Hanebado! Japanese

Manga image
Alt name(s):
  • Hanebad!
  • Hanebado! The Badminton Of Ayano Hanesaki
  • はねバド!
Author: Hamada Kosuke
Artist: Hamada Kosuke
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Comedy School Life Sports
Rating: 8.31 32
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 30,931
  • 939
  • 13
Description: Tachibana Kentarou is a high-school badminton coach who has a lot more enthusiasm than some of the members of his very small team. One day, he meets the quiet-voiced student Hanesaki Ayano, who is effortlessly physically capable and experienced in badminton. He tries to recruit her, but she seems to have no interest in the sport at all. Due to a series of circumstances, she eventually ends up joining the team. Coach Tachibana is determined that with her on board, they'll be champions! [tethysdust]

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FlintlockHS 7 days ago
@attinat Lidenfilms changed a lot. Hanebado isn't a comedy anymore but a drama anime, and changed the story to fit that narrative. They even changed character traits. Ayano isn't as quiet as she is in the anime. Actually, her quietness got axed judging from how they avoided giving reason to why Hanesaki and Aragaki bumped to each other on the second episode.
attinat 7 days ago
Yeah, the anime really rearranged/changed a lot...

Last edited 7 days ago.

421cookies 9 days ago
How the fuck the manga is so different compared to the anime.
I feels like I'm seeing completely different characters.
Serenata 14 days ago
I found the last boss guise!
Tcof 23 days ago
Damn, I forgot where i left. whatever. this have anime this year anyways
owlette 23 days ago
i love badminton it's so underrated, i'm actually surprised there's a manga about it
gvielma 1 month ago

Lol, missed that, sorry for the inconvenience
Filuth 1 month ago

Yeah, it's just a joke from that afterword
gvielma 1 month ago

Baka-Updates says the autor is male.
Filuth 1 month ago
Lolwut? The author is a girl?
ultraleaf 2 months ago
EXTREME BADMINTON!! Sorry just felt like typing that based on the cover alone
Tcof 3 months ago
This in seinen but not shounen genre. so can we actually go full yuri, please ?
faniki 5 months ago
Hanebado was picked up again~! Thanks so much
GodricKharg 5 months ago
We'll try to hunt down the missing chapters and get them uploaded soon.