Himekishi ga Classmate!
Alt name(s):
  • A Classmate is a Princess Knight!
  • Hime Kishi ga Classmate!
  • Himekishi ga Classmate! The Comic
  • The Princess Knight is a Classmate!
  • Моя одноклассница — принцесса-рыцарь!
  • 姫騎士がクラスメート!
  • 姫騎士がクラスメート! THE COMIC
  • 我的同学是姬骑士
  • 공주 기사가 급우!
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  • 6.13
  • 843
Pub. status:
  • 696,155
  • 21,210
  • 77
After he and his entire class died on a field trip, Odamori accepts a job offer from a mysterious man to be reincarnated. However his new job turns out to be that of a 'Slavemancer', with the power to dominate the minds of others and turn them into his toys. Soon, however his evil actions lead to a Princess Knight (who turns out to be one of his previous, more popular classmates) being dispatched to apprehend him. But Odamori of course has something different planned for their reunion
Manga Adaptation of the Light Novel by the same name.

Portuguese / Português:
[Depois que ele e toda a sua classe morreram em uma viagem escolar de campo, Odamori aceita uma oferta de um misterioso homem de ser reencarnado. No entanto o seu novo trabalho acaba por ser o de um "Slavemancer" (Slave: escravo / mancer de Necromancer: Invocador de mortos, seria algo como Invocador/criador de Escravos / Isso em termo de jogos) com o poder de dominar a mente dos outros e transforma-los em seus brinquedos, que ele alegremente aceita. Logo no entanto suas más ações levam a uma princesa guerreira (que acaba por ser a mais popular dos seus colegas, da sua classe anterior) que está sendo enviada para prendê-lo. Mas Odamori, claro, tem algo diferente planejado para a sua reunião.
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uhhh? chapter 1-5 is missing????
I’d frick that loli
Meh. It started out ok but has since gone really downhill.
new cover image with nice feet angle
this shit doesnt even try to tell a story anymore, there was barely one at first but now it has just gone full retard and not in a good way
dropped that pedo garbo
this shit trash ong
@OrangeFarmer "I-I'm not weird, I'm normal. Look how disgusting it is!"
i actually like this.

but yea for people that are expecting something vanilla out of this, this is unabashedly rape power fantasy. it doesn't try to hide what it's supposed to be, and fully embraces it. 10/10.
@OrangeFarmer I don't mean to be rude but can I ask why people do what you just did? I browse through manga covers a lot but never feel the need to dump on a manga that I have zero interest out the gate. I know the answer is as simple as "freedom bitch" but I don't get it. Is your comment made to deter others or make yourself feel good? Is it to vent? I know venting only works for some people when it's in a place others can read it.
what the fuck? foot fetish cover and weird ass content.
yeah no thanks.
Japan what you smoking boi?

Because of cucks like you.
Lol i only see the word 'himekishi' in hentai. This is a first xD

shit taste...for not liking what is essentially literal porn fantasy manga? this is literally made for you to masturbate. it's not exactly trying to have a good story or fiction to it, it knows what it is. like...why even try to defend something that isn't even attempting to be good fiction?

lmao tho' unironically using a name like that i guess i expect too much from a smoothbrained dude
Yeah I use aggregate sites which don't give a fuck about those silly rules. Some moderators really do have a stick up their asses.
MD made a rule banning racist language and pictures, and rapeman refused to remove them from his uploads.
It's nice to not have a bunch of racist and homophobic slurs all over the credits page, but he really had the best translations and redraws.
You can still find stuff on his site.... and some aggregate sites have stuff from him and Champion Scans.
Pls upload the first five chapter 🥺🥺
What's with Rapeman???
Sad to see anyone else leave MD. Having read a few things done by rapeman throughout the years, this is even worse.