Alt name(s):
  • Повторная жизнь
  • إعادة الحياة
  • リライフ
  • 9.24
  • 9.27
  • 1,880
Pub. status:
  • 226,817
  • 11,193
  • 823
Kaizaki Arata is a 27-year-old unemployed man who, after quitting his last job after three months, has failed every interview since. Enter Yoake Ryou; representative of the ReLIFE Organization. He offers Kaizaki a pill that changes his appearance to that of his 17-year-old self; thus, Kaizaki becomes the subject of a one-year experiment in which he begins his life as a third year high school student once again.

Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/14
  • Chapter 0/222

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Okay, this was an amazing read with a satisfying ending.

- Romance is absolutely decent with proper payoff and both cute and some emotional moments towards its peak.
- Drama is pretty well done without getting into hamfisted, tryhard melodrama bullshit territory, which is were a lot of these kinda series end up at whenever a newly popular author tries to make their series more "mature", whatever that means. <_<
- Actual character growth even among the secondary cast.

Only nitpick I could think of right now is that I really would have liked an extended epilogue.
Or maybe even a sequel? Oh well, maybe some day...

Regardless of whether or not the author is ever going to revisit this setting, I can honestly say I really enjoyed this series and am actually quite satisfied.
What a great reread after directly following the serialization, the slow pace was excruciating to follow with but binging it made the whole experience way better.

The plot holes are insane but the whole message within this manga was conveyed through. I'm glad I read this for the second time.
I regret reading this. It's even more pathetic than isekai, and there's all kinds of fridge logic problems with the plot. There's something deeply misanthropic and dystopian about the premise, but it's completely ignored. Rather than these injustices being righted or MC being vindicated we get a, "ignore all that and be a good wagecuck!" Last complaint, he never tries to bang the teacher, that's just a wasted opportunity.
@Disenculture Lol ikr, there are no antagonists in this series other than their past co-workers. Also, they had the advantage to remember each other because their supports let them keep the present that allowed them to remember and even set them up to work in the same place and meet again lol.
Pretty good. I actually had my beliefs that
so there are people complaining about that this series doesn't address the "virus / amnesia" and the "antagonists were contrived"

People are literally complaining about a slice of life series aimed at motivating people with positivity for not addressing fictional concepts like memory erasure, and is looking for "antagonists".

I can't recommend this. The main reason to read this is for the fluff of seeing emotional turmoil resovled, but that turmoil usually feels forced and the resolution immature.
There's no way in heaven or hell I would not recommend this. It is one hell of a good read, go ahead, read it!
Definitely worth reading
one of the best manga I've ever read
If you haven't read this manga, read it.
It's like a chocolate bar. It's bitter and sweet, and so delicious. It's such a simple thing yet you can't get enough of it.
this was very good
Edit: This is my favorite manga of all-time. The anime adaptation is great aswell. 10/10 ?
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An emotional rollercoaster. Brilliant character development and story. If you're going to read this, be prepared. Amazing.
Very awesome manga. It was heartwarming. The ending is still bittersweet to me
Should I ReREAD this? ?
This manga is amazing.
oh what happened to the tragic tag
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Somehow the story was too stretched out from the middle on.
I'm glad I skipped like 70 chapters and just skipped right to the last two chapters, honestly it didn't feel like I missed something .

Actually, I would've liked it more if , but I guess that way the story would've been too similar to stories like Boku dake ga inai machi and Hanamaru Yochien: Aiko desshou [though nothing can beat Usagi Drop and Kodomo no Jikan when it comes to age-gap relationships
even though i found most plot points fairly predictable i really enjoyed it top to bottom. highly recommended.
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God DAMN this was good, thank you so very much to the author and the translating team!