Blood Rain
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  • [blood rain]
  • ブラッド レイン
  • 블러드레인
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  • 5.06
  • 32
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  • 35,883
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A group of scattered people who were friends in high school start getting killed one by one, and danger soon follows the heroine, Kumi Aihara, as she starts suspecting that one of them could be the murderer.
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  • Volume 0/9
  • Chapter 0/86

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@epistemix Thanks for the feedback. I'm doing a couple of issues of Tomogui (Razen) and then I'll probably try another volume of Blood Rain. Hopefully it will improve. The last chapter of Volume 3 was encouraging!
@talon184 I'm curious to read the following chapters as I don't remember a lot of the scenario since then just that the story got better also the drawing a bit more too, but yes some characters are a bummer.
Thanks for your work anyways
Thanks for the input @zhou

I want to see this trainwreck through to the end, but it's your time and there is still a lot left to do. And thanks for finishing Minimum.
I just finished volume 3 and I don't know if I'll do more after this. I want to like this manga because it feels like it has potential, but the characters (Kumi especially) are just so stupid and unlikable.

I actually thought chapter 29 was an improvement because it actually advanced the story a bit and didn't just get bogged down in unrealistic romance and sex.

I dunno. I have another title I was kind of thinking about working on now that I've come this far with Blood Rain and I've finished Minimum (another really bad manga for the masochists among you).

If you want to see more of this title, be sure to let me know.
That's teenage memories for me, I hope you will still translate those, I could have helped from English to French and vice versa but Japanese is above my skills, thank you man
God. I do hope this kumi whore dies, but I have a feeling it will be a soapy happy end
@fatto_catto I totally agree. Someone else had done the first 3 chapters a long time ago. I read them and thought they were pretty decent. I wanted to see how the story turns out so I started translating chapters. Unfortunately, the story has gone downhill fast. I'll give it until the end of volume 3 and if it doesn't improve, I'll probably drop it.
Started reading this thinking it will be some decent mystery, not great, but at least entertaining, yet it seems as it goes further the whole plot becomes just a hastily written excuse for porn.
Only good thing about the manga is the nudity
I like it. Is it really completed now?
86 chapters? How is that possible?
Absolutely confused about this plot
@talon184 you're doing a great job on them!
@teriguu I know. These were the only scans I could find and they're really low res. If you have better quality raws, feel free to send them my way.
Last edited 2 mo ago by talon184.
The image quality is so bad it's like everything is mosaic'd. Too arousing to read.
Page numbering on Volume 1, Chapter 9 was messed up so I deleted it and re-upped a fixed version. It should be good now.