Red Eyes
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  • redEyes
  • レッドアイーズ
  • 红眼机甲兵
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My war isn't over!
One mobile suit infantryman's personal battle resumes as a red fire blazes again in his eyes!

The Republic of Legium engaged in a costly war with the Federation of Dragnov after the latter attempted to reunify the two countries. A war broke out between the two nations with heavy losses to both sides and eventually, Dragnov forces came close to overrunning Legium's last line of defence around the capital of Solgren. As a trump card, Dragnov unveiled a new low altitude, infrared stealth warhead which could bypass the anti-ICBM orbital satellite laser defense (Orbit Eyes). The warhead was detonated 8km away from the capital, causing severe damage to its surroundings and convincing the Legium politicians to negotiate for a surrender, although Legium's Third Army refused to surrender and continued fighting.

Captain Grahalt Mills, commander of the Legium nation's special forces "Jackal" unit, utilizes the most advanced powered infantry exoskeleton in existence, the SAA (Special Assault Armor). With the last line of defense faltering against Dragnov's pressing forces, the Jackals are deployed in a last ditch attempt to hold the line, and succeeded at destroying all opponents in their sector! Unexpectedly though, Mills' subordinates of the Jackals all frame him for the murder of several Legium soldiers, causing him to be sentenced to be executed for treason. Mills escapes from prison, and tracks down the old members of the Jackals, trying to find out why they betrayed him.
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@krellio The only way I know would be supporting the official releases by purchasing them, though they aren't in english. There are links in the description under Retail for the Japanese versions, looks like for book form and ebook. They may or may not require you to be from Japan to order as well (or using a VPN).
How do i support the author directly?
I read this manga ever since i was still in high school.
I remember reading this back in 2005. This is good stuff! Hope it will continue!
New chapters coming!
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me read it in indonesian language
i wonder if anyone will ever pick this up again, it was really good.
This shit is so fucking lit🔥
I hope we get new chapters. 57 has been out for quite awhile.
Publication is still ongoing? I used to read this around 17 years ago...

You are a lifesaver.