Waves, Listen to Me!
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  • Born to be on Air
  • Hear me, o waves.
  • Nami yo Kiite Kure
  • Nami yo Kiitekure
  • Wave, Listen to me!
  • 听着这电波
  • 波よ聞いてくれ
  • 电波啊 听着吧
  • 8.01
  • 8.07
  • 56
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  • 48,608
  • 2,135
  • 101
On a night out drinking to get over being duped and ditched by her last boyfriend, Koda Minare ends up providing a massive drunken rant--while blackout drunk--for Matou, the director of a radio station. The next day, she is shocked to hear her own voice being broadcast on the radio! She rushes to the studio, leaving her job at a curry soup and bread restaurant in jeopardy. However, her drunken rant and the next day's impromptu damage-control live broadcast end up earning her an invitation to try working at the radio station!

Nominated for the Manga Taisho Award 2016
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@superoniichan I only asked bc when I read it, it had that label/tag on it. I enjoy Hiroaki’s work. Sorry if the question offended you, it wasn’t my intention.
This manga's chapters have been pulled down as a result of the official scanlation.

There is a certain method to tell: If you go into your settings, you can see a drop-down menu labeled, "Unavailable Chapters". If you set it to, "Show (For tracking purposes)", you can see chapters that have been pulled due to scanlation groups. These chapters are unavailable, but (this is speculation) they are still hosted on the server. If you had direct image links, you could still see the individual pages. If a scanlation team chose to come back to Mangadex, they could likely have the staff simply flip some flags related to the chapters and make them available again, saving the trouble and bandwidth of uploading new chapters in place of the removed ones.

However, if you know there were chapters on this site and they still aren't available, it means they have been pulled due to an official scanlation. These chapters have been removed from the servers entirely, as their presence could lead to a legal dispute that Mangadex doesn't want to have to fight. A similar litigation nearly brought this site down, as a "scanlation" group upload rips of official Boruto chapters to this site. VIZ Media, the license holders of Boruto in the US, threatened to bring this whole site down over it. Until Mangadex and VIZ came to an agreement, this entire site was unavailable.

Using the previously discussed technique, one can see that there are not even unavailable chapter markers in this manga. In fact, there is only one chapter... left by Kodansha to get people interested and direct them to the official manga. Such is life. Either way, you know where you can find the chapters.
@definitionofinsanity Someone below mentioned the official release, and some groups do stop scanlating when series get official releases, so I thought It was another of those cases.

I can't really comment on the other matter though, since is the first time I heard of it. I do know some groups had clashing issues with this website because they don't respect scanlators, and as such took down chapters out of this website, but I don't know if these two things are related to the case of this particular manga.

I hope a different group picks this up though. This manga is really good.
More than likely it was one of the Patreon e-begging scanlation groups that threw a bitchfit last year and pulled all their releases from Mangadex. There's some manga where they were the only ones handling releases for the majority of the manga and thus some manga series are all but completely gutted after they pulled their releases. We Can't Study comes to mind. Among a bunch of others.

Rarely is the manga being licensed an actual issue (and uploading licensed content is no bueno in most places, including MD - even KM frowns upon it and will usually take it down).
@definitionofinsanity You can try kissmanga, or similars, is where i had to go because this used to have way more chapters but it seems they took them down because of licensing. I hope someone picks it up or something at some point.
Watched up to episode 3 (latest at the moment) of the anime on a whim and was surprised by how good it is. Animation and art style of it was also pretty impressive and beyond what I thought it was going to be.

Definitely a sleeper hit of this anime season. Was hoping that the manga might be further along, but... I guess not. Check out the anime at least. Great characters/writing and animation.
What happened to all the chapters ?
@InternetGhoul Do you think yuri should be here because this manga is about female MC? And this is the main thing that interests you? No, it's not about romance at all. But the fact that MC straight is announced at the very beginning.
Even though Kondasha is doing a simulpub (ch 55 being the latest), they only published the first 3 volumes and not the other 3 which is a bummer. Since the anime is coming in spring 2020, maybe they'll publish the other 3 volumes.
The difficulties of adults who always make it difficult for themselves in difficult circumstances.
Relatable, bothersome, and funny.
It was too fiery in the beginning, and radio talk, to be honest, was not my favorite. But the main character who tries to deal with all the random scenarios is great.
Is there actually shoujo ai in this?
Good stuff indeed
This manga already licensed in english by the way

You can buy it as form of support for the author
Good stuff
Looking at the cover, I thought it was a manga by Akiko Higashimura lol