Alt name(s):
  • デュエル!
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  • 6.97
  • 75
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  • 141,576
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Minori's motto in life has always been to smile, no matter the hardship.
However her sweet personality, in attempt to make friends, has led to constant bullying and being taken advantage of.
Pushed to her breaking point, Minori begins to give in to peer pressure until she is saved by a beautiful girl named Alice.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/6
  • Chapter 0/52

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Yea gotta agree, its has the more hyperactive look.

Beanpole best girl.
Seinen my arse. Almost everything in this plays the part of a shounen.
In essence, "fencing" is shown as a way of life, like a religion. These characters are absurdly over-zealous about fencing to the point they're the spitting image of a hyperactive boy who watched too many action anime. You also have absurd human beings who'd literally try to kill the MC, but thank god for super-fencing.

Subtlety is way out of the ballpark when it comes to this story, and the pacing is so slow, with so little to say, that it's really hard to understand what was even set to be achieved.
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Read 4 chapters in and not a single likeable character so far. Author isn't doing themselves any favors with the amount of bitches being thrown around and a spineless punching-bag MC.
18 chapters in now, and I'm still trying to find someone I like.
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For some reason I feel like I'm reading Yuri manga but no Yuri tag in it.
who are these characters again
@banjomarx Doesn't seem like there's all that much.
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The pacing of the series seems a little slow for what it seems to be set out to accomplish.
If it did get axed I hope the author managed to squeeze in a satisfactory ending.
so much blatant fan service ...
This manga is so bad they don't even go en garde....?
I often sees this in my Twitter TL and never thought someone actually translated it.

Honestly feels a bit cliche so far but presentation is good and the fencing suit is so... sexy.
Damm i got horny by their smile....
@kanaloa Yeah, I don't use a wrist strap on mine but I can see how they'd feel restricting. I agree with you that stupid techniques like the flick are contrary to the spirit of fencing and are icky.
@KSN lol sure thing. another man's trash is another man's treasure. i was introduced to that grip a while back and i loved the design aesthetically but one thing that threw me off was the wrist strap. it was too restricting for me and pointless to be specific.
@kanaloa I declare that the superior grip is the italian grip which is legal no matter how many people say it isn't. It is legal, and it's the best grip. You're welcome.
I read up to ch. 20 in Chinese and it's been prety good so far. But I can't help notice that the series stops at ch. 52, despite what seems like the beginning of a plotline about national championships. So does this series move lightning fast, or was it axed? Regardless, this is the first fencing manga that is somewhat realistic. I'm highly interested.
I really like how the MC fencers don't use pistol grips. The writer understands what true fencing is. The flash kick scene was a bit outrageous but it's not as cheesy as the other fencing manga that I dropped. I hope that they don't promote the use of stupid tricks like the flick and abusing row because that "flick scene" was the reason why I dropped that manga. It just hurt my pride as a fencer and I really despise people who use flicks especially when the writer try to justify and paint the trick in a positive light.
@Meybi https://aminoapps.com/c/ygo/page/blog/jojo-in-yugioh-must-be-the-work-of-an-enemy-stand/moxT_kuNVxbeo4Ra6rwzrxme3drNdJg

I think this one card of Jotaro survived. ^.-
@phil777 uses special mirror force with a Picture of DIO inside the mirror! all your cards get wiped and I win, heh Too ez
@Meybi *casually flips magic cylinder on Blue eyes* You just played yourself boy!