Fruits Basket Another
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  • Корзинка фруктов. Другая история
  • フルーツバスケット another
  • 水果篮子another
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  • 36,621
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The new series will take place in the same setting as the original Fruits Basket, Kaibara High School. It will feature a new female protagonist named Sawa who enrolls at the school.
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  • Volume 0/3
  • Chapter 0/16

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Probably hasn't been updated for that long (other than this random chapter 8 getting added even though it was done over a year ago lol) because Yen Press has the official English releases. First two volumes are out and third is scheduled to release end of October. I guess you can try your favorite site that hosts scans of official sources to try to find it.
Haru and Rin named their kids Sora and Riku. *cough* Haru definitely plays Kingdom Hearts *cough*

All these Sohma kids are precious. Does anyone know where can I read the complete English scanlation? This one hasn't been updated for a year now.

It's not as charming as FuruBa but I would like to meet the other Sohma kids. I don't care much about the protagonist and the plot honestly. I also want to see if the original characters will be mentioned or shown.
I want to try to chart who is who's offspring

Agreed. I see a lot of similarities with Takaya Natsuki's other series where the character deals with a lot of their own personal hang-ups. Perhaps from the perspective of Sawa, it seems like the Sohma family is like the shining white knights to pull herself out of a dark place but it really is about Sawa opening herself to new experiences and valuing her own self.

The story does a good job of not only explaining some of the origin of Sawa's issues but also showing some of the consequences of those bad experiences. It is still kind of early to hit those emotional notes now, but like in fruits basket, once we get her whole story and how she feels about it, it will be worth it. Similarily, Torhu's Arc in Fruits Basket came later in the series as well.

All these Sohma kids are directly related to the characters from original series too... even though they don't mention it. LOL.

The conflict's probably going to be about Sawa's home life and the Sohmas' attempt to try and create a place where she can call her own.

In Fruits Basket, Tohru was the one helping everyone accept themselves. In Fruits Basket Another, I think it'll explore the effects of Tohru's actions into the new generation (as shown by the new Sohmas being much more friendly), and how the Sohmas are now a more functional family.
When I heard the news about new cast and settings, I'm happy. I really love Fruits Basket. It is one of best shoujo manga I've ever read.
But, I don't know how to react. I have a little problem with this.
I feel the generic pattern of shoujo. When compared with the prologue of previous series, very much different. You got the concept, the background, the feelings, the strong presence of every character. Everything is different. I just don't get the craving to see what happens next.

The heroine is being bullied. Then what? Then suddenly she becomes a princess who would be saved by two popular men at school, and her life will change when she knows their big secret?
But I can't see where the story will go. I wonder what the conflict will be like? dispute 12 zodiac? or their position in the family? I even wonder, can this make me emotional again, when I see something big that makes me touched just like previous series did?

Even the chapter release in japan is very slow, but I will keep monitoring its progress.
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There's more Fruits Basket. Gotta give it a chance, right?