Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari
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  • Tales of Wedding Rings
  • Сказание о обручальных кольцах
  • ตำนานผู้กล้าแห่งแหวน
  • 婚戒物语
  • 結婚指輪物語
  • 결혼반지 이야기
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Satou has been in love with his childhood friend and neighbour, Hime, ever since she and her grandfather appeared out of nowhere 10 years ago. Now a dazzling, yet mysterious high-school beauty, she makes it more and more difficult for him to confess his feelings. As the anniversary of their first meeting is nearing, will he muster up his courage to transform their friendship into something more? Or will an entirely different fate await this tightly bonded pair?

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    Can crunchyroll drop this? Please. Their site doesn't work and trying to read anything there is a fucking mess. So annoyed that shit like this happens when manga gets licensed. It either takes 5 years to catch up to current chapter (Looking at you VIZ, fuck you...) or their interface is so shit it's impossible to even open the reader.

    I've slowly been switching to aggregator sites because of this.
    man kiss can be better than this place a lot of the times.
    wow, I know this has been translated more than chapter 17
    Fucking hate the MC Heroine's alot more manlier than him. What piece of pussy shit. The most lowest beta MC Ive known ever! What a waste of precious art.
    @Akilae because it got licensed. And it is being translated by Crunchyroll. I think it is in chapter 53
    Why is this manga not updated here?
    @Raudhbjorn I am willing to bet that its not that they hate change, its that they are INCOMPETENT, which is gonna make it so fun when publishers start going fucking crazy when an independant double A company starts publushing their manga on a platform where you can read textless manga and then actually add in the texts later.
    Most of those fuckers draw on a pad, why the fuck can't you just assign the work of putting independant PNGs that have no background for "sound" effects and dialogue to the administration? It's less workload, you would need less artists which could save expenses and less resources.
    Manga is already a common retail item in japan, why can't they start treating it as such by being productive about it? they don't even get paid based on hours but salary, if you are gonna squander resources get the fuck out of the workplace and rest.
    Two reasons why they don't make the change:

    1) Inertia. The manga industry has been essentially unchanged for a hundred years now. Thisb is the way that works and you dont fuck with what works in an ultra-conservative culture like Japan. Risk leads stoo often to failure and everyonw in a position to make change is already getting their ricebowl filled, ao there's nothing in it for them.

    2) Expense. Switching to a new format means investing a lot of dosh into infrastructure and education. Costs that publishers don't want to absorb until they absolutely have to. Look at how long it took print media to get aboard the internet train in the US. Some of those places are still trying to make the machinery they use to print hardcopy manga pay for itself, if they switch, they have to eat the lost amortization costs.

    3) Power. Mangaka and manga authors get paid shit and work themselves to death. Why? Because the publishing houses hold all the power for comercializatuon of manga. We're starting to see aome change in this arena, but by and large, if you want to make money in the creative aspect of the manga industry in Japan, you have to sell your work to the publishers, who get to pay whatever they want since there's no other options for you. Switching to a digital format means giving up a lot of that power, since any asshole with 6 months of training and access to a desktop publisher can start an online manga publishing company. The same way switching to a digital format has rung the death knell for the big recording labels, it would spell the end for the slow, cumbersome publishing houses. Tiny publishers that earn the artists more money will eat away at the larger publishers like piranhas after a goat.

    Change is the watchword for the digital age, and if there's one thing Japan hates, its change.
    This starts off okay but the inconsistencies start piling up after all the rings are gathered.

    I'm still on the early chapters only but it seems a waste opportunity for someone as strong willed as hime to just be given the princess that needs to be saved role. Would be cool to see her use strong magic or something of the sort as the story progresses.
    @mobrine Companies that fail to make a profit will be blamed for not being able to market a product in a way that would benefit them are to blame, that I know, groups who don't give a fuck and do this for free are how almost everyone starts and they tend to make a name of themselves later while an industry that ignores them keeps alienating itself by selling merchandise like that is the reason why people buy the product.
    In short? The public is an ass and so are the people not making the decisions to justify not having to play with their intellectual property by having people around the world having to translate a product from a non client language because they just couldn't open a system page where the dialogue bubbles COULD be openly translated like a youtube video or a .vlc or .csm context text file for films so if you wanted to access the language of your choosing or official you would be getting it nonetheless using a suscription system based on the publishing company for those comics/manga.
    I still don't understand how those industries just won't move in digital platforms this way.
    I know mangadex don't permit it but other sites still use the official scans.

    Its not permitted to put up official scans anymore
    Apparently , the English translating grp became inactive and now doesn't translate any series so heres hoping that someone picks this up cause it definitely ain't worth spending on Crunchyroll
    Its translated up to chapt 52 on crunchy and up to 48 on other sites. Is there anyone with crunchy roll who could download chapters 48-52 and sent me a link :) ?
    Harem never ever.
    Fucking author.
    @YGSITH they can't be blamed. Cause the publishers also don't give a fuck whether they read or not
    reminder that other languages don't give a fuck about other companies when they don't provide them as well with translations
    So basically it's Crunchyroll or nothing. If you don't want to use or support them because they do even less to help the original authors than scanlators do, tough shit.

    Good to know this site is already dying.