Chihou Kishi Hans no Junan
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Alt name(s):
  • Chihoukishi Hans no Junan
  • The Misfortunes of Local Knight Hans
  • The Suffering of Local Knight Hans
  • Рыцарь Ханс и попаданцы
  • 地方騎士ハンズの受難
  • 지방 기사 한스의 수난
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  • 7.75
  • 1,043
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  • 596,940
  • 16,748
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Sick of the trickery in the royal court, former knight captain Hans now serves at a remote station in the countryside. But his peaceful and idyllic days end when some Japanese people with superhuman abilities suddenly show up.
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  • Volume 0/7
  • Chapter 0/54

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An excellent way to end a series that has the potential to be never ending.
Thanks for your hard work guys
Though I thought this story adaptation was veeery bland I appreciate the good work Uxtef.
Definitely deserves an Anime, the fight scene would look good
This probably got canned. This could've gone forever of it had enough budget
Good entertaining story
Abrupt, weird end
Was here when it was first translated by /ak/ and I got hooked instantly. Definitely was one of the best isekai manga I read at the time. Stopped around chap 40~ ish because I was busy with other stuffs and got hooked into other manga. Shocked to see that this is finished a few days ago. Spent the last 3 days re-reading and finally finishing this amazing spectacle. This is still a really amazing isekai manga. Looking forward for the author and artist next work.

And now 2 of my favorite isekai are finished, The Suffering of Local Knight Hans and Hero Union BBS.
Thank you /ak/ for first translating these manga, and thank you Uxtef for finishing this series.
The power of the axe is too strong.
Thanks for the info
A mediocre end to a forgettable series, don't waste your time reading this.
@mase_aga Kinda already answered by others as well - the LN goes for one more volume, which details Hans wrapping things up with the Solar Church.

That said, considering how the last two arcs (complete LN volumes) have been adapted with such a rush (Winter Dragon was volume 5, Falanus was volume 6, and to just put it in comparison, each arc is 16 chapters long in LN), it was pretty clear that there was little interest left.

(I posted earlier what manga chapters related to which LN volume. Average number of manga chapters to a LN volume before Winter Dragon arc was 9)
why am I getting mad while reading this?
I feel stupidly slow in noticing this, and its only after the manga ended, that their names are numbered (Kenichi, Kyouji, Mitsuba, Koushirou, Itsuka, Mutsuki, Nanana) and Fanulus side also follow the same principal (Ichigo, Niko, Mikuru, Toyoka, Itsumi).
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Not too bad, though i wish they cut out the miso soup, soy sauce, and hot spring... 😑
Is there any continuation after this arc?
Decent story, fairly funny jokes, interesting characters, maybe a bit too much Japanese. Overall it's a fun little series.

A wise man once told me,
"When it's axed, it's axed."
Noooo, how can it end JUST LIKE THAT.
The whole thing is great but that ending disappoint me.
What a rushed ending. At least it was wholesome.
@mase_aga Unfortunately, no. When I was doing my searching, there were some people who were trying to push this on the LN translation groups, but this was several years back, and no group seems to want to take it.

Getting the LN versions isn't that hard (I use CDJapan), but since my 'capabilities' are limited to Google Translate... well, I'd rather not.