Koi Inu
Alt name(s):
  • Puppy Love
  • Щенячья любовь
  • こいいぬ
  • 犬系男子戀愛中
  • 코이이누
  • 6.52
  • 6.13
  • 150
Pub. status:
  • 148,852
  • 3,466
  • 258
Igarashi is now in college. The bittersweet memories that he left behind in childhood are now beginning to resurface when he meets his childhood friend Chiyo-chan again after 10 years.

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Images can't load, whelp did it break?
Any raw links other than comico.jp?
WTF is this garbage? Where is the character development? You've been in a relationship for this long and still wont be honest to YOUR BOYFRIEND?!?! Dropping this crap. Chiyo is the epitome of terrible female characters.
You could rename this to "Everything you should be doing differently in a relationship to not constantly argue with each other"
though i'm not a fan of the manga, the artist here shows how Long Strip paneling should be done.
I feel so bad for everyone still trapped on this ride, myself included.
Wow, 164 chapters and the only progress is that Igarashi is playing basketball again. Shame on the author and shame on me too >.>
chapter 154... Man, i really hate this type of MC --' Chiyo deserves better...
@Northern Yup, it makes me feel immensely superior! There's nothing like the thrill of pointing out that something that someone's said is sexist, racist, or hate speech of one kind or another. It's a lonely job, but trying to make the world a better place has its own rewards. Oh, and saying, "that's a very sexist point of view" and saying, "you are sexist" are not the same. Those who are sexist spout sexist garbage willy nilly, but someone who is not sexist might happen to say something that can be taken as such. Of course you can substitute "racist" for "sexist" and the same applies. By the way, the only person who I can think of that is more of a pompous git than me is Stephen Fry.
That's some nice virtue signaling, but Asriel is right, even after 150 chapters. Anyway, I hope calling people "sexist" makes you feel superior.
This manga portraits very well the emotional roller coaster that men go through when in a relationship with a woman.

That's a very sexist point of view since that can equally be said for what women go through when in a relationship with a man. Since you dropped the series at chapter 14 when Ookuma was introduced, 151 chapters ago, I don't think your opinions about the series hold a lot of water since a lot has happened since then.
This manga portraits very well the emotional roller coaster that men go through when in a relationship with a woman.

I guess this is also one of the top reasons why a lot of men refuse to marry or just commit suicide when their year-long relationship fails and they lose their home, children and spouse at +- the same time.

I personally stopped reading when that other guy was introduced to produce artificial tension in the very vane relationship the two had built up till that part.
Not saying that it's technically bad, it's verrrrry accurate regarding the depiction of typical male and female behaviour,
but I just hate reading long stories where there is always conflict and beating around the bushes as if it's some cheap upper-class Korean drama.

It wastes a lot of time and creates an even more negative image of women than I already have due to the majority of women I know personally behave that way or worse.
It's as if these women are trying to prove that Mohammeds judgement on women is 100% true.

At that point, it's no longer fun to read but gruesome, and this is not even educational, so I'm glad I dropped it, as the comments indicate that even after 150 chapters, there is no drastic change in the relationship.
As soon as I saw the tag "romance" and "childhood friends" was all it took for me to want to read this.
cucking, Is there any thottery in it?
We're in a forum dog, you get no points acting all mighty here
@ganggangnigga: By asking that, I'm guessing that you don't even know what the term means. If you do, then show me one shoujo manga in which it has actually occurred 'cause I've never read one.

oh, thanks I think I will give it another chance I guess... It's better than reading Isekai #4984
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@notos: Since you read this back on batoto, you probably remember me ranting and raving practically every chapter about Chiyo's ridiculous behavior. It might be some indication that, since chapter 84, my ranting and raving has substantially subsided, only getting exasperated by Chiyo's lunacy every once in a while. It's not to say that it's all been a bed of roses, nor that I enjoy all the various directions the story has taken, but for now, for me, the enjoyment of occasionally seeing a very adorable Chiyo still outweighs the annoying bits. If just barely...
oh man i remember dropping this back in batoto when Chiyo asked Igarashi to break up for some stupid reason... has it gotten better? I need something to read
nice spoiler on the thumbnail huh