Kengan Asura Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Kengan Ashura
  • Кэнган Асура
  • ケンガンアシュラ
  • 拳愿阿修罗
Author: Sandrovich Yabako
Artist: Daromeon
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Drama Martial Arts Psychological
Rating: 8.85 92
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 85,501
  • 2,206
  • 123
Description: From DrCoke:
Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where winner takes all. Tokita Ohma, nicknamed "Asura", joins these arenas and devastates his opponents. His spectacular ability to crush his enemies catches the attention of the big business owners, including the Nogi Group chairman, Nogi Hideki.

Only add a cover image that represents the series' manliness

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Orange_Orange 2 days ago
I'm uncertain how I feel about this series. The fighting is good although rather talkative.

On the other hand there is a degree of self fellation going on in the early chapters. Specifically the whole "Life is fueled by death" spiel is overly dramatic, and while not incorrect (unless you are a plant/mushroom) it is presented in a cringeworthy manner. Though it might just be the heavy-handed exposition, idk.
Lithe 6 days ago
It just occurred to me that his Naoya's widow's peak isn't smooth, it has a bunch of vertices lol.
TheTenk 6 days ago
I forgot what Ohma looked like lmao
OniBarubary 6 days ago
I really hope this fight is closer than I feel it's going to be
KingRagnarok 6 days ago
We need more muscles¡
TrollKing 6 days ago
Someone's about to get their A$$ handed to them
OniBarubary 11 days ago
Don't let that stop you from kissing him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
TrollKing 11 days ago
Anyone notice that it feels like a Super Smash Bros character entrance every time someone new shows up? Like, "____ enters the fight"
ukimix 17 days ago
It'd be nice if Kaneda would do something else, but at least his defeat triggers the hype about Gaolang well. Nice character
SweatPants 18 days ago
Main Character of this series is kinda boring BUT the side characters are all interesting.
Isekaijin 18 days ago
Well, hard work only takes you so far.
00111 18 days ago
viewtiful, while i know that the fight was.. interesting, i would like to ask that you use a spoiler hiding thing next time, ye?

Also god damn, the art is nice.
viewtiful 18 days ago
Kaneda should have won that fight

God dammit, he deserved it
OniBarubary 1 month ago
Turns out Gao Lang is actually a pretty swell guy
Lithe 2 months ago
Lol changing his beard made him scarier.
OniBarubary 2 months ago
If y'all weren't onboard this choo choo of crazy by the fight with Rihito where he cuts people with his hands, I dunno what manga you were reading but all aboard homies.
maraxusofk 2 months ago
The ass pulls are so absurd I dont even question it at this point. 10/10 would read anytime
Kuroiikawa 2 months ago
Honestly at this point we might as well add a Fantasy or sci fi tag. This manga is cool as fuck but a nigga just came back to life.
davremedy 2 months ago
poison? . judging from small little wound(blood) on the right of bando face , probably the doctor have small poison dart in the mouth and he throw it when bando snap his neck
OniBarubary 2 months ago
@emixman87 Jesus Christ that's a deep cut like 3 people are going to get.

Mugenman88 2 months ago
This was honestly one of the best fight's I've read in a while

Last edited 2 months ago.

Remixman87 2 months ago
This doctor has gone Doctrine Dark!
OniBarubary 2 months ago
Editor: Hrm, this manga is pretty ridiculous but quite reasonable.
Mangaka: *nods while slowly turning a dial up to 11*
KingRagnarok 3 months ago
I mean we need the doc alive too save the losers of the fights
davremedy 3 months ago
already in realm of monster now
KingRagnarok 3 months ago
Well that mass murder sure has got ripped in 25 years... and bald
BlackGeneral 3 months ago
This is some bullshit!
DatDopeCracker 3 months ago
@KingRagnarok The winners seem to be wrong in that bracket so there is no problem with cheking it out.
KingRagnarok 3 months ago
I got the brackets image but it has the name of the winners in it so i dont know if you want it

Also the two crazy doctors are gonna fight so im pretty sure theirs backstories are gonna have a lot of 'Death' and 'Murder' in it

Last edited 3 months ago.

00111 3 months ago
Is there anyone with the tournament brackets image? Im not sure where are we with the matches, how many left in the first round

And damn, those chapter titles are just so optimistic. Murderer, Death... so nice.
Remixman87 3 months ago
When mangaka makes a fighter just like Kimbo Slice with defects and all...
KingRagnarok 3 months ago
Rihito is a dumb cinnamon roll
lupus_in_fabula 3 months ago
Well, I think second-hand Taskmaster is been flattened...
KingRagnarok 3 months ago
Well the winner is pretty obvious... right?...right?
Yabadabadoo 4 months ago
The MC is as interesting as a bag of rocks, the side characters are there either to spout exposition or loudly extol how great the MC is. Also the story is complete ass and the setting is idiotic at best.
The art is great and fights are fun to look at.
Read it or not, who cares.
OniBarubary 4 months ago
Sayaka a best.
DarkerThanBlack 4 months ago
Pretty good manga I never knew existed
manaboy100 4 months ago
Cao ni ma doesn't translate to motherfucker, and it is a very standard phrase, how did you miss that :(
Metalwrath 4 months ago
i don't see how mc can fight any of those monsters....he is not THAT strong,not even close,if he pulls some random power up from his ass ill probably drop this
Lithe 4 months ago
Fujoshis are usually an existence to be reviled, but I just can't hate Fujoshi Secretary.
eelzbean 4 months ago
Hmm... A cool, cocky guy, with a wolf theme, who gets crushed in the tournament by the protagonist's rival? We found Yamcha!
OniBarubary 4 months ago
Ends in kissing
davremedy 4 months ago
2 sexy men......... surrounded by beastly lustful woman
KingRagnarok 5 months ago
My buff baby¡
Someanon 5 months ago
Gosh that's heart breaking
OniBarubary 5 months ago
Poor Rihito. Surprisingly heavy chapter that showed a lot of good characterization for Rihito.
SparkyLark 5 months ago
Working for me!
aengis 5 months ago
none of the pics load :/
jimmy204 5 months ago
idk if its just me but none of the chapters load :(
elixer 5 months ago
super ultra high impact violence; a very good martial arts manga >:^)