C.M.B. Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • C.M.B Shinra Hakubutsukan no Jiken Mokuroku
  • C.M.B 박물관 사건목록
  • C.M.B. 森羅博物館の事件目録
  • C.M.B.森羅博物館の事件目録
  • C.M.B.森羅博物館之事件目錄
  • CMB - Christus Mansionem Benedicat - The Shinra Museum's Case Index
Author: Katou Motohiro
Artist: Katou Motohiro
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Adventure Comedy Historical Mystery Psychological
Rating: 8.23 22
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 20,406
  • 562
  • 99
Description: We all know that a lot of the booty of the golden age of explorations made it into museums. The British Museum in the C.M.B. story, which had custody of the recondite scientific curiosities and artifacts collected by explorer/adventurers and stored in a Wunderkammer, decided to study the dusty arcana in the 19th century. Three investigators dubbed the "Magi" were appointed to do the research, each given a ring embossed with the letters C.M.B.

Fast-forward to present-day Japan where Sakaki Shinra is the curator of a museum of oddities. He now has possession of the C.M.B. rings, indicating that he has been granted the status of guardian of knowledge like the Magi that preceded him.

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yarrayora 1 month ago
man i should check whether or not they still sell this in my country, i really love shinra
assembly79 2 months ago
It's supposed to be "right below" or "directly under". Basically it's not "below" as in "south" but the surface (ground) of the planet under the imaginary line in the sky that is the equator. A better translation might be "within the equatorial belt".

I doubt penguins naturally travel north of that belt.
Sharky 3 months ago
One quick question:
In 66.1 the islands are stated to be one of the few places penguins can be seen below the equator.
Most penguins are found below the equator (Antarctica, South America, Australia etc.); was it meant to be above the equator?
elephantNo5 3 months ago
Is screwed really the best adjective there?