Black Clover Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Kara Yonca
  • Noir Clover
  • Schwarzer Klee
  • Trébol Negro
  • Trevo Negro
  • Trifoglio Nero
  • Trifoiul Negru
  • Черный клевер
  • कालो तीनपाते विरुवा
  • ブラッククローバー
  • 黑色五叶草
  • 블랙 클로버
  • 7.94
  • 7.95
  • 354
Pub. status:
  • 241,665
  • 8,600
  • 1,233
Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church, and have been inseparable since. As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next Emperor Magus. However, as they grew up, some differences between them became plain. Yuno was a genius with magic, with amazing power and control, while Asta could not use magic at all, and tried to make up for his lack by training physically. When they received their Grimoires at age 15, Yuno got a spectacular book with a four-leaf clover (most people receive a three-leaf-clover), while Asta received nothing at all. However, when Yuno was threatened, the truth about Asta's power was revealed, he received a five-leaf clover Grimoire, a "black clover"! Now the two friends are heading out in the world, both seeking the same goal!

[PL] Asta to młody chłopak, który marzy o zostaniu największym magiem w królestwie. Jest tylko jeden problem - nie potrafi używać żadnej magii. Na szczęście Asta otrzymuje niesamowicie rzadką księgę czarów "Pięciolistną Koniczynę", dzięki której ma niesamowitą moc antymagiczną. Czy ktoś, kto nie używa magii, może zostać Królem Magów? Jedno wiemy na pewno - Asta nigdy się nie podda.
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This entire series feels extremely rushed.
Quick review @ch25:

7/10. Grade: C

So far, all the major themes have been completely derivative, practically copied directly out of Naruto/Bleach/FairyTail, with a smattering of others. Not a bad thing in itself, but there really hasn't been a unique twist/flavor to the themes or to the characters; everything feels like a reskin instead of something new.

Still pretty early, but it's getting more tedious as there needs to be a greater theme or something to challenge expectations. Read if you're bored I guess? Thoroughly average fare from Jump.

edit: the early chapters from JB seems to be when they were first starting out. Really inconsistent and low quality, but it's interesting to see the evolution.

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How they even expect people to move to ""better"" manga aggregators if they have to put up with this silly delays?
A day or two is reasonable even if I don't understand why they want/need it. But this is just stupid.
Do they really think people will start going around dozen of website to read their translation or is it more probable they'll just head to mangafox/reader/here and the likes?
Doesn't change what I said.
Let me be more specific then:
"On good manga sites".
@Amplify Nah, all sites except for original batoto and mangadex rip whatever first will release the new chapter.
The only advantage Jaimini's Box had over Mangastream was being able to find their work outside of their site.
Oh well.
wow thats stupid
@haisuteki _das already answered about what was going on with the English release.
You'll have to follow it on Jaimini's Box if you want to keep reading it as they don't want their work hosted anywhere else.
where's the english version??? I really need it ?
Only scanlation group doing the English version is Jaimini's Box who wishes for none of their releases to be on Mangadex.
where is the english version?
What happened with the english release?
I don't have the time to look through the chapters unfortunately. If you see any though, report it as there is now a system for that.
Thanks you. It's seems that there are missing pages from every Ch. between pages 9 and 18 from ch 31 onwards, take a look when you can. Thanks in advance.
Missing pages from 31 to 33