Yamikin Ushijima-kun
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  • Ushijima the Loan Shark
  • Ushijima, l'usurier de l'ombre
  • Ростовщик Усидзима-кун
  • 闇金ウシジマくん
  • 黑金丑島君
  • 사채꾼 우시지마
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  • 8.74
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  • 63,513
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During the past decades, Japan has become the shining star of Asia, with its noteworthy achievements in the fields of science, technology, medicine, quality of life, and many others.

Yet, while there are a great number of rich and successful Japanese people, there are even more of those engaged in a furious struggle for something as simple as earning to cover their day-to-day living expenses; all the while battling dangerous and money-consuming addictions such as gambling and alcoholism.

What would these poor and not-so people do when they require the money to fulfill their never-ending desires, the desires that are part and parcel of being human? Just how miserable and dangerous might their lives become were they to fall into traps laid by yamikin, the loan sharks of the Japanese financial world's dark side, whose only goal is to ensnare such weak-willed souls?

  • Won the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga in 2011.
  • Was nominated for the 12th and 14th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2008 and 2010 respectively.
  • Inspired several live-action adaptations and movies.
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    • Volume 0/46
    • Chapter 0/493

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    Such a depressing manga. But that’s Japan for you.
    Oh man, he's gonna snap
    It really needs more popularity.
    This manga is amazing. I've read it in Japanese and all the volumes.
    @n0mi0 I've watched the first and second film. Haven't gotten around to the third because they're fairly long. The first film is an adaption of Gyaru-kun and an arc that hasn't been translated yet. The second film is an adaption of Yankee-kun 1 and 2, and another arc that hasn't been translated yet. There's also references here and there to other arcs, such as a Freeter-kun reference in the second film. From what I've heard, none of what the third film covers has been translated.

    They are good adaptions. Mostly faithful to the original manga, and what they do change is entertaining. My biggest complaint is Ushijima is a bit quiet. However, if you want to avoid spoilers at all costs, they aren't for you.

    I'm not gonna say which arcs it spoils, because I also like the mystery of not knowing what kind of debtor there's gonna be next.
    @mockingbirdxv, wanted to ask your opinion, I just watched S1 of the dorama, and was wondering if I should watch all the other seasons with films, or since it seems to be a somewhat loose adaptation so far it would just spoil all the manga turns for me? I think you said that you watched the adaptations, right?

    Or it's OK in your opinion? I think they didn't adapt it to the end anyway, since the last film was screened in 2016, and the manga was finished in 2019. Thanks.
    I really want to thank the scanlations, man, you're really working hard on this, we get many releases, high quality translations... really, thank you.
    Hey, turns out, this manga was nominated for the 12th and 14th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, huh. That's kind of a big deal, they usually choose only around 6 works for the final round, which it got to.

    I'd actually put my money on it not appearing on award nominees lists after that because of winning Shogakukan Manga Award in 2011. 'Cause, you know, it'd be bad if it appeared on such lists after getting it's due.

    The more you know. Now I kinda wonder how popular this manga is in Japan. I know that it had several movies and dorama seasons, which is an indicator. Also it has several spin-offs and sequels, if I understood correctly. I wish it could get more attention in the English-speaking community, since it's such a high quality work, imho.
    Yo, I live in Japan and this s*** is real. I've met women who had to sell their body to feed their kids or pay rent while their dirtbag boyfriend/husband twiddled their thumbs. Casinos and gambling are the most popular activities amongst the elderly (by the way, fake gambling machines are in arcades so children can easily develop a gambling mindset). I lived in the countryside and there was a pachinko place every 3 miles or less. I've met high-end Yakuza and the people that borrow money from them to run their businesses.

    This is all real stuff. Life in Japan is still easier than in the US but there are a ton of problems that are swept under the rug. The point of this manga is to show how the country isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I learned that from other people and things I've witnessed. This manga is just another reference and research tool.

    I think you kind of overestimating the author. This manga is clearly just 90% research and 10% the author. He probably knew a shark loan and the guy just told him the more interesting stories. Theres just TOO MUCH content in this manga, too much detail, is impossible for a single person think all of this alone or with a small group. If I would bet, the author is just a nerdy guy who knows how to make his research.

    Or this manga is just a lobby from anti-pachinko ativists. Because most of the arcs could be solved if people just didnt play this fucking game.
    70 chapters in and I'm starting to see what kind of a person the author is
    he must be like that one guy everyone had back in school, underachiever, unsociable, always brooding in a corner, always undermining everyone and everything

    in this manga so far, every character has been a miserable loser or asshole
    at first it was kind of interesting, how unorthodox it is
    but now it is just plain trite and boring
    because life is not so extreme
    and at the end of the day, this story is just venting of a guy who is emotionally stunted/had unfulfilled business back in his youth
    Lol, im ten and i read this all on my own
    Its edgy xd but not wrong for me to read it
    I wish all my friends woud read it but they think anime is for 8 year olds :(
    the manga's pretty good but why is the author so goddamn obsessed with snot? is it a fetish or something? people can cry without a torrent of snot drppping from their noses dammit
    You can post it in italian pleas
    I just found this manga and glad that I did. This is really interesting stories that I've never thought I would get invested into.
    Can't believe this is back on track! Thank you.
    this last arc was amazing, 3 girls with 3 different endings. It was really nice to see that the author can pull bad endings and bittersweet ones too.
    This manga is amazing and hope the editors come out with the rest of the chapters as soon as possible. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
    That manga sure is heavy, I won't rate it because I find it horrible however it's good at what's aiming for.
    Objectively, it's very good
    Subjectively, I hate it.
    Extremely heavy manga.

    Don't read this if you're in a bad day, because you will be in a bad mood after, some chapters are very hard to read, because they are very realistic.

    It's actually a great and interesting manga where you can see how humans can ruin everything, but it's not for everyone.
    Would not recommend it for readers under 20 years old.