Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
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  • Εκεινη την στιγμη μετενσαρκωθηκα σαν γλιτσα.
  • Aquella vez que me convertí en Slime
  • In Regards to My Reincarnation as a Slime
  • Moi, quand je me réincarne en Slime
  • Odrodzony jako galareta
  • Regarding Reincarnated to Slime
  • Ten Sura
  • Tensei Slime
  • TenSli
  • TenSura
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Vita da Slime
  • О моём перерождении в слизь
  • เกิดใหม่ทั้งทีก็เป็นสไลม์ไปซะแล้ว
  • 关于我转生后成为史莱姆的那件事
  • 転生したらスライムだった件
  • 전생했더니 슬라임이었던건에 대하여
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  • 9.18
  • 9,577
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The ordinary Minami Satoru found himself dying after being stabbed by a slasher. It should have been the end of his meager 37 years, but he found himself deaf and blind after hearing a mysterious voice.
He had been reincarnated into a slime!

While complaining about becoming the weak but famous slime and enjoying the life of a slime at the same time, Minami Satoru met with the Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon Veldora”, and his fate began to move.

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    Anyone know where the anime ends? I finished it a while back and wanted to read the manga
    @kjenve ( ( 15 * ( ( ( 9 * 9 ) + 3 ) + 7000 ) ) + 7 ) * 3
    @JustNatsuki wondering where you got that picture? Just asking for research purposes
    Edit: Nvm Site was just buggy af
    @dragster You can find the web novel at novelfull. Just make sure to type the Japanese romanized title. It doesn’t have ads and even includes the bonus stories, though I’ll admit the translation is a bit rough.
    @dragster The light novel can be bought or you can read the fan translations, which is currently ahead of the official translations. Here is the fan translation https://tensurafan.github.io/. Also the fan translations don’t have volume 5 or below of the light novel, so If you want to see the events that happened before the recent manga chapter than you’ll have too buy the official translations. Also if you are planning on reading the web novel than please know that the manga follows the light novels, and that the light novels have changed quite a bit from the web novel, so the web novel is quite different and isn’t cannon.
    @blueraine21 actually, the manga is really really good. The LN has more content and gives you a better insight on Rimuru, but its a different medium. LN is only text, while manga is also a visual one. And as adaptation goes, this one makes a hell of a great job making enough changes to make the reading so enjoyable (I do love both versions)
    @dragster you could buy it at Bookwaler
    Where can I read the Light Novel or Web Novel?
    Well, that was quite the long read, and also a really good one. I like how MC is becoming more badass as the story progresses.
    And I don't give a fuck about people's argument of which is better, just enjoy the damn thing.
    @LTVisha It's a kind of deluded elitism. Like how every dub sucks compared to the original...a manga is never as good as a novel. Usually when people start comparing novels, mangas, anime, dubs and any other form of media...just ignore it lol.

    Wow this anime is good
    bruh the Japanese version is way better
    lol the anime sucks, try the manga
    manga is terrible, read the novel
    novel is ok but the original web novel is how it should be
    bruh I read the original script you're clueless

    <comment section of every ln adaption>
    @blueraine21 Im not sure what makes you think the LN is superior... The only thing the LN is "better at" is that it covers more. The manga so far has fixed a lot of stupid stuff that was in the LNs and made Rimuru an actually enjoyable character.
    @Plots just read the LN. This manga adaptation is great, way better than several other LN to Manga adaptation series, but the LN is still superior. Even the way they handle the scene on the new chapter, LN still does it better.. Latest LN goes up to Vol 16 and the new chapter only covers chap 1 of Vol 6. Its way way behind.

    As for your question, i cant really recommend anything. There is a reason why this is among the top manga in this site. I've even read LN version of Overlord, the closest thing comparable to this series, and in my opinion, slime LN is still superior in every way...
    Anyone know any manga as well made as this one? I need more cos CANT GET ENOUGH.
    Thank you Translator. I still buy the English release but I'm thankful for these early translations.

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken isn't as slow as Detective Conan as far as getting Translated but I steal love reading new chapters as they come out.
    Finnaly see got to see guy
    Last edited 21 days ago by Megaread.
    Worth the wait every time
    And @JustNatsuki ......
    I agree
    I always used to think of Rimuru as a 40 something year old man even if the form changed. I don’t feel that anymore.
    Hear me out...

    Rimuru with eyes as hearts is fucking hot

    Now, back to your normally scheduled programming...