Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Chio-chan's Way to School
  • Chio's School Road
  • ちおちゃんの通学路
Author: KAWASAKI Tadataka
Artist: KAWASAKI Tadataka
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Action Comedy Ecchi School Life Slice of Life
Rating: 9.13 134
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 62,340
  • 3,447
  • 56
Description: Chio-chan is a gamer and a high school girl who gets into some interesting predicaments on her way to school. For instance, she was once running late for class due to staying up all night playing a game like Assassin's Creed, and her usual route was blocked. Prompted by the previous night's gaming, she decided to take to the rooftops, a strategy that does not work quite as well in real life! She also faces more mundane difficulties, like awkwardness in interacting with a friendly acquaintance met by chance on the way to school. Join Chio on her funny and unusual daily journeys to get from home to school on time. (From: MU)

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kwendy 18 days ago
Hahahahah, back in business :D
Can't wait for animated goodness, I hope actors worked hard!
Drifter 18 days ago
Anime should be arriving this week.
Levanah 18 days ago
Parsley is great, fuck you Chio.
Purplelibraryguy 18 days ago
Seems like she can basically pull off any move that she does in video games. It's like a superpower--if she didn't have the muscle tone of a schoolgirl who spends all her time playing video games, she'd totally be a superhero.
france001 18 days ago
Still waiting for the anime. Thanks for scanlating this!
TetraSky 19 days ago
Chio sure is precious.
kwendy 2 months ago
You know, I did not expect video search for "women kabaddi" to show so many results.
morooster 2 months ago
superpooper by 2020
kenx 2 months ago
superpower by 2020

Oh, you.
ichi24 2 months ago

And claptrap figurerine
OniBarubary 2 months ago
Oh no, the idiot got suckered in.

Replacement anuses aren't cheap tho, so it's good she stopped before anything happened.
BCS 3 months ago
BlackGeneral 3 months ago
Since she played PokemonGo I can't take Chio seriously as a gamer.

"Don't liiick meeeee" Ha yeah I just remembered that the author was also drawing hentai.

Last edited 3 months ago.

Swifft 3 months ago
@kwendy while I dislike either, at least PuBG is a game more than a toy. I don't even mean that as an insult to Minecraft, it's just so directionless. It really is a toy/sandbox.
kwendy 3 months ago
Minecraft is too casual for her... But playing PUBG. Ok.
OniBarubary 3 months ago
Y'all just don't understand high waist fashion
Me 3 months ago
All roads lead to the school.
komyou 3 months ago
Chio-chan is that friend from school who later makes you wonder, "why the hell did I hang out with her?"

God I'm so happy this is getting animated.
rhino36 3 months ago
also who the fuck was gotou?

The guy that guards the gate in the morning.
ZdrytchX 3 months ago
winner winner chicken dinner! the power of speech!

also who the fuck was gotou?

Last edited 3 months ago.

Equilibrium 3 months ago
Chio-chan is my spirit animal.
ikemen 3 months ago

Last edited 3 months ago.

anon763 3 months ago
"I would never allow something so casual on my PC"
- A girl who was flavour-of-the-month streambait installed, a Vault Boy figure on her shelf, and a Bioshock Infinite poster on her wall.
b33fy 3 months ago
Anime get!!
Bootybug 3 months ago
What a great chapter AGAIN!
kiboot 3 months ago
nice choice of games u have there girl
Thomaster 3 months ago
fite me nart
xXPenisXx 3 months ago
fortnite ripoff
le3 3 months ago
Oh god, my side....

Guess that's all you need to stop all the salt in online game huh, voice of reason and girly voice orz ...
ampnaman 3 months ago
Vault Boy from FO and PUBG... this girl...
Acolytus 3 months ago
Fortnite is better.
OniBarubary 3 months ago
Senpai is the angel we want, Chio-chan is the scum we deserve.
sekaiali 3 months ago
This chapter, man... Chio-chan pls.

Last edited 3 months ago.

jtpetino 3 months ago
ultraleaf 3 months ago
that had to be my favorite chapter so far ??
Wizardrone 3 months ago
it was so hilarious, that the only thing i can say is: ahahHAHAHahhaasadsDXdxD
Kock 3 months ago
fkin blueholes didn't ban them for teaming
ZdrytchX 4 months ago
no way, seriously?

speaking of which I used to be okay with brussle sprouts. Now I find them too bitter and sour for me.
ikemen 4 months ago
Educational and wholesome.
Drifter 4 months ago
Need parsley for a high school class. Epic adventure ensues complete with danger, education and cultural shifts. I love this manga.
le3 4 months ago
It's backkkkkkkkk!!!

Hope we can see more of maid chan~

And that herb gramps too.
drfreeman12 4 months ago
HL3 confirmed
bastek66 5 months ago
Anime delayed
IrisHaze 5 months ago
I'm so glad I came across this manga.
kwendy 5 months ago
Aaah, it's beautiful. As expected from series. Also Andou unknowingly always gives Chio good times everytime. Except their first meeting.
Purplelibraryguy 5 months ago
Chio-chan is such a boss. Even if apparently her hearing isn't so great. That parkour-type chase--as expected of the Bloody Butterfly!
BCS 5 months ago
Expecting something even though you know you shouldn't.
Duero 6 months ago
Ok didn't know, thx for uploading I can read this now :)
kuyukotto 6 months ago
sholy shiet that chap 1. an assassin was born. lmfao
nutjob 6 months ago
@rhino66 , @xyzzy Reuploaded ch.02-03 with the correct ordering and fixed ch.04 .
rhino36 6 months ago
Chapter 2 and 3 have wrong page ordering (probably cause they're not padded since 02-09 appear at the end) and chapter 4 has trouble loading.
xyzzy 6 months ago
Pretty sure that chapter 3 has mixed up pages.
rhino36 6 months ago
Little Black* Butterflies (the non-h group)
rhino36 6 months ago
@Duero 1-4 was from Little White Butterflies and that group seems to be back to being H-manga only (Little White Butterflies). I'm not really into uploading other people's release, but I guess I could since their non-h subgroup looks dead.
Duero 6 months ago
No chapter 1-4 ?
penrosecat 6 months ago
First manga I read on mangadex!