Übel Blatt
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  • Blogio Ašmenys
  • Evil Blade
  • Lâmina Maligna
  • Şeytani Kılıç
  • Ubel Blatt
  • Клинок зла
  • ดาบคลั่งทวงแค้น
  • ユーベルブラット
  • 魔域英雄传说
  • 魔域英雄傳說
  • 위벨 블라트
  • 7.93
  • 7.93
  • 255
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  • 110,170
  • 7,865
  • 389
When the Wischtech threatened to invade the fiefs of Szaalanden, the Emperor dispatched fourteen youths. Of these, the Seven Heroes halted the invasion to herald a time of prosperity while the four Lances of Betrayal were supposedly defeated.
Two decades later, the Lances of Betrayal have reappeared and formed a bandit militia near the frontier fief Gormbark. A man with a black sword and a scar over his left eye slays an entire troop of that militia. He is identified as the boy, Koinzell, and becomes as much an object of fear as of hope even as his own past, motivations, and purpose are a mystery to those he meets on his journey.

Volume 0 encompasses a plot arc which leads directly into the main plot of Übel Blatt in Volume 1. It also introduces and develops the attitudes and motives of a few other characters aside from Koinzell.
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  • Volume 0/23
  • Chapter 0/170

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If you can't find the rest of the chapters DM me
Got excited for a bit when I saw this big upload, but it's just the same chapters that have been available for about 2 years now. It's a shame but it looks like this story will never be finished. If you haven't started it, do yourself a favor; don't set yourself up for disappointment, don't read this.
Bloody hell... i can feel it got axed at the end there. even though its been ongoing for so long!
@Snowfennec this was translated the whole time now, it's just that Mangastream is an inactive group now and their scanlations got uploaded on MangaDex.
Art is bad. Story is bad. It has its moments though. All in all, a waste of time imo.
I forgot all about this one. Times to go back an start re-reading it.
Glad to have some closure on this.
Not entirely happy with how everything went down... but overall I'd rate as a good story.
oh man im so glad someone picked this back up. just binged read from the from the beginning after years of waiting for this to get finished >w<
After so long this still doesn't make a lick of sense.
I've got 156-161, I just didn't know it was OK to upload. (I've probably got a whole lot of MS stuff here. Not sure what's needed.)
I'll put up the rest. (First upload so it'll wait for approval.)
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Mangapark has the chapters until the ending. I just found them today, ends on chapter 170.
kinda sad how dark fantasy author absolutely cannot write a story without showing rapes every 2chapters that is just kinda annoying we get it work is dark but damn thats just way too redundant
@firefox1234 sorry, but i only can continue until ch.155 that are done by mangastream, mangastream did releases until ch.161 (and thats as far as any fanstranslation this manga got) but i dont have the files from 156-161 that aren't from aggregators . the last 9 chapters are already officially translated though, so maybe check the vol.11 omnibus release by yen press
@cheerthedead I think I read somewhere that it wasn’t popular and that the mangaka lost interest or something. Didn’t research it myself though so I could be wrong.
The story fell apart in midway so i think the mangaka got notice to end it as soon as possible.
....did it got axed or was that ending really planned

Yes! Plz upload more!
@donutholer you can buy the full volumes now. Every volume is translated and out now.
What volumes/chapters are missing and where can I read them?
Adrian, you an see here

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