Detective Conan Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Case Closed
  • Détective Conan
  • Dedektif Conan
  • Detektif Conan
  • Detektiv Conan
  • Detektyw Conan
  • Meitantei Conan
  • Thám Tử Lừng Danh Conan
  • المتحري كونان
  • ยอดนักสืบจิ๋ว โคนัน
  • 名侦探柯南
  • 名偵探柯南
  • 名探偵コナン
  • 명탐정 코난
9.03 165
Pub. status:
  • 188,575
  • 2,243
  • 2,695
Shinichi Kudo is a high school detective who sometimes works with the police to solve cases. During an investigation, he is attacked by members of a crime syndicate known as the Black Organization. They force him to ingest an experimental poison, but instead of killing him, the poison transforms him into a child. Adopting the pseudonym Conan Edogawa and keeping his true identity a secret, Kudo lives with his childhood friend Ran and her father Kogoro, who is a private detective.

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wow this manga still alive huh. did the characters ever aged up? did conan ever find out who gave him the pill?
@Ovdose I see what you mean, I guess your point still stands :P
It seems I was slightly mistaken. Catalan only somewhat resembles Spanish but is actually not a dialect of that language. In my previous comment I wrongly assumed Catalan to be a dialect. Sorry for the confusion.
Catalonia is still part of Spain though so in that sense they're Spanish readers as well. But I admit I didn't originally mean my post in that sense.
@Ovdose What do you mean three? I only see two: Té Con Pastas and Dream Team Scans.
I find it funny that just two different translation groups aren't enough for Spanish readers but they need 3 of them.

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Late Night show host Conan mockingly criticize the beloved detective:
bruh the motive was clear in page 12 and Conan speculated she knew about it while later in the chapter she justifies his light sentence with her exclaiming she drank that on her own free will.Kazumi explained how Sayuri was in love with him for 20 years, old face and all.Even then there's a panel showing Toshhiko having remorse after it broke out that the gal made it through surgery.

She knew about his suffering and the least she could do is go along so he can finally get one on the father. Its heartwarming actually once you see it without the reddit atheism glasses ya wearing.
Guess love really is blind


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1012 chapters..done .
Whew, started reading and got really confused by the ending of the case on chapter 80. Guess love really is blind when you marry someone who tried to kill you eh? That was fucked up.

BSI Scans - Recruitment Drive

With a wealth of new content available to us, we’ve decided to expand our team in order to be able to output releases faster.
To that end, we’re looking to recruit folks capable of fulfilling the following posts:

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  • We’ll need someone capable of redrawing and cleaning raws. We’ll need someone with general PS savvy, a tablet, and some past experience. Our current redrawers can offer some guidance if necessary.

  • Typesetter (x2)
  • We’d prefer folks with experience typesetting, but might consider people who are new to it so long as they read the scanlation guide on our tumblr and are willing to work over a sample chapter.

  • Proofreader (x1)
  • We’ve got plenty of candidates for this on the discord, but figured that we might as well include this here as well. Need native english speakers that consider themselves sticklers when it comes to grammar.
Note that you have to have a discord account in order to qualify.
The DC EN discord is where the bulk of our communications take place, and incoming team members will need to be able to participate in it.

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Not sure how I feel about considering an hentai doujinshi a "Related" work.
There's quite a few romantic subplots but the only one I really care about is Agasa and his childhood friend. It's been 600 chapters and still no development between the two. She hasn't actually shown up since her introduction.
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Sometimes I feel bad for Amuro. Pretending that Kogoro is his teacher must be hard for him.
U lot do know there is chapter comments
Yessss, a new chapter! Let's see how this unfolds...
Conan is baaaaack!!!! Thank you BSI for the blazing fast translation!!!! <3

Also Gosho seems to have gotten really well. That chapter almost felt nostalgic. Like his old style.

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the cover is actually meme-able
590 murders committed and solved in under a year of in-comic time. That's almost 2 murders solved per day. Conan is one efficient motherfucker.
Would Maria have died if they didn't come and find her because she had no strength to open the door?