Our Relationship Is...
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  • Bize Dair Bir Şey
  • İlişkimiz...
  • Something About Us
  • Woori
  • 우리사이느은
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  • 8.79
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Though we get closer, the gap that can't be crossed. Our uncertain relationship - warm like pastel colors, but unable to burn hotly like primary colors. This fall is the beginning of the campus couple that'll make your heart race.
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@LittleStarNMV But i hate french..french sucks
@djtws4e It's marked complete as publication status, that is the original author has finished the story. Not that all chapters has been translated.

@nicetitssenpai English might be the language that most read on here but it's all voluntary work. None of them are getting money from the views here. French isn't that hard compared to Japanese why don't you invest your time instead of asking others to learn english for you.
I don't know why these guys take so much pain to learn japanese..english is damn easier than japanese, learn english and translate these mangas in english man. I don't know what's wrong with these local scanlators, there is huge audience who read mangas in english. So, if u took the pain to learn japanese, invest a little of that effort in grasping english.....
that was the opposite of 'completed'! some might even be so bold as to say it's 'incomplete'!
Ok I powered through and read 20 sometimes chapters. The first 7 chapter are incredibly boring but most of the story isn't like that. It's mainly set in college and basically it's a girl trying to figure out her feelings for a guy. It's kinda like a slice of life as opposed to an actual sorry.

I can't really relate to that but it seems good if you are into that kind of love.
I love This webtoon. Its so wholesome lol. Sad they marked it as complete but didnt finish uploading it. To those trying to find the complete version its called "something about us" on lezhin.com
why are some of the chapters missing??? I try to find some other website but couldn't 😥
@anki09 Read it on some other website
Waaaah, this is so good!! I usually avoid drama like the plague, but this was such a great read hahaha, nothing felt forced or unrealistic and all the characters are very well-written too! I just feel a bit bad since I had to finish reading this on another site ^^; Definitely recommended!
Lol, read this somewhere else, aaah, the diabetes with this, man ...
Why were the updates dropped?
Drop at chap 7. Pretty boring and slow for my taste.
It not about the progress since it is childhood type of story, can take it time. But the thing is, there nothing much to have some fun while reading it, It what worth to read in these type of romance, you need something to enjoy while get to know the character. This have none of it
the whole "we always together since..." express and introduce in a very boring way. It basically just some background text.
??Ah this was a really good read.

I just realized it's completed but you might need to find it all on a different place. ?
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Amazing read, well worth it.
Extra chapters came out recently, pretty good ones too.
Yeah, I really like this one too. For some reason it makes me think of "Fluttering Feelings" even though aside from being well done Korean romance webtoons they don't have much in common. I guess maybe because, being Yuri, "Fluttering Feelings" also has that sort of "Nah, can't be, we're just friends" dynamic creating conflict.
This is a variation of the childhood friend relationship where a girl and a boy became best friends while in high school, and that friendship carried over to into their university days. It is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying webtoons of the romance genre. One of my all-time favorites and one of the very rare series for which I rate a solid 10/10. It has also been completely scanlated.
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