Konjiki no Word Master - Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat
Alt name(s):
  • Golden Wordmaster
  • Konjiki no Moji Tsukai
  • Konjiki no Word Master
  • L'utilisateur des mots d'or
  • The Golden Word Master - The Four Heroes and the Innocent Bystander with the Unique Cheat
  • Мастер золотых слов: Четыре героя и Наблюдатель с Уникальным читом
  • 金色の文字使い ―勇者四人に巻き込まれたユニークチート
  • 금색의 문자술사: 워드 마스터 유니크 치트
  • 금색의 워드마스터
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  • 7.93
  • 1,140
Pub. status:
  • 771,039
  • 25,438
  • 190
In an RPG-like fantasy world consumed by warring nations and racial discrimination, the human kingdom summons five high school students from 21st-century Japan for assistance in their conflict with the demonkin. Now those students, with their experience of MMORPGs at their disposal, will hone their skills to protect the human kingdom of Edea.

However, this isn't their story.

Out of the five students, four of them were given the title of Hero and the fifth one the title of Innocent Bystander. He had been summoned by accident since he sat near the other four students. His name is Hiiro Okamura, an aloof bookworm with traveling and reading as his raison d'etre. Hiiro sees no reason to help the human kingdom in their offensive war with the demonkin, seeing that he isn't a Hero and that he has no real obligation to help them, and decides to leave the kingdom to go on his own adventure.

Soon, Hiiro finds out that he has the very unique skill of Word Magic: magic that can materialize the definition of a word. As he travels more and more, he finds many uses for his Word Magic and many opportunities to find books, level up, and gain some of his own companions. Even with the outbreak of war on the horizon, Hiiro stays true to his desire to travel the new world he's in.

Adaptation of the web novel series written by Tomoto Sui with illustrations by Sumaki Syungo.
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I don't want anime adaptations i just want fully colored mangas
I like the MC, a nice change of pace from generic hero types.
Can't continue with this, the MC is horrid. Such an entitled shithead. Just not an fun read at all.
@jorgeDS I'll just say this, read the WN. If yo want the MC to be interesting read the WN version because the LN version used a lot of generic tropes in his character building. The WN had way more personality, it's only problem being the fact that it lacked some content to explain certain developments. Aside from this everything else the WN does a lot better than the LN, it's one of those cases where the professional help caused more problems than solved.
His title is working pretty damn fine
Where's the loli tag?
The MC might be boring but his magic is pretty cool and the world is interesting, also lolis
@Zinstrel - Agreed, I'm not even sure why the other characters bother sticking around him with his constant griping, grumping and glaring. "But he's an anti-hero" I hear some people say- No, he's just an asshole and 1-dimensional at that. The character isn't even remotely interesting, the author has to throw cute lolis at us to keep our interests perked. If that's what it takes to retain readers, maybe the problem lies with your MC and storytelling.
Really glad to see new chapters being released for this. Thanks new TL-san! I'm excited to read more!
Not sure if this is a site issue or what, but almost half of chapter 21 will not load. Get the red error box
The MC's personality is really bad.
Still needs loli tag
So the MC only uses his op healing skills to save the feelings of those little girls. I'd say he's the biggest loli here.
@nongroup message for the tl'er your doing a good job keep trying your best!
Honestly loosing a little too much interest...
The thing I find funny is Hiiro is just vaguely annoyed by that whole 'why am I constantly surrounded by shorties?' thing.

'Oh...another Loli...Well, whatever, it's not in trouble, food or a book, so I don't care.' *walks off*
'I can give you quest hooks that lead to new food and books!'
'...' *walks back* 'Explain now.'
Only at chapter 31 but that author sure likes his little girls...🤨
Thanks for the new chapter, bro. Keep at it, youre doing good work and its very much appreciated
Whoever is translating this;
I didn't notice any glaring mistakes, so it's infinitely better than most of the absolute garbage TL jobs we get for isekai nowadays, keep up the good work my guy
'became shit' It was shit from the start.