Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko! Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • ¡Tomo-chan es una chica!
  • La Tomo és una noia!
  • Si Tomo-chan ay babae!
  • Tomo-chan är en tjej!
  • Tomo-chan é uma Garota!
  • Tomo-chan è una ragazza!
  • Tomo-chan da kız!
  • Tomo-chan er en jente!
  • Tomo-chan er en pige!
  • Tomo-chan est une fille !
  • Tomo-chan is a Girl!
  • Tomo-chan Itu Perempuan!
  • Томо-тян — девушка!
  • トモちゃんは女の子!
  • 토모짱은 여자아이!
Author: Yanagida Fumita
Artist: Yanagida Fumita
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: 4-Koma Comedy Romance School Life Slice of Life Sports
Rating: 8.71 741
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 609,344
  • 11,302
  • 4,544
Description: Tomo Aizawa was able to successfully confess to her crush Junichirou Kubota. There is only one problem: He just sees her as his buddy. He thought that she was a boy until they went to middle school together, because her grade school was in a different school district.

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    acrylicfox 5 hours ago
    Wait for it... Jun is definitely too chicken to deliver such a cool ass come-on line (without at least leaving room for misunderstanding)

    Last edited 5 hours ago.

    VoidR 13 hours ago

    or atleast it better be

    Last edited 13 hours ago.

    theShear 20 hours ago
    @Musrar Hey I was close :D
    Musrar 1 day ago
    @theShear and @BabelBlue there are currently 6 volumes published if I'm not wrong, and they can be bought on amazon. About 120 pages per volume+omakes and other filler pages of volumes.
    Hyperspace 3 days ago
    Corrected the translation error in Chapter 827.
    pseudonym2 3 days ago
    It's happening?! Go after her Jun!
    kazaddum 3 days ago
    LygarX 3 days ago
    what did jun do?
    Kazouie 3 days ago
    Getting real tired of your shit Tomo
    alec 3 days ago
    On break until the 24th.
    ichi24 4 days ago

    Nice try, we had it like hundred times already
    TwilightFaze 4 days ago
    Not what I thought you were gonna say, but that's good too.
    Anonyan 4 days ago
    If Jun doesn't follow through now I'm gonna hunt the author down and so hard his grandkids feel it.
    Urabask 4 days ago
    Not falling for it. There's no way that isn't a set up for a punchline.
    Tsudow 4 days ago
    My boy Jun is getting spicy now
    nobaka 5 days ago
    mochi is a good girl
    mug3n 6 days ago
    wigjump 6 days ago
    It's amazing how the author sustains such quality in a daily strip. Think about the mediocrity in your daily newspaper's comic section.
    theShear 7 days ago
    Turns out our Jun is actually making some AGGRESSIVE steps forward (for him) ... can Tomo back down fast enough :p
    Isekaijin 8 days ago
    Oh god, just when Jun makes a step forward, now is Tomo who's backing down.
    This ride is never going to end, isn't it?
    DooMWhitex 8 days ago
    I've noticed that Ferris is really similar to the protagonist from Okusama wa 18-sai and the history as well, is that a possible reference?
    Link for ref:

    Last edited 8 days ago.

    theShear 10 days ago
    @negagen yeah but if they decided to bundle those up with ... say 180 pages per book it would be 4-5 Volumes. That was my point. :) And 4-koma doesn't mean it can't have chapters, several other works bundle all the pages into individual chapters like Ororororo or whatever that name was .
    negagen 11 days ago
    @theShear but is a 4koma and is daily
    theShear 12 days ago
    @BabelBlue well if we are honest those are simply individual pages, going by that we are barely at 4-5 Volumes worth.
    BabelBlue 14 days ago
    This manga is so popular and there are so mnay chapters 🤣
    makotochin96 16 days ago
    I'd read just that a moment ago. I was like '...*rofl* ... tf'

    Last edited 16 days ago.

    LygarX 16 days ago
    @Kamenr there are side chapters that explain their stories in the past. like how we discovered that Carol's mom got pregnant when she wasn't even legal and the father assumed that she was older than him because of her big tits.

    also I believe this mangaka also drew hentai at one point. most do.
    LygarX 16 days ago
    I can't breathe. im laughing too hard
    Kamenr 17 days ago
    Ok where is the Milf spin off ?
    eSPiYa 17 days ago
    So oku-sama was a prince too?
    Anonyan 17 days ago
    ...Andre the Giant?
    kazaddum 18 days ago
    There are not words in Shounen, Seinen, Slice of Life or the languages of 4-koma to describe how smooth that was.
    Moogal 18 days ago
    dim1 19 days ago
    mug3n 19 days ago
    And the legend of Malfurion Stormrage begins.
    toastedguy 19 days ago
    Jun... pls
    Agent_Gunther 19 days ago
    jun has ascended and has become one with the tree
    TwilightFaze 19 days ago
    I am suddenly reminded of Trent from Golden Sun when I look at Jun...
    TwilightFaze 20 days ago
    Like daughter, like mothers. The trio's friendship will span throughout the generations.

    I feel sorry for Carol's daughter.
    sillymangareader 24 days ago
    This... is a train wreck... just waiting to happen...
    theShear 25 days ago
    Oh god ... it's in the genes. Misuzu can never be allowed to have children or the world is doomed. at least not more than one to keep it contained.
    Tamed 25 days ago
    Remember: If you think your parents are calculating and have foresight, chances are, they'll find out about what you're hiding way sooner than you can imagine.
    balenol 27 days ago
    helpfulcomrade 29 days ago
    negagen 1 month ago
    He mastered the "I'm a tree technique"
    gmkgoat 1 month ago
    That tree can move.
    exocel 1 month ago
    "i am Groot"
    Pokari 1 month ago
    Wait wait wait.

    It just dawned on me. Did Jun just say "ki ni narimasuka," or something like that?

    *checks raws*

    *checks dictionary*

    ...Aw, drat. Guess the author doesn't sink as low as we do for puns.

    That would have slain me, though. ~w~
    vandarea 1 month ago
    jun has mastered what draxx couldn't
    Sarsak 1 month ago
    @BCS She's probably wearing heels. I mean, it's Cinderella.
    ichi24 1 month ago
    Jun boi has lost it, isn't he
    BCS 1 month ago
    So apparently when you put on a skirt you also gain 2'
    Dagger 1 month ago
    Meanwhile one guy is probably still hugging a tree.
    Isekaijin 1 month ago
    Misuzu is really beautiful. Tanabe crying out of pure joy shows his good taste.
    RunawayWizard 1 month ago
    Happy Pride Month.
    We Homo End Now
    Nightlilygirl- 1 month ago
    @ LazyMaria well, at least it seems they both can't handle tight clothes...
    LazyMaria 1 month ago
    @LegendaryBoyA Merida from Brave
    helpfulcomrade 1 month ago
    Mizusu might be onto something here. Tomo would be a prime candidate for playing Risty from Queen's Blade.
    421cookies 1 month ago
    @LegendaryBoyA Mulan?
    LegendaryBoyA 1 month ago
    Which Disney Princess is Tomo?
    Le_Butters 1 month ago
    I'd let Tomo steal my girl anytime
    RoaringAardvark 1 month ago
    "Don't look" she says. As if it's possible *not* to look...
    Rasparr 1 month ago
    Lul, NTR'd by a tree
    gmkgoat 1 month ago
    Guys I think Jun may have taken too many blows to the head.
    kronk 1 month ago
    The advent of a new ship: Jun x Tree
    firefish5000 1 month ago
    Lol, I dont remember the fluff being referred to as the fluff in the actual manga. When was the first time they actually did so?
    LazyMaria 1 month ago
    MrFixit finally someone speaking my language. end the misuzu yuri crap, focus on Jun and Tomo, and end this already, it's not funny anymore

    Last edited 1 month ago.

    LarousseBR 1 month ago
    Main role to wrong person, still, I can't stop laugh 😂😂😂
    remlei 1 month ago
    Thats what we expect if you assigned roles to a wrong person.
    VawX 1 month ago
    I totally want to watch that version of Cinderella mmm...
    dim1 1 month ago
    And the true hierarchy is revealed.
    lazarusdw 1 month ago
    jun you made a mistake
    buttler 1 month ago
    Violent fluff is violent.

    ...and cute.
    Isekaijin 1 month ago
    When even the girl that supposedly likes you joins the beatdown.
    Feels bad man.
    Ringz 1 month ago
    cowofjustice 1 month ago
    It's likely that Misuzu has lingering feelings for Jun and feels conflicted about supporting Tomo, based on how much time we spent delving in on Jun's side of their failed relationship back in Junior High.

    Or, y'know, it'll turn out that she's liked Tomo this whole time, with little to no lead up or foreshadowing.

    I guess we'll find out, won't we?
    VawX 1 month ago
    Nyuu mmm...~!
    Aizzu 1 month ago
    Well, this seem to give vibes of Yuri..damn...
    BCS 1 month ago
    I will be first to admit I am having trouble following what everyone's problems are in this manga because it's daily and about dumb teenagers, but isn't Misuzu just jealous over fluff being friends with Tomo?

    There's no yuri here.
    HammerU89 1 month ago
    MrFixit 1 month ago
    So not only are we being subjected to a bunch of trash misuzu chapters, but of course they have to be trash yuri whinging angst chapters too. End this fucking manga already. What a fucking garbage dump
    Takumoto 1 month ago
    I feel like i knew this was coming. The Author is quite a big fan of Yuri.
    TwilightFaze 2 months ago
    Poor Misuzu. Feeling so guilty, she called in sick for 3 days when she's not sick. Tell the truth to Tomo. She'll still love you anyway!
    gmkgoat 2 months ago
    Damn, Misuzu ungrateful as fuck.
    Tamed 2 months ago
    Surprise motherfucker!
    NODZZ 2 months ago
    It's always a fucking tree. Mizusu is going to be smug at him. Hopefully he'll go treant on her ass.
    HammerU89 2 months ago
    Mangaka needs to go on vacation again. Plot turned to shit.
    pokefairy 2 months ago
    2/4 is pretty good. I'd have a perfect prediction had I factored in misuzu' some absence.
    TwilightFaze 2 months ago
    @Oxybe called it: Jun's a friggin tree.

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    pseudonym2 2 months ago
    Uh oh, Fluff is playing a dangerous game here. Is it going to have the desired outcome, Tomo and Jun finally express their feelings for each other, or turn into a disaster?
    Dagger 2 months ago
    And no progress was to be had.
    mulrich 2 months ago
    Hey Tomo, guess what? You're an idiot.
    5upr11983 2 months ago
    ooohh why can't jun be the prince.. i want to see some blood carnage cinderela.. ??

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    HammerU89 2 months ago
    BCS 2 months ago
    Oh man I am getting Ranma flashbacks. That's so long ago...
    ichi24 2 months ago
    Obviously tomo gonna be prince since misuzu always hang around her

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    MrFixit 2 months ago
    Oh boy, more fucking misuzu chapters. Just what no one asked for
    TwilightFaze 2 months ago
    Welp, those who said Tomo would be the called it ?
    dim1 2 months ago
    Ah I guess this one too but this route seemed less fun, well it will give Misuzu a chance to come clean
    negagen 2 months ago
    @Rexeg i think it will be tomo the prince
    Rexeg 2 months ago
    im guessing jun = prince and he cant decline because ch 764 :D
    OniBarubary 2 months ago
    Yeah, Carol has shown significant insight when unexpected so I'm gonna put all my money on Tomo being her nomination for Prince.

    Tomo - Prince and Misuzu - Cinderella is gonna put some serious pressure on Misuzu to be honest.

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    Vergift 2 months ago
    Seriously, Carol really want to pull a prank on
    Kamenr 2 months ago
    Told you!
    Oxybe 2 months ago
    Oh fluff, you adorable shit disturber.

    My predictions: Misuzu as Cinderella, Tomo as the step mother with the two Misaki Fangirls being the step sisters, Jun as prince and Tanabe as a tree or horse/mouse(or vice versa either works for me). Fluff is either the narrator or Fairy Godmother.

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    421cookies 2 months ago
    let that guy which i forgot what his name take the prince role please.
    dim1 2 months ago
    no the prince will be Jun its the jealousy play scenario. probably ending in substitution.
    LygarX 2 months ago
    I see how it will play out. tomo will be the prince.
    Xical 2 months ago
    Well played fluff, If she is not here she can't object, right?
    gmkgoat 2 months ago
    Oh no. Flufferella. My calculations did not account for this.
    Kamenr 2 months ago
    Jun as the prince and Misuzu as Cinderella is the only combination to make the past relationship highlights works.

    More drama for misuzu (and potential bulling the game boy), tomo gonna flip her shit with jealousy and Tanabe may grow a pair and be more aggressive for Misuzu.

    fluff as Cinderella would be too dangerous...Psycho Misaki is still lurking somewhere.
    LegendaryBoyA 2 months ago
    Prince Tomo and Jun as Cinderella
    TwilightFaze 2 months ago
    @pokefairy: Prediction fail. Shame because that woulda been good. Somehow Tomo and Jun will get the Cinderella and Prince role, though I'm hoping a mob girl will get Cinderella. I can't see Misuzu accepting it.
    pokefairy 2 months ago
    prediction: fluff is cinderella, tomo is the prince, misuzu is the step mother, and jun is a tree.
    MacMeaties 2 months ago
    Tomo as Cinderella and when she gets done up for the ball she looks like she did when Carol and Misuzu dressed her up earlier and Jun realises it was her back then?
    cowofjustice 2 months ago
    @gmkgoat I hope that you're completely wrong.
    BCS 2 months ago
    Gee, I wonder who will inexplicably end up involved
    gmkgoat 2 months ago
    Early prediction: Jun is Prince Charming, Tomo is Cinderella, Misuzu is the evil stepmother, Carol is the fairy godmother, Tanabe is the rat that pulls the carriage.
    VawX 2 months ago
    I want moar of that cute glasses girl mmm...~!
    negagen 2 months ago
    Smug cotton candy
    chiruru 2 months ago
    smug fluff
    Pendulum 2 months ago
    its not 700 chapters, its just really bad formatting
    Snowbold 2 months ago
    How long til we get an anime of this. I know its 4-koma, but it has over 700 chapters now. I think they can weave some good episodes that are shorter.
    beritbunny 2 months ago
    Ch. 770-774 Humor! Developments! More Developments! Everyone's so funny and adorable! I'm in love!!!
    BCS 2 months ago
    No "oh my" that was lame af
    Rasparr 2 months ago
    Well, Tomo, only one way of making Jun forget Fluffy's fluff: Offer him your own

    Edit: Oh my

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    chiruru 2 months ago
    Oh come on Jun, Your mind might forget it from the blunt trauma, but Your body will never forget that fluff puff.
    VawX 2 months ago
    The fluffiest part of the fluff must be very fluffy mmm...
    Just how fluffy that thing is mmm...

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    balenol 2 months ago
    >denying Carol from hugging

    junior1210 2 months ago
    When Fluffs attack.
    Lazynoob 2 months ago
    Finally Fluff is back. But I do want to see more of Tomo and Jun now that he's improved?
    BCS 2 months ago
    I (NTR) like (NTR) where (NTR) this (NTR) is (NTR) going (into NTR)
    Shinobu 2 months ago
    Rikeka 2 months ago
    Oh boy... its happening!
    Anomander 2 months ago
    Tanabe is not a complete waste of ink. He serves as a yardstick, a measurement. Compare Tomo's progress with Jun since chapter one, while Tanabe has made zero progress. Compare how Jun's feelings have changed regarding Tomo, while Tanabe is still beneath Misuzu's notice. - Granted, that's not saying much, Misuzu only cares about Tomo and Carol. His only advantage is how he's not being actively despised by Misuzu like how Jun is, and not being plotted against by her.

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    OniBarubary 2 months ago
    Get this shitboy the fuck out of here already. God, Tanabe is such a waste of ink.
    eSPiYa 2 months ago
    What would be his reaction if he learned that he is talking to her ex-boyfriend?
    Lazynoob 2 months ago
    What's with this troll chapter lol.
    Rozoro 2 months ago
    Tanabe-kun the one man who was given an inch, and didn't take a mile.

    This shall certainly pay off in the long run, especially with Misuzu's karma now in tatters.
    gmkgoat 2 months ago
    Good guy Tanabe playing the long game.
    theShear 2 months ago
    Huh ... he is smarter than I thought. Guess he lives for another day :p
    zyxny 2 months ago
    I know that a lot of people here don't much like Tanabe, but I for one really enjoy his character and think the 4-koma pages with him are generally very funny.
    Isekaijin 2 months ago
    He did well. That's enough to leave a lasting impression and not getting branded as a pervert or worse.
    RoaringAardvark 2 months ago Tanabe channels Chuck Berry....

    "Meanwhile I was thinkin'
    She's in the mood, no need to break it
    I got the chance, I oughta take it
    If she can dance, we can make it
    C'mon queenie let's shake it".
    Yeah, *that* should end well.
    Vergift 2 months ago
    Anyone see the death flag on Tanabe's head?
    Because I clearly see it.
    chiruru 2 months ago
    That H face lol
    sillymangareader 2 months ago
    Obligatory "I've read enough H to know where this is going" comment.
    theShear 2 months ago
    ... his body was later found drifting down a river.
    Argih 2 months ago
    And that's why that guy is not the MC
    BCS 2 months ago
    Author's totally going to ship these two, won't they.
    helpfulcomrade 2 months ago
    Karma's a bigger bitch than you'll ever be, Mizuzu
    Salad 2 months ago
    Happening? Probably not
    Rozoro 2 months ago
    @GarryCarryBarry Yeah, Tomo-chan is pretty great.

    Though if you're saying something like never...then I feel like I should just leave this here

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    GarryCarryBarry 2 months ago
    I've never read a manga or comic, where each and every character is as likable and unique as in this one. Even though it is just a 4-koma it gets its character development more together than many other manga.
    Rozoro 2 months ago
    @Isekaijin In the form of her quite literally being thrown right at him.
    Isekaijin 2 months ago
    Finally they throw this poor dude a bone.
    DjAlexDubCheck 2 months ago
    That feeling when comments may be better than actual manga
    Smuglife 2 months ago
    AscendedGlitch 2 months ago
    why do i feel like he's more likely to die from this than he was from falling down the stairs
    kittycatomaniac 2 months ago
    Let's all say a short prayer for Jun-Kun. He died as he lived; dodging the problem in a way that makes is even worse.
    kain 2 months ago
    Too bad Jun. Should've dodged right instead of left. Enjoy triple death.
    421cookies 2 months ago
    ※ Jun jinx get killed by Misuzu
    ※ Jun avoid death
    ※ Jun killed by Fluff assisted by Misuzu
    truekanzen 2 months ago
    *goes to add NTR to tags*
    gmkgoat 2 months ago
    Mistakes were made
    Joviper 2 months ago
    His Carol trauma is just about to get way worse.
    ClueByFour 2 months ago
    Jun's gonna lose his shit and get PTSD flashbacks to that "Rawr" incident, eh?
    ConstantErasing 2 months ago
    @Damoon It's your call if you wanna drop or not, I don't really care, but you're on drugs if you think there's been 0 progress. Even if you exclude everyone except Jun and Tomo there have still been a number of subtle changes to their mindsets and relationship.
    ColonelPabs254 2 months ago
    Wait, Jun will run into Kousuke.
    raveysas 2 months ago
    Jun going for the better cushion. Well-planned m8.
    chiruru 2 months ago
    Fluff cushion !
    Zirconium_Corporation 2 months ago
    I think Jun is simply subject to the tits-gravity force.
    Damoon 2 months ago
    this manga starts in 2015. 763 chapters(pages). No progress, and the author seem to want drag this plot more.

    feels like dropping.

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    LygarX 2 months ago
    This must be ultra instinct.
    EternalFlip 2 months ago
    I fucking knew it.
    Why is Fumita being such a fucking hack rn?
    Buraindo 2 months ago
    don't worry, "he" is gonna protect his turf, even if it means teleporting in between her and jun
    StaticTransit 2 months ago
    @Hriselconector It's "omae wa mou shindeiru" but I'll give an A for effort
    Tizhomo 2 months ago
    @arkande I thought. About it but you said it
    Arkande 2 months ago
    @Hriselconector I NEED a thumbs up button.....
    gmkgoat 2 months ago
    Jun has been expecting Misuzu to turn on him for some time.
    Rozoro 2 months ago
    @Hriselconector Top 10 anime betrayals?
    Hriselconector 2 months ago
    Filepool 2 months ago
    let's gooo boobies
    Chuggoth 2 months ago
    OniBarubary 2 months ago
    Title: It's Happening

    Spoilers: It's not happening
    EternalFlip 2 months ago
    WE /titties/ now, lads
    Chuggoth 2 months ago
    gmkgoat 2 months ago
    Misuzu is tired of Tomo's shit. "Just fuck already!"
    Starbuck 2 months ago
    congrats otakubouzu
    you are the 200th person to comment on that section ?
    otakubouzu 2 months ago
    Misuzu, i wouldn't recommend that.
    You'll risk breaking Jun instead.
    gmkgoat 2 months ago
    Based Fumita continues drawing this just to give us Carol faces
    xXPenisXx 2 months ago
    Misuzu being a bitchy clingy lesbo is so goddamn exhausting. Let her character grow and move on already.
    MrFixit 2 months ago
    Oh great. More Misuzu chapters
    Fuck fumita. Goddamn hack fraud
    Rozoro 2 months ago
    @BCS It's not really so much that he's trying to stop the relationship from progressing, it's more due to the fact that Japanese anime characters have always been portrayed as exceedingly prudish, stereotypically so. He's not going to invite her in his room now, because he is now sexually attracted to her, and while this might not make much sense or equate exactly to IRL relationships, it's a very common trope in anime-land. Jun will now proceed to try and progress things slowly with Tomo outside of areas where, "naughty stuff" could possibly happen, because that is apparently the morally correct thing to do for every character in any manga that isn't Seinen.

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    Renard 2 months ago
    In his defense, probably Jun remembered the old saying: There's no party without baloons.

    Last edited 2 months ago.

    Redice 2 months ago
    Jun was...

    ... at the start of the manga.

    Jun's brain shut down somewhere down the road after the flashback's events. And after the flashback chapters, it somehow restarted.
    Bane 2 months ago
    Personally I feel like he doesn't want to mess anything up with his friendship with Tomo, if they went out certain things obviously change and at some point they might end up hating each other. Playing it safe.. On the other hand, he could be a complete idiot.
    kenx 2 months ago
    @BCS Well, according to the flashback chapters, he's been like that since the start of the manga.
    BCS 2 months ago
    >omg not in my room with the girl I love when my parents are not home

    So Jun went from being "ultra dense" to "literally trying to sabotage the relationship he wants to be in"? What is even going on in this manga anymore?
    negagen 2 months ago
    @helpfulcomrade if it was misuzu believe me he would even had signed without knowing the marriage certificate... Tomo should be more cuning...
    helpfulcomrade 2 months ago
    Time to start saving up for those wedding rings, Tomo.
    otakubouzu 3 months ago
    Usually this mean in next strip Jun will belatedly realized how couple-looking this will be too :D.
    gmkgoat 3 months ago
    Quick, someone draw Jun wearing Tomo's clothes.
    ichi24 3 months ago
    Get a hint tomo, he want football size family
    Tamed 3 months ago
    No, it's summer here so there's a lot of god damned bugs!

    That aside, yeah, I can relate to that. I think this would have a bit more weight if there's a better lead-up that we've had in the past pages.
    Masterb8 3 months ago
    V I O L E N C E
    DjAlexDubCheck 3 months ago
    ColorlessBoy I don't want to be mean, but can you hear the chirping crickets ?

    Last edited 3 months ago.

    ColorlessBoy 3 months ago
    Am I the only one who still hopes in a Misuzu x Jun pairing in the end? Yes? Anyone?
    gmkgoat 3 months ago
    The most scandalous thing Tomo can imagine Jun doing to her is a hug
    MacMeaties 3 months ago
    @delciotto 100% agreed. Awkward dating, flirting and other characters reactions/teasing to the couple would be a lot of fun to read. They are gonna be so dorky I'll die a betes.
    delciotto 3 months ago
    If this series ends once they get together I'll be pissed. I want to see what happens after.
    sxe68 3 months ago
    The shiiiiip is going stroooooong
    EternalFlip 3 months ago
    Vasqueztion 3 months ago
    otakubouzu 3 months ago
    That's pretty smooth, Jun.
    VawX 3 months ago
    If you can't beat the crap out of it, it's ok to be scared of it mmm...

    Last edited 3 months ago.

    homuhomu 3 months ago
    ColonelPabs254 3 months ago
    Bold move Jun. Bold move. I like it.
    lumpur 3 months ago
    @MrFixit Jun's birthday gift or something like that
    MacMeaties 3 months ago
    I missed Tomo's expressions. Panel 3 <3
    MrFixit 3 months ago
    I've totally forgotten what they needed the money for in the first place
    Moodyz 3 months ago
    Holy schnitzel, it's back!!
    gmkgoat 3 months ago
    Leaving Misuzu's face to the reader's imagination is perfect
    421cookies 3 months ago
    No "it's alive!!" pic or something?
    Gothmog 3 months ago
    MOAR need Tomo fix !
    VawX 3 months ago
    Glasses girl is best girl, and she's so cool, I love Misuzu's mom mmm...
    ClueByFour 3 months ago
    Dat Misuzu mom, thou'...
    mopchan 3 months ago
    Tomo's mom lookin like Mordred from Fate.
    alec 3 months ago
    boutta be back on hiatus next week

    Last edited 3 months ago.

    MrFixit 3 months ago
    I waited two months for that?

    Last edited 3 months ago.

    toastedguy 3 months ago
    h i a t u s
    Shineee_ 3 months ago
    It's been so long I forgot it's on hiatus lol.
    Imag 3 months ago
    Looking forward to it, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
    rhino36 3 months ago
    Fumita says it's back in the 30th.
    mikegnesium 3 months ago
    There are, just not in your specified language.
    MrFixit 3 months ago
    Why does this title get continuously bumped up to the top of my follows when there are no new chapters?
    Salad 3 months ago
    Hiatus forever lol
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    Expectation vs reality, rip Fluff... senpai is too innocent.

    Carol is actually corrupted inside isn't ? lol

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    ColonelPabs254 4 months ago
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    NorthAway 4 months ago
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    As long as Yoshihiro Togashi is still around Hunter x Hunter still takes that spot.
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    Klaurem 5 months ago
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    rhino36 5 months ago
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    You're king of the locker room up there now.
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    mycarryfuckingsucks 5 months ago

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    DjAlexDubCheck 5 months ago
    747 (like a plane) I'm starting to think that in spite of appearances Carol is the most bright mind among the three.

    @celstra Deep in her heart Misuzu would love that solution, but she'll never admit it
    syaochan 5 months ago
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    Rozoro 5 months ago
    Silly Japanese and it's lack of gendered pronouns.

    Jun clearly meant "I think she's FINE" :D
    AbuHajaar 5 months ago
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    I'm borrowing this
    mopchan 5 months ago
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    pseudonym2 5 months ago
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    The expression of shock on Tomo's face is priceless. I'm gonna have to file that one under "when your world crumbles but your brain is still trying to catch up".
    EternalFlip 5 months ago
    <---To Be Continued---

    *Roundabout playing in the distance*
    Exile 5 months ago
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    Deoxyribo9 5 months ago
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    ColonelPabs254 5 months ago
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    theShear 5 months ago
    Yep, Tomo is the OP Warrior, Fluff is the adorable Mascot that charms everyone and Misuzu is the Evil Overl... I mean the genius Strategist.
    eSPiYa 5 months ago
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    chiruru 5 months ago
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    junior1210 5 months ago
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    Dennis 5 months ago
    Erufu 5 months ago
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    Rasparr 5 months ago
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    remlei 5 months ago
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    ColonelPabs254 5 months ago
    @Purplebomber that not her rawr
    PurpleBomber 5 months ago
    Today I learned what fluff sounds like.
    MacMeaties 5 months ago
    @Nolonar 100% agree. I've worked retail and Medical Trust jobs every since I began working and I'm well known as one of the best customer/client oriented staff members among my colleagues, basically I'm very good at talking to random strangers and appearing friendly/veining sincerity, even though I'm a grumpy asshole.
    Erufu 5 months ago
    Carol is r00d ;__;
    ampnaman 5 months ago
    Rich fluff says "Let them eat cake" .
    Nolonar 5 months ago
    Being able to service customers has nothing to do with one's personality.

    I used to work at McDonald's. Since I'm pretty anti-social, I wanted to work in the kitchen where I wouldn't have to interact with customers, but since I'm multilingual, my boss pretty much never let me work in the kitchen.

    Incidentally, I was one of the most appreciated crew members (by both my colleagues and the customers), which gave my boss even more reasons not to let me in the kitchen.
    You don't have to enjoy talking to people in order to remain friendly and put on a good smile.
    gmkgoat 5 months ago
    Misuzu rushes to rescue her damsel in distress!
    BCS 5 months ago
    That's my sociopath!
    GoblinGuy 5 months ago
    She's a master of manipulating people, she can pretend to be anything she wants to. We just happen to usually see her in an environment where she doesn't hide her somewhat twisted self.
    dethduck 5 months ago
    Wait....why does Misuzu have the customer service skills? That seems, out of character? But still, flustered Tomo, cute af.
    KafukaPalazzo 5 months ago
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    Reyven 5 months ago
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    Tyrn 5 months ago
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    MRPANDOPOOL 5 months ago
    kenx 5 months ago
    ColonelPabs254 5 months ago
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    Rozoro 5 months ago
    Uh-oh Tanabe, it looks like Misuzu is onto your plan to turn your parents ramen shop into a maid cafe, with her, and her friends being the cute maids working inside it; diligently providing service to all your customers with a smile.
    InfiniteVerisimilitude 5 months ago
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    MacMeaties 5 months ago
    yeeeeeaaaasssss. There's the waitress Tomo I wanted.
    ColonelPabs254 5 months ago
    Well damn. He smart. He knew those three were going to look for a part time job. Well done. I'm not surprise miz didn't wear one. Also she knows who will bring customers in.
    hungryvidd 5 months ago
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    hummingbird32 5 months ago
    As someone who grew up moving from country to country, I would have pulled that joke without a moment's hesitation.
    Rasparr 5 months ago
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    FredFriendly 5 months ago
    734 is the first chapter which had me laughing in so long that I can't remember. Seems like there's been way too much drama and not enough comedy in this series for a long time.
    ColonelPabs254 5 months ago
    The fluff is going to run that shop by the end of the day.
    VawX 5 months ago
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    Kamenr 5 months ago
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    greatninja3 5 months ago
    Random NPCs parent is more interesting that the NPC himself
    Nolonar 5 months ago
    So... did they ever explain why the shop's called "Tatsumi"? And what exactly is a "Tanabe"?

    Erufu 5 months ago
    >The chapters 461 and 462 are the same... one chapter is missing?
    461's duplicated and "Ch.465 : Impure Goodwill " is missing
    Tyrn 5 months ago
    Tanabe's dad has become more memorable than his own son in a single chapter. Such is the life of a background character .
    ejala 5 months ago
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    junior1210 5 months ago
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    irritum 5 months ago
    To be honest...I forgot his name too...sorry Tonkatsu....
    Topweasel 5 months ago
    Not only is Tanabe trying to hug Misuzu, but she is elbowing him in the stomach (which is why is face looks weird).
    Killua2036 5 months ago
    The chapters 461 and 462 are the same... one chapter is missing?
    lumpur 5 months ago
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    Erufu 5 months ago
    Tanabe is trying to hug Misuzu-sama on Tomo-chan web comic cover -
    bastek66 5 months ago
    Vol6 extras are on World 3 site
    InChildlikeWonder 5 months ago
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    lumpur 5 months ago
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    beperov 5 months ago
    My shit-radar is picking a misunderstanding coming this way!
    Erufu 5 months ago

    >By the way, is Fumita Yanagida a male or a female ?
    Most likely a male. Also a hentai artist.

    >By the way, where are those gold bars now? Don't remember author addressing this issue later. I hope she put them in a safe place
    It was implied that girls had spent it on new clothes for Tomo
    pokefairy 5 months ago
    Jun and tomo are both glorified puppies
    DjAlexDubCheck 5 months ago
    Usually I don't like school setting/romance manga that much but I find this strangely addictive.
    Must be the absurd chemistry between these characters; particularly appreciating the unpredictable balance
    between genius and retard in Carol.
    My first chapter casually was the one when she donates gold bars to Tomo for her birthday, which made me laugh
    my ass off and so my readership started (I'm very envious of Tomo, nobody ever made me a present like that.
    By the way, where are those gold bars now? Don't remember author addressing this issue later. I hope she put them in a safe place)

    @Nolonar I get it now, suits her effectively. I'm very curious if there were nicknames for her mother Ferris too.
    I can only imagine the community reaction after the flashback of her proposal meeting/pregnancy warning,
    must have been very funny.

    @Deoxyribo9 "Carol and Tomo are cute!" Amen brother, preach that!
    Your avatar is great too
    I guess you will appreciate this little present I made for you people
    DjAlexDubCheck 5 months ago
    It seems the more manga progresses the more author's drawing gets refined.

    By the way, is Fumita Yanagida a male or a female ?
    MacMeaties 5 months ago
    @Erufu It seems to do that every new volume. Dunno why but it's nice.
    Erufu 5 months ago
    Looks like Yanagida's drawing style changed a bit.
    Nolonar 5 months ago
    Yeah, "Fluff" was one of Carol's nicknames on Batoto.
    TheWiseOldMan 5 months ago
    Alright fellas, here's the plan.
    1. Tomo "accidently" trips
    2. Jun gives Tomo a piggyback ride
    3. It's all in Jun's hands from this point on.
    Deoxyribo9 5 months ago
    Carol and Tomo are cute!
    DjAlexDubCheck 5 months ago
    To Nolonar
    By Fluffy do you mean Carol ?
    PlanOfInaction 5 months ago
    Tanabe is the hidden real MC
    VawX 5 months ago
    I seriously forget his name though mmm...
    ejala 5 months ago
    I knew as soon as I saw Chapter 728's title that it would be Tanabe. Poor fool doesn't know what he's asking.
    Nolonar 5 months ago
    Part time job (Tomo route)
    Customer: "You're pretty cute! How about we grab some coffee when you're free?"
    Tomo: "Not interested."
    Customer: "Come on, it'll be fun!"
    Jun: "She said no. Now leave before I bash your skull in!"

    Part time job (Misuzu route)
    Customer: "You're pretty cute! How about we grab some coffee when you're free?"
    Misuzu: "Sorry, but even if you were the last man on Earth, I wouldn't be so desperate."

    Part time job (Fluffy route)
    Customer: "You're pretty cute! How about we grab some coffee when you're free?"
    Fluff: "But we don't sell coffee here."
    Customer: "That's... not what I meant..."
    Fluff: "We don't sell tea either."
    Customer: "No, I'm inviting you out!"
    Fluff: "Would you like some donuts instead?"
    Nobi 5 months ago
    Oh, someone finally gave Cotton Candy a school uniform.
    ColonelPabs254 5 months ago
    So how long till they are fire
    MacMeaties 5 months ago
    Waitress Tomo inbound? Please for the love of god.
    Shinobu 5 months ago

    Rozoro 5 months ago
    That moment when the ex actually remembers his birthday, but the person who actually wants to be his girlfriend doesn't.

    As of now we have to wait on Jun for any progress to happen, since he just had his big flashback/revelation/arc.
    Though it seems like no discernible progress has really happened; they are actually soon to upgrade from girl who likes dense boy, to the awkward couple that likes each other, but is too scared to do anything about it for 700+ more chapters instead. So that's something......I guess.
    FredFriendly 5 months ago
    So, after 700+ "chapters", there has been zero (zippo, nada, kaputnik) progress in Tomo and Jun's relationship. Considering that they actually became boyfriend and girlfriend (albeit briefly), Devil Woman and Jun's relationship has had more progress. I've been following this for nigh on to 3 years now (or is it 4? it's been so long I don't remember) and, if anything, Tomo and Jun's relationship has actually regressed from what it was on the very first panel of the very first chapter. The way things are going, I (and Tomo) will probably die of old age before Tomo and Jun become a couple. As soon as chapter 723 was published, I realized how calm and peaceful reading my daily dose of manga was while this series was on hiatus. Now I'm back to suffering a dose of angst and (especially) idiocy every day. Oh, if only I could just ignore this series...

    @havelmom: I suspect that, if I were to drop this series now but come back to it in another 3 years (or another 700 "chapters"), I would essentially have missed nothing in regards to plot progression. Well, I suppose by then there is the possibility that Misaki-sempai and Carol might have had a baby...
    Esper 5 months ago
    Considering we get anime simulcast now on services like Crunchyroll, I don't see how manga can't be the same or similar. It's not like reverse importing is a concern like with video games, a tankoubon in Japan typically costs under 500 Yen while most volume releases in the USA are $12 and up.
    shikichan 5 months ago
    @Esper there could be a bunch of reasons why licensed release is slower. Agreements with the original publisher, design, printing, common practices in the market, etc. For example, in the US it's common for publishers to publish a volume every 3 months, but in Vietnam they usually pump out volumes weekly or bi-weekly until they catch up (or close to) with the original. After that it's also 3 months a volume but usually behind Japan a volume or 2.
    helpfulcomrade 5 months ago
    Typical woman, can't make up her damn mind :V
    Esper 5 months ago
    I was speaking with a little bit of hyperbole. But there are several manga that are years behind the Japanese releases. I don't understand how a company with paid employees can be so much slower than fans getting paid nothing... fans that don't have access to the original text-free art or scripts to work with.
    azuremirage 5 months ago
    damn, it's back lol
    Kareha 5 months ago
    @Esper The first volume is coming out on September 11 this year
    havelmom 5 months ago
    nothing happens for another 300 chapters?
    hatsuka 6 months ago
    Glad it's back
    ColorfulSongbird 6 months ago
    Multiple page uploads, I like it. Makes the browsing more streamlined.
    rhino36 6 months ago
    I think I'll reupload what we did cause .jpg files are innacceptable.
    Esper 6 months ago
    Licensed by Seven Seas? Neat, so we'll have volume 1 in 2020 and they will be caught up to the current scans sometime around the heat death of the universe!
    txtracer 6 months ago
    Also, just licensed by Seven Seas.
    DanYHKim 6 months ago
    Indeed. I don't understand why these are set in one-page 'chapters'. I'd love to be able to download as a compressed archive from a server, though. This is a very entertaining and funny story.
    NamelessGent 6 months ago
    I would honestly say just upload the chapters in groups of ten to make it easier.
    qwuzzy 6 months ago
    uploading all 700 pages... Godspeed.
    chiruru 6 months ago
    I kinda miss the comment section for this one...
    rhino36 6 months ago
    EternalFlip 6 months ago
    Link to FTP server?
    rhino36 6 months ago
    Good to hear.
    NamelessGent 6 months ago
    All of the Love Live Scanlation and M@STERSCANZ chapters are on the FTP server.
    rhino36 6 months ago
    Last 2 released pages uploaded, the rest of our (#dropout) chapters are on the database, waiting for processing. Dunno about the 593 firsts.
    CosmicWitch 6 months ago
    <3s to my people bringing this over.