Alt name(s):
  • Gokudou no Sensei
  • ごくせん
  • 8.77
  • 8.99
  • 209
Pub. status:
  • 32,800
  • 1,833
  • 541
Fresh out of college, Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamaguchi becomes a math teacher at an all-boys high school. Unfortunately for her, she's assigned by the school board as the homeroom teacher for class 3-D, which happens to be the class of delinquent students. When the class attempts to make a living hell out of Yankumi's career, they fail as her persistence and aggression gain her respect. However, little does anyone in the school know that Yankumi is actually heir to the Kuroda Ikka—one of Tokyo's most powerful yakuza clans.

(Source: ANN)

Spanish / Español

Polish / Polski
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  • Volume 0/15
  • Chapter 0/147

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Shin is effing hot
i love this manga so much.
Nobody notices comments from completed manga anyway, so let me say this:

Shin is soooo hot.
this was decent, but I only wish we could have a slow romance tag. because this romance was SUPER slow.
this is good
It's on Nyaa
I still binge read this comic every year. It's great. It gave me a real good laugh during a rough time. I'm still heartbroken that I can't find the anime anymore.
I finished reading this few years ago still, it's not too late to praise this masterpiece! One of the best josei manga I've read. ? Entertaining all the way. I remember suppressing my laughter during a late night read so as not to wake up everybody.

For those who still considering reading this, try it and you'll get yourself hooked. ?
This is a fun feel good manga - I had a marathon reading with this one
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Limited art and the age might slow you down, but don't mind it and you'll be on a great, fun ride.

And if you do enjoy it and are looking for more, somewhat in the same slice-of-life/comedy/martial arts, perhaps try Angel Densetsu.
Glad to see so many people here rereading this. I remember finding out about the anime on Starz over a decade ago now. Since then I've reread this at least 4 times, it's a classic.
This is one of the few mangas I re-read from time to time.
I only meant to read a few chapters, but I ended up finishing the whole thing in 6? Hours. This series was incredibly entertaining, with a super slow burn. Like. Ridiciously slow to the point I forgot this manga had a romance tag LOL
???????This is my absolute favorite manga series. It is unique and hilarious. The art is a breath of fresh air compared to what has become so common. I've re-read this several times and it never gets old. The romance is natural and pure. The heroine is unlike any other female character portrayed in manga. Yankumi is such an icon. ?
I marathoned this in two days. Worth a read. Worth a re-read. One of the best slice of life type stories I've read. Also, one of the most enjoyable yakuza stories I've read. :-) Very funny, very enjoyable.
Few manga bring me back, to reread over 5 times. This is one of the few. While the art is rough (especially in the beginning) the situational drama and comedy are first class. The characters are over the top, but have heart. It's a strangely touching story in between the martial arts, yakuza, a hijinks.
This is a glorious manga, a hidden gem. Looking at the description or a random example of the art you might not think it's anything much. But this thing is hilarious, and the art actually fits the story beautifully and is full of energy. The characters aren't deep but they're well done--they stand out and drive the comedy. This manga really pops; start reading it and you get drawn in and next thing you know a bunch of chapters have gone by.