Hanebado! Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Hanebad!
  • Hanebado! - The Badminton Play of Ayano Hanesaki!
  • Hanebado! The Badminton Of Ayano Hanesaki
  • はねバド!
  • はねバド!Hane Bado!
  • 轻羽飞扬
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Pub. status:
  • 76,855
  • 2,035
  • 18
Tachibana Kentarou is a high-school badminton coach who has a lot more enthusiasm than some of the members of his very small team. One day, he meets the quiet-voiced student Hanesaki Ayano, who is effortlessly physically capable and experienced in badminton. He tries to recruit her, but she seems to have no interest in the sport at all. Due to a series of circumstances, she eventually ends up joining the team. [tethysdust]

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Avatar goronyanpai 12 days ago
Last read in 2017.
..I got distracted by the chest. I hyped 'cause it's rare to see girls sport manga. But now I'm confident to say that Asahinagu way way better than this.

Both of them have amazing development but Ashinagu more intense than this one.
This is good, but I still don't get used to its pace, pretty fast.

I will reread it later.
Avatar Beastkun 16 days ago
wow after looking at this the manga is a whole other series compared to what they're doing with the anime i mean there is some things thats from the manga thats in the anime but then there's a lot of things thats just aint in the anime

pretty crazy how different the manga/anime is when watching the anime am pretty annoyed with how things are but with the manga things are actually put together a lot better making things pretty nice

regardless of that will still finish off the anime and then just keep on with the manga but wow the manga is just so much better
Avatar Lyendith 22 days ago
Welp, with episode 9 the anime has officially veered away from the manga completely. And it might actually be for the better, although the tone shifts were abrupt enough to cause whiplash.
Avatar Jandolino 27 days ago
How much un-fluff exists here to deserve the psychological tag?
Avatar dtlol 1 mo ago
Came here after dropping the anime. Chapter 16 is easily the most faithfully adapted so far, and I guess they decided to apply that tone to the whole show. I did take a peek at chapter 17 and at least it doesn't have so it can't be that bad.
Avatar Lyendith 1 mo ago
Regarding the latest raw chapters… That was one of the most intense matches I've seen in a sports manga… The downside being that I have a hard time caring about the next match now… I'm more curious as to where the author's going with that twist… that was pretty abrupt…

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Avatar Kanami-chan 1 mo ago
I hope Shiwahime beat Ayanon's plot armor real hard.
Avatar Serenata 1 mo ago
@Lyendith Thank you Lyendith, I had my hopes up... is really hard to make it as bad and forced as the anime
Avatar Lyendith 1 mo ago
@8lacKy The manga's change of tone is not a 180° shift, it simply has less comedy and more intensity. I'm at chapter 40, and even if the characters have insecurities it's nowhere near as melodramatic as in the anime. The tone remains mostly positive.
Avatar MajorGilbert 2 mo ago
If people came here thinking that the manga is better, I'm not sure they'll be satisfied. For now it's good, but I mean the future chapters.

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Avatar ruggia 2 mo ago
shift from Volume 4 to Volume 5 covers for reference:

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Avatar 8lacKy 2 mo ago
As far as I am aware, the manga will go through a rather substantial shift in tone throughout its 4th volume (or shortly after that?). The adaptation pretty much went for the atmosphere the story will have (and keep) after that and changed the plot.. and some of the characters (>_>) because of it. I.. don't understand some of the decisions the team made tho and I also prefer a 'light start' over head-through-the-wall drama from the get-go. Altering personalities is a big "no"~ ^^°
Avatar Serenata 2 mo ago
I just dropped the anime today, woah is so awkward to watch x_x I'm sticking with the manga!
Avatar FlintlockHS 2 mo ago
@attinat Lidenfilms changed a lot. Hanebado isn't a comedy anymore but a drama anime, and changed the story to fit that narrative. They even changed character traits. Ayano isn't as quiet as she is in the anime. Actually, her quietness got axed judging from how they avoided giving reason to why Hanesaki and Aragaki bumped to each other on the second episode.
Avatar attinat 2 mo ago
Yeah, the anime really rearranged/changed a lot...

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Avatar 421cookies 2 mo ago
How the fuck the manga is so different compared to the anime.
I feels like I'm seeing completely different characters.
Avatar Serenata 3 mo ago
I found the last boss guise!
Avatar Tcof 3 mo ago
Damn, I forgot where i left. whatever. this have anime this year anyways
Avatar owlette 3 mo ago
i love badminton it's so underrated, i'm actually surprised there's a manga about it
Avatar gvielma 3 mo ago

Lol, missed that, sorry for the inconvenience