Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem wo Tsukucchaimashita!?
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  • GunOta
  • Quand un fan d'arme est réincarné dans un monde de magie, il établi un Harem avec des armes modernes ?!
  • When a Gun Nerd Is Reincarnated to a World of Magic, He Established a Harem army with Modern Weapons!?
  • Когда фанат пушек попал в мир магии, он собрал гарем, вооруженный современным оружием
  • กันโอตะได้กลับชาติมาเกิดใหม่ในโลกที่มีเวทมนตร์ เล่ม!?
  • 軍オタが魔法世界に転生したら、現代兵器で軍隊ハーレムを作っちゃいました?!
  • 軍事宅轉生到異世界
  • 군대 오타쿠가 마법세계에 환생하여 현대병기로 군할렘을 만들어 버렸습니다!
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Hotta Youta is killed while returning home from work on a cold evening. He wakes up being carried by a bunny-eared woman.

Featuring Reincarnation, Guns and Harem, it's a Gun vs Magic Story that gives Youta a new life... and an edge!

Adapted from the web/light novel of the same name.

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    Manga: not weird art? The fuck you mean? Can I eat that?

    Honestly, I feel like punching the MC in the face when I see him.
    Men. This manga knows do good parents.
    Lisse: "Please marry me!"
    Lute: "HAAAAAA!!!?"
    Snow & Chrisse: "Welcome to the family"
    This series is very good... for what it is. If you aren’t looking for some borderline self insert level OP MC has cute girls falling for him all over the place ultra-trope-y isekai, then don’t bother reading this. The title makes it pretty clear what you’ll be getting. The art is eh, not too atypical for this sort of story. Sometimes there will be something a bit amusing or clever, which is more than I can say for a lot of these stories, and the MC isn’t too dense—he actually notices when a girl falls for him. So, if you are looking for some very trope isekai, read this. If not, you’ll probably hate it and regret wasting your time. It’s that simple.
    Until the day I die, I will never forget how atrocious the art of this manga is.
    It's pretty bad, but I started howling with laughter when they brought out the
    Probably the only good part.
    It seems the art is intentionally bad.
    It's like watching queen bee production (if you know it) concept is interesting but the art and acting kill the rest
    Reading the comments. I actually want to read this right now to see how bad it actually is

    Edit: After reading first chapter, i noticed that artist has some talent in drawing camel toe
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    Surprised this shit not axed yet....maybe some politics is in the play?
    jesus christ why hasn't something so bad been axed yet?
    just like let it die and put it out of its misery.
    people without necks deserve mercy killings too.
    The longer explanation of my point is that you could NOT, professional gunsmith or not, make firearms of the complexity he does with the tools he has available.

    In the WN/LN he made his own tools as well. One of the problems he ran into is that since he couldn't see the rifling when forming it, it didn't turn out usable. So he made a barrel reamer to ream out usable rifling.

    First, even if the form is malleable, I find it hard to believe that he could vary the performance of the metal itself to form components that require the flexibility of the springs, or case hardened metals.

    Addressed in the WN/LN. Meira or however her name is spelled constantly had the guns she made kaBOOM instead of kaBANG (noshewasn'tmaking40S&WGlocks). Come to find out the reasoning behind this was due to her just pouring fucking absurd amounts of mana into the metal liquid to harden it whereas MC didn't have that because he had somewhat below average mana. The amount of mana you pour into it is basically akin to the heat treatment given to metal. So springs, hardened barrel steel and the like are also possible. And due to liquid metal being preferred mostly only by assassins to make blades... it kinda makes sense. You need differential heat treatment to not just have the knife snap from a hard impact and be able to have the edge not just fold over like aluminum foil.

    But even if I give them that, it would fall down under the most key element of modern firearms: precision.

    Explain Taurus/Vulcan/Hesse/Lorcin/Raven, then.
    I'm... somewhat joking, but... Really, not. When it comes to guerilla gunsmithing a lot of it is trial and error and test fitting. You'll see guys doing this with 80% receivers and parts kits. Or if making Khyber Pass AKs all it needs to do is not blow up, stay together, and work. In which case is something is mismatched or out-of-spec you can make one-off fit-fitting-a-fit parts to compensate for it. Do I think his AK is 100% accurate to our world's AKs? Hell no. But it also doesn't need to be. And, hell, there's enough variety and manufacturing differences between AKs in our own world. Milled and stamped receivers are different thickness and don't have 100% parts overlap.

    I mean, at least it's somewhat plausible in the WN/LN with him making tools and him basically blowing his hand off and almost dying from trying to make a revolver the first time and him basically taking years to do this. Whereas in most isekais he'd just go "MENU!" and "whoosh-whoosh! Now I have an AK!" whereas he actually had to come up with a way to get almost limitless amounts of expensive liquid metal and trial-and-error-and-almost-blow-his-hand-off process of making it. Although I think most Japanese "gun otakus" are going to find it's not as easy as they thought due to lack of knowledge and Japanese material on the minutiae of it whereas most American gun owners are familiar with it. That being said, he does go through the process. And it's JUUUUST plausible enough because he does fuck up and it does take enormous time and effort. And, hey, I'm hoping that if some 8-year-old Pakistani kid can literally make an AK receiver with a rock in Khyber Pass that a Japanese machinist with some firearms knowledge can eventually make working firearms.

    I know a few gunsmiths, and have done some 'hacksaw' level gunwork myself (Dear God, Rossi Leverguns are cheap and cheerful, but they do require some TLC if you don't want to cut yourself on the damn loading gate). I will accept a mea culpa for oversimplifying, but didn't want to get to Gun Forum levels of detail here. The longer explanation of my point is that you could NOT, professional gunsmith or not, make firearms of the complexity he does with the tools he has available. Nope. The author uses his magical metal slime as a gotcha to get all around that, but I don't find it credible. First, even if the form is malleable, I find it hard to believe that he could vary the performance of the metal itself to form components that require the flexibility of the springs, or case hardened metals. But even if I give them that, it would fall down under the most key element of modern firearms: precision.

    Even if he has a perfect memory (and no one does) for each and every component of a weapon, and has the (demonstrated in story) willpower to practice over and over, no human is going to be able to hold all the details, plus all the metallurgical modifications he's doing from the point above, and be consistent in the micrometer levels of detail for each and every component. Maybe, *maybe* he could keep the iron focus to make a smoothbore double barrel shotgun, or a revolver, but the AK and MMG? Nope, I don't find it plausible. And second, even if he did, using years and years of trial and error to get the springs and the details just so, the thought of manufacturing the thousands of rounds of ammunition we've seen in perfect consistent size? No, sorry, bridge too far.

    So in short, yeah, if he had tools and time, a skilled gunsmith could probably manufacture a high quality firearm, even if I still don't think the MC could, but he'd probably be building cap-and-ball style weapons (and here I'm assuming a magical primer of some sort). That's why I gave him a partial gimmie on the revolver, I just don't think he could make the semi-auto work. Hell, I have a variety of quality semi-autos (Ruger, S&W, Browning) and they each sometimes get picky over commercial ammunition. Yeah an AK has pretty high tolerances, but no enough to make this work.
    > the manga sucks. And the LN/WN is much, much better.

    I have read WN translation by Fmgandalf (and another group from before), and I'm not sure I can agree. Manga adds more detail, and LetItGo Scans does better translation than Fmgandalf. Though there are some differences (WN got bunch of basilisks instead of Infinity dragon), some of the stupid frak happens in both. Like Snow shooting a huge hole to stone wall (rescue of Chrisse's mother). Art isn't the best though, but I've read manga that has it way worse, and enjoyed that too.
    Professional gunsmiths wouldn't be able to do so

    If a professional gunsmith can't do this, they aren't a gunsmith. They're an idiot with a hacksaw and without any supervision.

    This is literally gunsmithing at it's core. A gunsmith is SUPPOSED to be able to make all and any springs, screws and replacement parts if they don't exist anymore or if it's already custom. Granted, most gunsmiths you'll likely encounter are barely better than an idiot with a hacksaw and mostly just tap and drill for scopes or other such simple jobs, but the bottom of the barrel doesn't represent the profession as a whole.

    I'd grudgingly give him the ability to make a revolver, but an AK? Any of the other stuff? Hell no.

    Revolvers are far more complex, on levels of order of magnitude, than an AK. Khyber Pass has shown that literally a fucking 8-year-old child can take a piece of sheet metal, drill it out, LITERALLY USE A FUCKING ROCK TO BEAT THE STAMPED SHEET METAL AND FOLD IT, and make an AK. Meanwhile, revolvers have issues with cylinder timing, alignment, and requiring an absolute shitload of springs to make work. Take a look at even a "less" complicated DA revolver like the S&W he made and look at what is required for it to function and how many parts have to be extremely well made and working together to do so.

    Also, honestly, it's not that ridiculous. There was a manga artist who was obsessed about guns and tried his hand at making some. He was eventually found out and the police completely shit themselves at the mini arsenal he had started up and he went to prison for some time. And, when he got out, even made a manga about it. It's called "Keimusho no Naka." As far as I know, it's never been translated.

    ...And there's also this guy:

    Seriously, firearms are not that complex as far as machines go. The difficult part is getting them to function with sufficient reliability. In which case... trial and error. If you have the materials, the time, and the will... Nothing can stop you from eventually making it work. The thing is, most people don't have either the time or the will. And the materials are a quick trip to a home improvement store, so that's not really a huge hurtle. But for our MC, he can just constantly retry with the liquid metal.

    However, I do agree with you, the manga sucks. And the LN/WN is much, much better.
    I don't like the art it reminds me of these Chinese educational comic with those really strange head and body placement sometimes I wonder if the character have a neck at all
    This literally gives internal bleeding, especially around the brain to the readers
    Tempest2020 makes some good points. However I actually like the characters. In the most common "wish fulfillment" fantasy, male protagonist has no interest to any of the girls and rejects them all (except maybe in the last chapter). Protagonist in this one is near opposite of that, It is common for #1 girl to be suspicious of the protagonist and get madly jealous for reasons only she can imagine, but here These alone may not be enough enough of saving grace to the most readers (and may be detriment to the Japan's otaku), but it makes a good change of pace for me.