Golden Kamuy Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Gintong Multo
  • Golden Kamui
  • ゴールデンカムイ
  • 黃金神威
  • 골든 카무이
Author: Noda Satoru
Artist: Noda Satoru
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Action Adventure Award Winning Comedy Cooking Drama Historical Mystery
Rating: 9.33 251
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 150,196
  • 4,291
  • 162
Description: In the early twentieth century, Russo-Japanese War veteran Saichi “Immortal” Sugimoto scratches out a meager existence during the postwar gold rush in the wilderness of Hokkaido. When he stumbles across a map to a fortune in hidden Ainu gold, he sets off on a treacherous quest to find it. But Sugimoto is not the only interested party, and everyone who knows about the gold will kill to possess it! Faced with the harsh conditions of the northern wilderness, ruthless criminals and rogue Japanese soldiers, Sugimoto will need all his skills and luck—and the help of an Ainu girl named Asirpa—to survive.

Winner of the 9th Manga Taisho Award in 2016. Nominated for the 20th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize and 40th Kodansha Manga Awards that same year.
Golden Kamuy Wins 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2018.

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FinalThunder 15 days ago
If you read it, they mistook the old guy to be the ''bad guy'', because of the gun he had.
Derael 16 days ago
WTF, they just shoot innocent guy without any confirmation. Are they going to shoot anyone who is going to cross the border?
A-tan 19 days ago
Wait so why is Kiroranke going back if he is a wanted criminal?? More space to run?
VawX 23 days ago
Russian sniper, seems interesting mmm...
le3 1 month ago
Tanigaki ponos head still bother me ?
A-tan 1 month ago
Lmao Sugimoto can't catch a break.

I'm glad the conflict with the xircus was resolved nicely tho.
Kuroiikawa 1 month ago
Boy I love it when I'm trying to pretend like I'm committing ritual suicide but one of my friends pranks me by swapping my fake blades with real ones.
Lithe 1 month ago
Nice translation transposition.

All hail Sugimoto the IMMORAL!
Zirconium_Corporation 2 months ago
I got to chapter 81 and I had to switch my rating from 9 to 10.
Not-Ak-not 2 months ago
Blade-switching... Yes!! That'll show him?!!?? Attention intensifies!! o_o

Last edited 2 months ago.

Bootybug 2 months ago
It's just a prank bro!
DatDopeCracker 2 months ago
Tanigaki's thick ass neck only makes it 10 times more hilarious ???
tanooki 2 months ago
my son is too talented
Lithe 2 months ago
This manga is one of the greatest, hands down.
Kuroiikawa 2 months ago
This arc is basically Sugimoto and the gang deciding to become idols. This is everything I've ever wanted.
goronyanpai 2 months ago
I want to congratulate Noda-sensei because Golden Kamuy won 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award's Grand Prize
This manga is really beyond my expectations, deep research, badass action yet stupid and hilarious at the same time
And as the information says, Noda-sensei got 20 Million Yen for it. the award ceremony will be held on June.

Second, I want this manga keep it up everything in solid condition.

Last edited 2 months ago.

DandyMadao 2 months ago
genjirou pick up the pace and do it for beniko's sake
saverbot 2 months ago
god i love this fucking manga
belkrax 2 months ago
Tanigaki is killing me.
Shinobu 2 months ago
Can't wait till it all comes crashing down
Bogdan6222 2 months ago
Sugimoto could be the human pincushion
Shinobu 2 months ago
Man this manga adaptation of The Greatest Showman is dope.
DandyMadao 2 months ago
i really cried, leaving his hometown to be dancer but just doesn't have talent required to be the best
nuhaz 2 months ago
Nooo poor Tanigaki is being bullied again ?
ARRR 2 months ago
That stupid sexy Matagi is just too pure for this world. I hope he will become the best dancing girl.
VMENOVCID 2 months ago
Golden Kamuy, or better known as: "Sakamoto's culinary adventures in Hokkaido."

Last edited 2 months ago.

BirchJuice 2 months ago
A great manga.
Lithe 3 months ago
I wonder what Ogata will will think when he learns his target ended up living.
Monky 3 months ago
I thought that background rock was extra boss and lo, it was even mentioned in the notes. Fantastic work scanlators!
le3 3 months ago
Aww yiss my weekly dose of awesome us here!
Mugabe22 3 months ago
The best way to tell someone that you're alive is by faking your suicide on stage...
Awesome idea, Sugimoto!
ElBichoRaro 3 months ago
This is getting all kinds of psychodelic, and I love it!
DandyMadao 3 months ago
where's my weekly dungeon kamuy? :<
and the anime hype
DjAlexDubCheck 3 months ago

Nice Reservoir Dogs reference here

Last edited 3 months ago.

le3 3 months ago
My demented grandfather can never be this badass
VawX 3 months ago
I was like, is this the old version of Himura Kenshin mmm...~?
Bootybug 3 months ago
Badass :O
Neil 3 months ago
Legendary fight incoming ?
Monky 3 months ago
Oh man, these old geezers are the best!
DandyMadao 3 months ago
the hype!!
AntonH 3 months ago
The author like Sakanaction

Last edited 3 months ago.

le3 3 months ago
Even Hijikata is afraid!
A-tan 3 months ago
Knowing Noda that assasin is probably going to also be a hot old man.
xyzzy 3 months ago
Noda such a bro with Watsuki that he's continuing Kenshin's Hokkaido arc in his own manga
ElBichoRaro 3 months ago
I have this horrible feeling regarding Asirpa and her kidnappers
DandyMadao 3 months ago
if anyone asked "what's the main difference between manga and anime of golden kamuy"
i think it's pretty clear that the main answer should be "the anime doesn't have EHS's end chapter glossaries"
ARRR 3 months ago
It's great manga translated with love, thank you for that.
pokefairy 4 months ago
I'm printing out the panel of daddy tsurumi yelling "you better study your ass off" and I'm sticking it to my wall. Because pre-brain damage tsurumi was a babe but his advice was even sexier.
VawX 4 months ago
This mangaka is really good in delivering back story, even this far into the story we still get a great backstory for a character that's already appeared for a while mmm...
That and all the characters in this manga has unique personality and twist, even those who only appear in one or two chapters mmm...
nuhaz 4 months ago
Thanks! I guess I got confused with the timeline.
Poor Tsukishima... His girl is still alive but she's not with him :'(
themadmaxboy 4 months ago

That's exactly what the chapters tell us
But what if the girl is really dead, and Tsurimi is playing him... that look on the last page tho...
Nolonar 4 months ago
That's how I understand it:

Igogusa was sent to Tokyo to marry some rich guy.
Her parents faked her suicide and moved her in secret, so Tsukishima won't follow after her.

Tsukishima found out that Igogusa committed suicide after learning of his death in the war.
He discovered that the rumors were spread by his father and killed him.
He was sent to death row for manslaughter.

Tsurumi found Igogusa in Tokyo and got some hair from her.
To get Tsukishima out of prison (and death row) he went to dig out Igogusa's remains from under Tsukishima's house in front of the entire village.
The remains didn't belong to Igogusa, but the villagers believed Tsukishima's father killed her, since her "remains" were found buried underneath his house.

Apparently, Tsukishima killing a "real" murderer was enough to get him out of death row.
cerebropodrido 4 months ago
Damn that scene with Sugimoto and his friend
I like it when Noda inserts peeks of Sugimoto's past in flashbacks for other characters
nuhaz 4 months ago
I'm a dumbass so can anyone tell me what is the true story for Igogusa? Did she suicide or was sent to marry another guy? Based on the last page there it seems like Tsurumi is lying again so I'm confused af.
kalteh 4 months ago
From Tsukishima story lead me to read the First Sino-Japanese War, then to Russo-Japanese War which cont to Second Sino-Japanese War. Dam~
ElBichoRaro 4 months ago
Wow, Tsukishima's backstory made me respect him more.
Bastian 4 months ago
Give that poor man the morphine he deserves!
A-tan 4 months ago
I'm laughing at Shiraishi having his own sugar daddy, Noda pls never change.
Bes 4 months ago
Nikaidou's the first cyborg in history ahahah
le3 4 months ago
Grand daddy long leg lel.

Good for you Nikaidou, you got a new hand!
Bastian 5 months ago
Oh, boy, Ogata has no idea, how he just jinxed himself with the headshot comment...
Regardless, looking forward to Sugimoto's and Asirpa's reunion.
tamarakko 5 months ago
Is the fan translation finally up to date with the current chapters in Japan? Whoa, great job, EH Scans! We can't thank you enough!
A-tan 5 months ago
Noda keeps delivering.
Bastian 5 months ago
ElBichoRaro 5 months ago
Sugimoto has gone full Tsurumi.
Nolonar 5 months ago
To tell the truth, I was expecting something very wrong to happen to Sugimoto during the Stenka, since he had bits of his brains blown out.
I never expected him to turn full badass-berserker-zombie on us.

I love this manga!
Bootybug 5 months ago
I wouldnt care to see naked burly men in any other manga, but by gods this one does it well.
Neil 5 months ago
Boner. That is all.
Lithe 5 months ago
Despite the bara banya, the funniest thing in chapter 145 to me was the hammer and the sickle in the Russian house.
Bastian 5 months ago
Gansoku is like Alex Louis Armstrong with Anehata Shiton's face. :"D
That boxer glossary surprised me. Noda is great!

And now, Sugimoto finally went really Jotaro. *.*
Lithe 5 months ago
Glad Ogata hasn't changed. I liked how he was so unwavering in his goals, and in essence, character development simply wasn't necessary.

Rare to find a story that can do it right without the need to grow the characters - because they're already perfect in their flaws and strengths.
hollyguild 5 months ago
We had so many serious chapters in a row I suppose it is time for some more bara!
Bastian 5 months ago
Karafuto Fight Club?!

Bes 5 months ago
First the pictures of Tanigaki, then the stenka... Sugimoto, are you tryin' to say something to us?
Lymus 5 months ago
Hinna Osoma
A-tan 5 months ago
honephiim 5 months ago
Thank you for uploading the rest of the chapters. I started reading back in 2016 but ended putting it on-hold around chapter 30.
I wanted to go back to it earlier this week, but the lack of chapters was preventing me from doing it so. Thank you for uploading them!!
ElBichoRaro 5 months ago
Fear not, Asirpa! Your "adoptive father" is on the way!
Bastian 5 months ago
I bet wolverine brain is another Ainu speciality.
Nolonar 5 months ago
Sugimoto sure has suspiciously many sexy pictures of Tanigaki.
pokefairy 5 months ago
Tbh ogata has earned so much good will with me that I still love him. Does he remind anyone else of Colin Ferrell? No? Ok :( I'm still looking forward to sugimoto kicking his ass, tho
Monky 5 months ago
Really appreciate those translators notes. Great job!
Bastian 5 months ago
I love Tsukishima's constant "IDGAF" face. :"D
bastek66 5 months ago
Can't wait to see Sugimoto murdering Ogata
Firestar 5 months ago
I hate the fact that Asirpa and Shiraishi don’t even know.
Nolonar 5 months ago
The face of this guy: "Why do I only get the crazy ones?"

Mizuto 5 months ago
Damn, i'm positively shattered right now.
Bastian 5 months ago
Missing brain bits buddies... Incredible.
disgrace 5 months ago
ElBichoRaro 5 months ago
I swear, I want to kick Ogata in the crotch with a steel-pointed boot.
Bes 5 months ago
vhs 5 months ago
ogata retire bitch
Neil 5 months ago
Everything goes to hell....... again
Firestar 5 months ago
Ogata why... just why?
Damn Asirpa is really screwed.
Bastian 5 months ago
Bes 5 months ago
Well, i had an heart attack. This manga just keeps getting better and better
Arashi89 5 months ago
Arlcas 5 months ago
Just heard its getting an anime, today is a good day
Mizuto 5 months ago
See? there is nothing wrong with grown men reading shoujo magazines.
Nolonar 5 months ago
"All I want for Asirpa... is for her to be able to hunt deer and eat their brains..."
Wow, just... wow!
Bastian 5 months ago
Whoa, another one?! *.*
So Inudou is dead, Noppera-bou is in fact Asirpa's father, and there seems to be something suspicious with Inkarmat...
Also, I think Noppera-bou's goal with Asirpa is not the whole truth. Hmm...
Apoptosis 5 months ago
In case anyone was curious what the song page 1 is referencing sounds like,
Bes 5 months ago
Damn, we're on a roll! Now i'm really hyped!
Arlcas 5 months ago
You could say the conclusion is at hand
Ansh 5 months ago
Seems like we're sailing towards the conclusion
Bastian 5 months ago
"Looks like he's been... disarmed." Ouch. :/

Inudou got cocky! Never take anything granted against grandpa Hijikata!

Bes 5 months ago
Well, there goes Nikaidou's hand. I'm starting to feel sorry for him
Mizuto 5 months ago
Thanks for surviving the migration ehscans.
Bastian 5 months ago
At the end of the manga, poor Nikaidou is probably gonna be a brain in a jar with his eyes.
Nolonar 5 months ago
Talking about "major casualties", this is something I wrote on Batoto last year:

Nikaidou's already lost a twin, an ear, and a leg.
What's he going to lose next? It's time to bet, ladies and gentlemen!

Do I hear 3 fingers over here? 3 fingers for the gorgeous lady in black!
Who offers more? The nose? The tall gentleman with the solid looking forehead offers the nose!
What's that?! The scar faced war veteran wants his guts! He's crazy, I tell you. Crazy!!!
Oh, the sniper with the goatee bets a bullet through the right ring finger and the left eye! How specific!
Incredible!!! Did you hear that? The elderly gentleman with the long hair and beard bets on the lower jaw!
Aww, how cute! The little Ainu girl says the eyes and tongue are going to be delicious with a little bit of salt! Wait, WHAT?
Bastian 5 months ago
Thank you for this new chapter on this new site! What an amazing start! Keep up the good work! ^^

This is probably the most intense story arc yet. Can't wait to see how everything is gonna play out. I expect some major casualties...