Isekai Tensei Soudouki
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  • Notes de ma réincarnation dans un autre monde
  • Record of My Reincarnation in Another World
  • 异世界转生骚动记
  • 異世界転生騒動記
  • 이세계 전생 소동기
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Balud Cornelius is the son of a noble of the Mauricia kingdom and inside him also dwell the souls of the warring states commander Oka Sadatoshi and animal ear otaku high schooler Oka Masaharu. With these 3 souls in a single body, he can exhibit extraordinary abilities when it comes to combat or managing the domain.

  • Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker
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    What's going on with the uploads? I thought it was just Uxtef that's updating the chapters but it's a combined effort that is reuploading? Did Uxtef drop this or just providing half the manpower?
    Polyamory is a real thing, but the US was essentially settled by a religion that declared such things a sin. It's cultural. If you were raised being taught that all marriage is a sin you'd believe that was the only natural thing.

    Humorously, go back a few hundred years and it was normal for our ancestors too.
    I'll just say this, people can love more than one person, but society frowns upon that, and so people choose only one and move on to other things. If you don't believe that, then you pretty much don't acknowledge the existence of the middle east where polygamy is an actual thing.
    I didn't think what I wrote was that hard to understand but okay. You do you I guess.
    Well i didn't say there is no Polygamy too.
    Well...polygamy is practiced in real life with several countries recognizing polygamous marriages so saying polygamy is fantasy is not factual. I remember reading that a Middle Eastern prince from one of the oil states has dozens of wives and I doubt he is the only one lol. If you are wealthy enough there are few things one can’t do.

    exactly, why would they arguing something about "Harem" in isekai Fantasy.

    i responded to the person who talks about Polygamy like it was a real-life case. so i replied it with point-of-view on Real-Life context.

    Fantasy is Fantasy.
    Real-life is real-world and Real-society.
    To answer all yours.
    Then just prove it with yours.. go make it happens..

    I didn't bother Harem as i see it as fantasy and i never said i dislike it, the one that i response is about the "Polygamy".

    And again if you can do that and didn't bother you, just go and do Polygamy.
    let see what happen if you do that. and see if you can reach a complete same understanding each other, same love of each other, and same fairness in their love.
    even if you love them fair, doesn't mean they do the same to the other party. Does your partner will love your other partner?
    even if your partner agree that you to have another partner, it will almost because of you and not the other partner.

    Go and Apply it.
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    Why are people complaining about polygamy in a harem isekai? Its like complaining about violence in a horror movie....

    but in our modern society, all of those didn't really needed.

    tbf in modern society as long as the people in said relationships are happy consenting adults its really no ones business if its polygamous, polyandrous, or whatever types exist.
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    if you truly truly love someone, you will no need another person.

    and who are you to standardize everyone ability to love and to be loved?
    if everyone could only love one if they truly love something, then everyone with more than one kid aren't truly loving their kids.
    each person have their own capacity to love, not everyone could love more than one. some have enough to love more than one, but there's also some who is incapable of loving anybody.
    Why all the Isekais blend to a highschool plot? this is lame. dropped out.
    Please learn english.
    Yeah, it will not be wrong. Again, I said that if you support it and your partners also support it then yeah, go.

    The majority finding it disgusting isn't my issue, it's theirs as it is subjective and based on their values and taste, not economical nor a governmental issue(unless it's fanatically theocratic toward monogamy). As I said, if you can support it, financially and responsibly, I could not care less(I apply the same toward "normal" families). That only changes when you start relying on the government for financial support as it means I'm paying for you indirectly on top of other families that does the same regardless if it is mono or poly.

    Your cheating example is lacking an understanding between participants. You're portraying it as a demand, not consent. A participant in a polygamy can still opt out, again missing what I said about your partners being also in support of you and understanding with the other participant about what they both want.

    I'm sorry, "guard your love to your lover"? If you mean the bond between you and your spouse, then that's still there. What's different in this polygamy is that you have another one like you within that relationship and if it is being kept, then you can still marry and if not, opt out. Low-key though, there are nations that provide benefits to married people giving either free handouts or tax cuts so that's a thing a "pure" monogamous marriage is afforded with. I'm not saying people get married to ease the living tax or get financial support btw, just some.

    Polygamy is a practice to some religion today, funnily enough. One of which is Islam and that religion seems to be real popular with the EU these days so you could expect polygamies to rise there. As for marrying into power, yeah, it's never left.

    "truly truly", eh? I like that you hadn't considered the situation wherein both spouses could be that but hey, only one, amirite?
    if it so, then what will happen if your wife have 2 husband and your wife is been shared to them too?
    because if we follow your logic, then it will not wrong right?

    but back again, world always follow the "Majority" because it has it rights. Just because someone has different taste, doesn't mean that person must sacrifice the "Majority" taste.

    like as you said "as long as it need not bother you, you have no problem with that", but again the "Majority" will find it disgusting in someway, and when it touch "disgusting" ofcourse it will be a problem to the other and then become a bother.

    and then if you lead to many "polygamy" , it will also lead to many issues and scandal.

    for example "cheating" , then this "cheating" will got excuse to be right by saying.. "Ohh both of us already love each other, so you must support too".

    If you can't even guard your love to your lover, then why you married then?

    Polygamy back in their era is done by Noble - King, the reason is for Political issues to strength their own benefits. So a King will married other countries leader female and so on.

    but in our modern society, all of those didn't really needed.
    if you truly truly love someone, you will no need another person.

    but it will different if it just to fulfill your fantasy.
    I don't think marriage is exclusive to monogamy. Hell, if you could support it and your partners also can then why not? It's not like marriages in a monogamy-majority society are everlasting and devoid of problems. Point is, what they do and what they face is not our issue so long as they don't take it to us and vice versa.
    this is a serious question. A high class gentleman in another site said " i don't mind him sleeping with all of them,but making wife is too much".do you guys agree? i freaking disagree.he had the had the balls to tell that in the comment section of a harem manga.if its just sleeping,its called cheating ,you fucking piece of shit.damn you western cullture. i wont dare do that to my waifus
    Almost all of the panels here are worthy of good meme
    its harem way which may scare away some people,but its the funniest thing i read in a while.i am re reading it now.
    It'll be quiet for a while now. Well, for this title anyway as the group that's carrying on has caught up with the previously uploaded chapters. We'll be in the same song and dance if they drop the title and someone else picks it up.. probably.