Coffee & Vanilla
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  • Coffee and Vanilla
  • コーヒー&バニラ
  • 咖啡遇上香草
  • 커피 앤 바닐라
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  • 8.18
  • 192
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Would you like an older man dressed in suits? She was never this popular before university but before she knew it, Risa was way out of everyone’s league. The one who saves her from this cruel fate is a handsome man who can rock his suits, Fukami-san. What will he offer Risa, who is a beginner at love…!?

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@Baby_Ravenclaw Go to the chibi manga website. They do this.
When will the english translate will be post ?
Wow thanks for the update Chibi Manga! See you on christmas for the next one? Gonna be a great present 👍
Yay update. It feels like it had been forever. Thank you!
This manga literally makes rape and sexual harassment look legal
if you want a real plot with thought out actions then you're in the wrong place. but if you like smut and steamy scenes then welcome.
I returned after hearing the news that this manga got its drama.
Uh ok? I appreciate and apologize if I will sound like insulting the happiness of the author who always make many one-shots and this series is able to make up for her hard work.
But to be honest, this is no different from the smut I always meet. There is no clear plot.
I can't explain which part is exciting and actually the harem author in the next door more interesting. Who is the name again? At least her works are intense and complicated than this. And it's the same, lots of nudity/sex scenes.
Well, enjoy your ideal coffee and its vanilla on top of it.
ahhh fukami is the perfect dream waifu... he is always 2 steps ahead of the plot and everyone in it
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Gggaaahhh this is so intense more intense then my own fanfiction im writing right now ?? shit i need to start getting some ideas from this more please its tingling my hands that are itching for more ideas
honestly I'm not here for the plot, just once in a while I want to drown in a sugar daddy fantasy. and he owns a coffee shop! Get it Risa, hot daaaamnn...
I wonder when will they update this ? don't want any negativity in my life rn so I love this~
The relationship between Risa and Fukami is pretty unrealistic--moves way too fast--but it gives me butterflies, it's just so geniune. It's a smut so of course they have sex a lot but it's not gross or distasteful which is nice...
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Beautiful and hot art. There's just one tiny problem...the plot is pretty shallow. I mean the characters have really no history, they really don't make any history (except having a lot of sex). The heroine is the damsel in distress and guy is the rich and OP guy with a prince complex also gets super jelly. But if you are into a shallow plot then this is all good. I read this occasionally when I just want a smut manga.
yo mans Issa sugar daddy but it's ok. Normally I don't like useless heroines who just rely on the overly controlling male leads but like itS OKAY THEYRE BOTH HOT SO LIKE?? LOL