Henjo - The Strange Female High-Schooler Amaguri Senko
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  • Henjo - Hen na Joshi Kousei Amaguri Senko
  • 変女 - 変な女子高生甘栗千子
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  • 변녀 : 이상한 여자고등학생 아마구
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  • 1,196,801
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Amaguri Senko is a high school girl with a cool personality (as in, kuudere) and a big pervert. She openly reads porn and masturbates, and isn't perturbed in the slightest at the sight of penises and such. The story is about two adult men that come to live and work for her father, who runs a company that does various oddjobs, which she helps out with. And the various forms of sexual harassment to which she subjects the one which she has taken a liking to.
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@quantum_tea The author is concurrently publishing a spinoff which is prioritized over this afaik
This got axed or what?
Wanna see wholesome gyaru win, but knowing the power of childhood friends, it'll probably defeat that.

Would like to see more of the side characters and Hoshi and Eruko at some point. Lmao.
Can't wait for the next one.
Thanks for taking over from Doki.
Just wanted to thank the scanlators for the pace of the release so far :) Been following this series for quite a while now and appreciate the translations
I have a feeling we have about one more volume left
Oh. Okay, then. Thanks!
tbh it's not that serious it's kinda obvious who wins and there's not too much weight on thw characters afterwards. Overall its mostly an ecchi romcom and it's pretty decent
Haven't read this yet, but I noticed there's the Love Triangle tag in Manga Updates. What should I expect here?
So basically, shes a pervy chuuni? I love it already.
I understand perfectly. Heres How I see it.
Go read Claymore.

Claymore has no romance tag, therefore it being shonen is justified. Tho if anything it's seinen but lets not get into that.
btw even after 15 years when I first read it and watched the anime I still love it.

Senko is effectively dominating

The characters personality, whether the MC dominates or not does not shape the genre.
Never did, unless as mentioned before the author and publisher does the usual monkey business for popularity. let me elaborate.

In Witch Craft Works the MC guy is a pushover damsel in distress while the girl is the main overpowered heroine yet its demographic is seinen.
Or Mai-HiME, Prison School and so on.. has betamales and dominating girls in it yet its seinen and shounen.
Why? Becaise it has romance in it and the MC is a hetero guy with a 'rod", and hes mostly at the center of the story.
Only in the past 5 years after the japanese economy crisis (increasing overworked,underpayed and not appreciated eployees)
like a bit back when kyoani was burned down precisely because of that pressure is why the authors,publishers,studios are doing this hand in hand to keep making money every means necessary.
Why do you think studios only pick succesfull mainstream mangas and LN's to animate?
I dont want to derail this conversation but I could go on and one with the increased sex and gore (shock therapy)...ect...
All that just to keep an impression, no room for morales,any form of guidance to learn something like the older animes. There are exceptions of course but very few.

Shoujo romance is likewise overly simplistic

It's anything but simplistic. Sometimes they are but most of them that I read have so many twists its a bit hard to follow.

I understand many readers are bamboozled by the lgbt agenda, it is getting more frequent many people see it many don't...and the results in confusion and misguidance.
But in the end it's absolutely not our fault, and I very much appreciate your long and well intended explanation and others opinion on this matter as well.
But I stand ground, untill the new agenda pushes me down the cliff :D
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This feels like it should be nearing the end, but has been put on hiatus for a spin-off? =/

If a story's main lead is a girl and has romance tag in it then its either shoujo, josei, or neutral.

Go read Claymore.
There isn't much romance, but there is a little. The main character is female. And it is one of the most blatantly Seinen series around.
Should serve as a perfect disproof of your erronous notions.

Who is or isn't the main character doesn't dictate the demographic for a manga (especially when they're not the viewpoint character). Genres may by biased for one demographic and against others, but those don't dictate it either.
Rather it is how the characters are designed and how their interactions are portrayed that are the giveaway for whether something is shounen, shoujo, seinen or josei.
For THIS story, the seinen tag is justified.
Shounen romance is overly simplistic, mostly based on the male adopting a protective role (often of girls indiscriminately)... but being a bumbling idiot most of the time, and the authority in the romance is in the hands of the girls.
Shoujo romance is likewise overly simplistic, mostly based on the female caring for men (again, often indiscriminately)... but being a "delicate flower" type character that all the tall, gangly men try to sexually dominate, so again they have the authority in the romance.
Seinen and Josei relationships are generally portrayed with a bit more realism, generally fewer false harems and contrived situations, but regardless of who is or isn't the "main character", the viewpoint character for seinen is usually male and the viewpoint character for josei is usually female... while the romance authority is in the hands of the female for seinen series and in the hands of the male for josei series. And as usual, the relationships mostly show progress when the authority dynamic temporarily reverses.

In case you hadn't noticed... for the interactions between Takamura and Senko in this series, Senko is effectively dominating. Takamura is the viewpoint character. Ergo this could only be Shounen or Seinen... and it lacks the obviously contrived nonsense and school-child idealism common to Shounen plots. Ergo this is Seinen.

If you want to see a blatant Josei marked as Seinen... Kusuriya no Hitorigoto would be the example I'd pick. That series couldn't possibly be more josei if it tried.

At least as far as romance is concerned, if you want to know the real demographic.... just look to see who is being romantically passive most of the time... Their prospective love-interests will have exaggerated personalities to draw appeal to themselves, but the one meant to be a viewpoint character will generally be (at least from a romantic perspective) generic and uninteresting by design as they're made that way for the reader to... well... substitute themselves into the role without conflict.
like that it connects one other manga
sugita is kinda a pain in the ass lately, it's like now that that they are actualy going out sugita is there just to be the co*kblock
just re-read it from chpt. 1, her art style improvement really amaze me
At first... I was just annoyed, being like "it's gonna be old in 5 chapters".
Still, my rule is to read something to the most recent point even if I don't like it that much (Except obvious exceptions when I can't bear it).

I'm happy I decided to stick with it. Even if you can say it has a ton of fillers without any real developement and characters I didn't gave microd!ck-sized f*ck, I still managed to really enjoy it.

I guess that's something you can read and get a good laugh out of. I kinda recommend.

Now I'm just sad that the artist put that manga on hold for the shared universe and spin-offs... But it is what it is.
Thanks for the chapter.

Why are there essays below me.
@konzolmester While I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment, I still think it's best for you to research this topic first, because I think you still have some kind of misunderstanding about this whole business regarding Demographic target. It's not like the authors are putting the Shounen or whatever demographic target tag into their works. Authors gave the rough drafts/proposals to magazine publisher -> the magazine higher-ups decide whether to serialize that work or not. And there's nothing wrong if, for example, a Shoujo magazine decided to serialize some kind of Shounen-ish manga, since you can't blame them for widening their market. And you have to remember, there's no rule whatsoever regarding this demographic target (I'm not talking about the obvious ones like nudity and the likes), so the magazine is free to do that.

You have to think like Japanese (or any country, really) salesman. If a Shoujo magazine has 10 series and it's ALL about bubbly cheesy cliche Shoujo romance, let's say 100 girls would purchase that magazine. But if that Shoujo magazine has 9 Shoujo-ish series and 1 Shounen-ish series, the 100 girls might still buy the magazine but skip the Shounen-ish story while some other boys could be getting interested to that magazine thanks to that particular Shounen-ish story. Can you see the point of widening their market?

In fact, I advise you to do just that. So you might be encountering a Shoujo-ish story in your beloved Seinen magazine and it's not to your preference. Just skip it. That story is simply not for you. But other people might be purchasing that magazine thanks to that specific Shoujo-ish story.

And I think this is purely pathetic, insincere to the consumers and a very cunning way to publish a dog when its a cat from every angle.

Not quite correct. It's more like they're selling assorted biscuits targeted for male adults, but there's one biscuit that's not to your liking since it's too sweet. No one is forcing you to eat that particular sweet biscuit, right? Would you sue the biscuit factory eventhough they clearly sell ASSORTED biscuits? Is there a law that clearly stated that a sweet biscuit is forbidden to be included in assorted biscuits targeted for male adults?