the writer doesn't even need to be mentioned.

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    I wish to see MC more
    Am I the only one who has some troubles in distinguishing the lord and the main character?
    @dudsuper not just Nobunaga but Hideyoshi also had an art downgrade compared to everyone else. I guess the author is just in love with the period in Japan where people endlessly died to war, famine, and rape
    author seems to hate nobunga for some reason, dunno why.
    This manga is beautiful. Not necessarily in the artistic sense, but story-telling wise? Tragically beautiful. The character growth and emotional nuance of each character is astonishing. I've cried twice. Only Pixar movies move me to tears (their movie motto).