Appa Sijipga? Korean

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Alt name(s):
  • Baba muốn xuất giá?
  • Otou-san o Boku ni Kudasai!
  • Otou-san wo Boku ni Kudasai!
  • Papa Is a Bride?
  • お父さんを僕にください!
  • 爸爸要出嫁?
  • 아빠 시집가?
Author: JUNG I-lu
Artist: KIM Su-jin
Genres: Comedy Shounen Ai Slice of Life
Rating: 5.92 13
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 3,179
  • 104
  • 6
Description: A cute manhwa about a single father who doesn’t know how to take care of his young daughter.
In front of a supermarket, the father and daughter run into another man buying dolls, who could be a pervert?!
But this new man is good at reading a young girl’s mind… What will develop between the two handsome men? Will her father really become a bride?