Grand Blue Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Büyük Mavi
  • Engrandeng Asul
  • Gran azul
  • Grand bleu
  • Grand Blue Dreaming
  • Guran Buru
  • الأَزْرَق الكبير
  • ก๊วนป่วนชวนบุ๋งบุ๋ง
  • ぐらんぶる
  • 그랑블루
Author: INOUE Kenji
Artist: YOSHIOKA Kimitake
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Action Comedy Ecchi Romance School Life Slice of Life Sports
Rating: 9.34 441
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 130,490
  • 6,462
  • 73
Description: A new life begins for Kitahara Iori as he begins his college career near the ocean in Izu city, full of excitement for his new life. He will be moving into his Uncle's diving store "Grand Blue." There he finds the beautiful ocean, beautiful women, and men that love diving and alcohol. Will Iori be able to live his dream college life?

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mikegnesium 6 days ago
Sweet jeebus, it's been LICENSED and it's available almost instantly after publication on crunchyroll. Nobody's going to bother with translating now. You had that pointed out in previous top post. Come on.


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Vantakun 6 days ago
still no update? :/
Razeth 13 days ago
@rondey84 I think no one gonna pick this up anymore since it already have the decent official eng release (Crunchyroll).
rondey84 17 days ago
3 Months since last update :(
banjomarx 18 days ago
@PapaPewds one does not ask "What is so good" about a masterpiece, like a painting or a piece of music, you must experience it to understand...
armjoe 20 days ago
Maybe actually try reading it? You can't expect to know the manga contents just by reading the summary.
lividus 21 days ago
It's comedy. And like many other comedies, you need to be on the same wavelength to appreciate the humor. If not, it will either be "meh" or "it sucks". Those how gave this rave reviews apparently have the same wavelength as the author. If you don't like it, it just means your sense of humor is somewhat different from the rest of us who really like it, so no biggie. I recommend you to find something else to read instead of forcing yourself to read this.
PapaPewds 21 days ago
What the fuck is soo good about this manga can anybody like to explain?
I'm fucking hearing lots of shit about this manga but after the reading the summary tbh the story looks like a normal comedy manga to me nothing why?
Razeth 2 months ago
The MC's hair color is black in Anime! WTF!!! But I kinda like it better.
arryeka 2 months ago
Hopefully the anime does the character design right..
There's already a disappointment in Azusa's hair (less messy) which makes her sex appeal decrease a lot :(

Btw, join us on Grand Blue Dreaming Discord
Clion 2 months ago
Ninja uploaded, ninja deleted.
drunkenhobo 2 months ago
@Tivoli I guess a certain childhood friend didn't want to leave any trace of evidence
Tivoli 2 months ago
What the hell, the chapter disappeared while I was reading it.
xyzzy 2 months ago
Oddly enough, for chapter 44 Crunchy was a piece of shit and only released a portion of the chapter for some reason. So an anon translated the rest.

Really weird.
momentos 2 months ago
chap 44 already translated, unfortunately its belong to cruncy.
bastek66 2 months ago
@Xunder Someone probably uploaded crunchyroll's or kodansha's official version, which aren't allowed here.
ColonelPabs254 2 months ago
For everybody who is wondering where is chapter 43 at, since Crunchy roll has the officially translations. The site rules states that it can't be on the site or something like that.

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Xunder 2 months ago
What happened to anons scanlating?
iliketoeatpineapples 2 months ago
For once, Kouhei got it right lmao!!
DoubleSnake 2 months ago
Where did chapter 43 disappear to?
MrNervous 2 months ago
"I sense another dumb misunderstanding is happening." The self-awareness is strong with this one. ?
saverbot 2 months ago
31 and 32 are the funniest chapters ever created
Zyphotex 2 months ago
Thanks anon ?
dreminh 2 months ago
thank anon
Tivoli 2 months ago
I love this manga, it makes me laugh so much. I haven't had a good laugh since Daily Lives of Highschool boys
Frenzy07 3 months ago
So at this point we could only wait for nice anons translating new chap..
momentos 3 months ago
chap 43 already translated, unfortunately its belong to cruncy.

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clapzero 3 months ago
In a scale from 1 to 10 this manga has a 1000
grom 3 months ago
A laught hard irl at least one time when reading this manga. This time was after he pressed the button.
Hounder 3 months ago
Dammit, who the heck decided that this needed plot??????
VawX 3 months ago
There's actually some plot in my lovely manga mmm...~!
loki266 3 months ago
Definitely a masterpiece! Comedy almost on the same level of Gintama!
TheFullCowl 3 months ago
WHen do they upload new chapters ?( im not saying in this website especifically)
makotochin96 3 months ago
'Laugh off my pants'.
kuyukotto 4 months ago
@Thoraxe41 Ever heard of budget meal?
chiruru 4 months ago

Thoraxe41 4 months ago
I dunno that meal was kinda lacking.
Kuroiikawa 4 months ago
This Chisa bullying arc is the best.
Bootybug 4 months ago
Every chapter great chapter!
lswgamer 4 months ago
This is my favourite Isekai
rc1138 4 months ago
Chisa nice body;)
Hounder 4 months ago
Yes. Yes. Yes, Chisa, we all thank you for the view.,..err... meal.
grom 4 months ago
This author is a genious.
karambula 4 months ago
They're thotting, they hatin'.
Sakuratea 4 months ago

Sweet Merciful God...
Lithe 4 months ago
Can't wait to see the romantic night between Iori and tan scum.
Shinobu 4 months ago
Lmao its the chapter everyone raged about (including me). Fuck that cancerous meme translation piece of shit.
chiruru 4 months ago
10/10 Chisa cover

DevD 4 months ago
Oh god, I re read the whole thing every time they release a new chapter. You would think it wouldn't be funny again...but BAM! I am laughing my ass of again....
Igmk 4 months ago
"He won't be needing his allowance"
Well he does have a job now so no, he doesn't.
grom 4 months ago
i hope the anime will not get "nerfed" too much. The naked humor is the sole point of this serie.
Siquall 4 months ago
This cover...Dayum. Chisa is so pretty.
CelticMutt 4 months ago
With the amount of alcohol they consume, and the number of times Iori has bashed Kouhei's head in, it's a shock that Kouhei hasn't become the dude from Memento yet.
Ghede 4 months ago
Oh shit. Anime. If they skimp on the animation budget, I am going to fucking riot.
Gespenst 4 months ago
Anime confirmed!
DarkAngel2224 4 months ago
Not dropped? Or no more chapters to translate?
dreminh 4 months ago
never piss off imoto
grom 4 months ago
always one of the best manga ever :')
Klaurem 4 months ago
I haven't seen this update in a while, did the group translating it stop at 41 or am i just imagining it?
chiruru 5 months ago
BluePikmin11 5 months ago
Reading this for the first time. Chapter 17 seems to be completely absent.
Newspage 5 months ago
Should be all fixed.
serfLord 5 months ago
Seems like pages 10+ of chapters 30 to 38, excluding 36.5 are broken.
Newspage 5 months ago
Fixed chapter 29. if there are any other broken chapters out there please let me know.
HyperKirby 5 months ago
anybody else unable to load pages 10-30 on chapters 29 and above?
VawX 5 months ago
So nice not seeing that troll chapter here mmm...
ElKhair 5 months ago
HeyZeus 5 months ago